How To Cancel Verizon Internet?

Verizon Communications Inc, known generally as Verizon, is based in Midtown Manhattan, New York America. It is a wireless service provider and one of the largest telecommunications providers. Verizon Fios Verizon’s internet service provider is called Fios. It is comparatively new in the business. Introduced in 2005, this fiber optic company is almost fresh out of the bag and they have to work hard to negate those complaints they receive from their consumers. Let us know about “How To Cancel Verizon Internet?”

How To Cancel Verizon Internet?

Services Offered By Verizon 

As one of the world’s leading providers of technology, It offers a range of services like voice, data and video services and solutions. Verizon is one of the first major United States carriers to offer fiber to home services. They have shifted their wireless products and other services to be under Verizon Consumer and Verizon Business instead. By providing broadband, wireless and cable services, they provide internet access to almost all of America. Verizon claims to be America’s most reliable 5G network provider. 

Why Do You Need To Cancel Internet Services?

It might be a hard, really inconvenient choice to make but with passing time, things change. A service that you liked one day might turn into an annoying feature on the other. You might need to change to a different service due to whatever your reasons may be. As a consumer, it would be taking you a lot of time to decide whether you want to change services or stop them completely. 

It might be a case of moving somewhere else, or just in general annoyance with their offered service. Whatever it may be, this article will analyze all the ways you can stop being a Verizon internet consumer and firmly deny receiving their service. 

The Normal Complaints Customers Faces With Fios Are As follows: 

Rising Prices 

As it is a relatively new ISP, Verizon is still looking to broaden its market. They often launch a brand new deal to lure customers in and then slap them with a bill that grows bigger with passing time. Many customers end up unhappy as they spend more time with Fios’ network services. 

 Problems With Customer Service 

There has been rising frustration with the Fios Customer Service. It is hard to find enough help or even reach a human representative through its help center. 

Service Down 

Often there has been a case of urgently needing an internet connection only for it to go out at the exact moment you need it. Even Verizon Fios can not gross over these issues as much as they want to. We understand, dear user, that too much frequency of these happenings must cause your frustration to skyrocket. A buffering internet is every man’s enemy in this era of cutting edge technology. 52% of the customers have been reported to have faced problems with their mobile phone, while 26% struggled with their landline internet. A solid 21% have been frustrated with their mobile internet problems. 

If you want to simply just change to a different service, or go far, far away from human civilization, away from the horrors of the internet, there is a solution for that.Here is  the guide you need to cancel your internet services (although this time it is specifically targeted for Fios). 

Ways To Cancel Verizon Internet 

By Calling 

Verizon Fios has  a number which you can call to cancel your services, the number is 1-844-837-2262. But remember You have to have your account information and number on your hands before calling them, along with a firm reason as to why you are refusing their service to avoid any confusion. You can cancel their services anytime you want. However, if you had contracted services then you might be handed an early termination fee. The Early Termination Fee starts at $350. Each month it decreases by $15. That means that by the end of a six-month contract, the fee would be $90 instead. 

Are There Any Online Options? 

Unfortunately,there are no online options for canceling Verizon Internet. The only way is to call the department at the given number. 


To summarize, you have to call the department at its given number, keep all your information ready and have an extremely valid excuse to get through to the cancellation process. Please check beforehand if you have acquired an Early Termination Fee so that it does not catch you by surprise. Make sure to return your items within 30 days! And there you go,you are in the process of cancelling their services.The only solution to your internet problems is by calling the number. Whether it’s a problem with the customer service department or generic network issues, you can cancel Verizon’s internet services successfully and move on to a service that is better suited to you.

  •  If you had paid for your router before linking it with Verizon then you get to keep it to yourself, if not then you have to give it back.
  • Any internet equipment you have rented from Verizon has to be given back with the cancellation of the service. 
  • If your router is from Verizon you will need to return that along with any necessary power cables.
  • Verizon has a 30 days return period policy. After that, there will be an unreturned equipment fee which can be expensive. Dropping equipment off at a UPS store near you will be the most convenient when you need to return internet equipment to Verizon.
  • Remember to get a bill for your returned items. It would be a wise choice to call to see if your return got through. 
  • The final bill for Verizon Internet services will be sent at your normal billing date which was scheduled. You can also check if you are due any fees for any Early Termination Fees. 
  • Verizon takes 60 business days to return your accumulated credit to you. If you were charged with a fee, then that credit will be used to make up for it. If it is not enough, you might need to pay extra to pay it in full.                
How To Cancel Verizon Internet?

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