Oneida Outlet Locations- Read More About It

Oneida is a huge multinational company that was started with the motto of perfection and wellbeing. It has unquestionably become one of the largest and finest brands in today’s era which is truly commendable. This amazingly talented company was started nearly 200 years ago. The fact that it is still running and so widely famous is something they need to applaud. Oneida became a synonym for utopian work. Let’s learn about ‘Oneida Outlet Locations’.

Oneida Outlet Locations

Oneida Outlet Locations

Oneida transformed the industry when it gave birth to the stainless-steel flatware in the 1960s. High products that normal people could afford – the whole world could suddenly have access to the finest flatware. This was how Oneida came into the real world and attained the glorious realm it now sits upon. It has a chain of outlets located in very prominent cities and marked locations. This article emphasises the locations that are located throughout. It has also launched an online e-commerce site that helps customers from around the world to be able to access this finest set of dishware. There are many locations which were very active many years ago. This lists all those locations as well. From Georgia to Alabama to New York, this set of outlets that were run by Oneida had truly carved their niche here. Currently, the number of active locations has been comparatively reduced due to various factors. The current pandemic is one of the most obvious causes of this. The stores sell a variety of dishware that ranges from flatware, silverware, dinnerware etc. The excellent quality and price set this company apart and this is the reason for its wide popularity in today’s world. The various kitchen essentials have a variety that it offers making it truly the one-stop for crockery. The various shapes, designs and top-notch quality –have what your home’s missing. It is indeed one of the best, a self-made company that offers nothing but the best.

How did it start out?: Oneida Outlet Locations

It was a company that was started long back on the streets of New York, to do its best to make a difference. They started this movement by making amazing silverware. Silver has a very crucial importance in dishware. It has certain metallic properties that make it a good disinfectant and helps fight bacteria. With the birth of dish soaps and dishwashers, the real silver was no longer considered vital.They now use stainless steel instead, but the name remains – any household kitchenware with that famous shine is called silverware. In modern words, however, ‘silverware’ became a synonym for flatware.

Here are their various outlets located in the United States of America 


In the beautiful picturesque location of Arizona, located in Arizona Mills, an outlet of Oneida is located. 


Located in California, the Great Mall is another prominent outlet of Oneida.  


Located in Georgia, in Sugarloaf Mills, an outlet of Oneida is spread. 


Located in Illinois, in Gurnee Mills stands another outlet of Oneida.


Located in Kentucky, in Factory Stores of America – Georgetown, another Oneida outlet is found.


Located in Perryville Outlet Centre, Maryland. 


Located in St. Louis Outlet Mall, Missouri. 

New York

Located in Destiny USA. 


Located in Franklin Mills, Pennsylvania 


Located in Grapevine Mills, Texas


Located in Potomac Mills, Virginia

These are some of the well-known cities and locations in which Oneida has settled its base. This shows the amount of love this brand has garnered throughout the US. 

Here are some details of its locations statewise.

Oneida Outlet locations in – Alabama and Georgia 

  • Tanger Outlet Foley – Foley, AL
  • Ocean Outlet Rehoboth Delaware – Rehoboth, DE
  • Silver Sands Factory shop- Destin, FL
  • North Georgia Premium store- Dawsonville, GA

Oneida Outlet locations in– Maine and Missouri

  • Kittery Premium stores- Kittery, ME
  • Prime Outlets of Birch Run Michigan – Birch Run, MI
  • Tanger Branson MO Factory Outlet Mall – Branson, MO
  • Tanger Branson MO Factory Outlet Mall – Branson, MO
  • Osage Beach Premium Outlets – Osage Beach, MO

Oneida Outlet locations in – New York and Pennsylvania

  • French Mountain Commons – Lake George, NY
  • Philadelphia Premium Outlets – Limerick, PA
  • Rockvale Square Outlets – Lancaster, PA
  • VF Outlet Village – Reading, PA

Oneida Outlet locations in– South Carolina and Virginia 

  • Tanger Myrtle Beach Factory Outlets West – Myrtle Beach, SC
  • Outlets at Hillsboro – Hillsboro, TX
  • San Marcos Tánger stores- San Marcos, TX
  • Houston Premium stores- Cypress, TX
  • Williamsburg Pottery Factory stores- Williamsburg, VA


Oneida has proved its worth in a world that is now running on the cutthroat competition. It has done excellently well given the times and era it was created in. Despite the hurdles it faced, it has created a big chain of outlets with the finest quality of silverware, dinnerware and kitchen essentials. No other crockery company that started as long ago as Oneida has lasted until now. Its hygienic environment and workplace make it even special. The best quality dishware, best shapes and designs, everything in one place! Oneida! Unfortunately, due to company takeovers and privatization, now as Oneida Limited, has closed most of its outlets in and around The United States of America. However, its online market is running high with lots of profits and It is doing well. 


Q) Which is the most accessible Oneida store in New York? 

A) The privatisation of Oneida in the early 2000s led to the closure of most of the outlets. But when in operation this company had a huge business spread throughout the States of America. The most famous store was located in New York, in French Mountain Commons, Lake George. 

Q)Where is the Oneida crockery and dishware made today? 

A) The Oneida company after being privatised in 2006 has become Oneida Limited today. It still runs strong. Sherrill, New York has taken charge and most of the business that operates has been kept running from this. 

Q) Can Oneida silverware be put in the dishwasher for cleaning? 

A) The specially designed Oneida silverware is made with great detail and hence is safe. It can be rinsed effortlessly in the dishwasher without any damage to its coating and effectiveness. 

Oneida Outlet Locations- Read More About It

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