How To Start A Letter?

In this era, it is very important to have a basic idea of how to write a letter. And in that process, the starting part of a letter will have a massive role while making an impression on the reader. Everybody should know how to start writing a letter in any form. It could be through emails, chat, hard copy, etc. If a person is about to approach someone for a job, in that situation, the person is left with only one option: sending a letter. That person has to make an impression in front of the recruiter through a letter, then other activities like interviews and hiring will take the position. The starting part of a letter is the most important. People should start with greetings depending on the type of people the letter is written for. There are a few things you need to take care of while starting to write a letter. There is a saying that your first impression is your last impression, and that is quite true. Most of the people out there will judge you by seeing your behavior, cv, way of communication, or a letter written by you.

How To Start A Letter?

How to start a letter?

So, when it comes to starting a letter, the kind of things a person should keep in mind is to start with a proper heading and manageable greetings in the first line. If the letter is for professional purposes, then choose the right type of greetings that can make you feel good about that person, if the letter is for closest people, then use the kind of greetings that can melt the recipient’s heart. A letter should be based on the perspective behind the kind of relationship you have with the recipients.

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The kind of things should be in our mind while starting to write a letter

Proper headings: 

While writing a letter, headings have a huge role to play, the purpose of a heading is to serve the gist of the letter. If a heading is written appropriately, it can depict the theme of that particular letter. At the same time, it is important to remember that a heading shouldn’t have to contain lots of words. Three to four words are enough to explain the gist of that particular letter.

Uses of greetings:

 Using greetings is the best part of a letter sometimes. A person shows respect for the recipient through the letter and appreciates him for the roles and responsibilities he, or she has been playing. Everyone loves to hear something good about themselves.

Your address:

 If someone is writing a letter to a friend or for a professional reason, then it is important to mention the proper address and information. If the letter is formal, still, it is important to provide an address to contact you back. The kind of information is important to be given like the resident’s address, contact number, email id, etc. Mentioning the date, you are writing the article after all that information makes sense.

Recipient’s address

While writing a letter, it is important to give the recipient’s address too on the right side of the letter. For example,

 Mr. Miller

XYZ company

ABC place

Reason behind writing the letter:

In the first line, after using greetings, if you write the purpose behind writing that letter, then it shows your punctuality about time. In that way, you are also not wasting recipient time. After the first line, you should directly mention your purpose. For example, “I want to invite you to our upcoming ceremony, or I have just seen your post on LinkedIn, and that’s why I am applying for this job, it would be a great experience to work with you.”

So, these are the things a person should keep in mind while starting to write a letter.

The kind of things someone should avoid while writing the starting part of a letter

If a letter is being written by someone for a professional matter, then using ‘Hi’, and ‘Hey’ wouldn’t look good. Try to avoid such words.When it comes to using greetings, then it should be matching with the tone of that article. For example, if an article is written for someone’s friend or cousin, then using ‘dear’ as greetings sounds good. A few more greetings like ‘good morning or afternoon’, using such greetings wouldn’t make an extra impact on the feedback that person will receive, so unless it is important, try to avoid using such greetings.


You have now got an idea of how to start writing a letter, what are the key things a person should keep in mind and the things they should avoid! In this era, it has become a necessity to know how to write a letter, and even more, the important thing is how to start! Sometimes, people have doubts about the starting part of a letter. There are a lot of people who, if they somehow knew how to start a letter, could manage to write the whole article. That is the power of a good start.

How To Start A Letter?

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