TWIC Card – Know more about it

A TWIC card is a document or a card that is issued to individuals for security by Maritime Transportation Security. It is also needed for people who have to get special security access to heavy security areas. TWIC Cards save people from extra security checks. Employees who work in the industry of maritime should be able to access offices, shops, ferries, warehouses, etc for their job. This access includes a lot of security checks. So, TWIC Card is the savior of the extra security check and it acts as an extra layer of security. In this article we shall talk about the TWIC Card.


More About TWIC Cards

The TWIC card is mandatory for maritime workers. If they find it difficult to access secure maritime locations, their job will be negatively impacted when they could not do their job. So, the TWIC card helps in solving these issues. TWIC card gives an extra identification credential to all the maritime workers. 

TWIC is just not a word. TWIC is an abbreviation for Transportation Worker Identity Card. The Transportation Security Administration and the United States Coast Guard provide and ask the employees to use a TWIC card. It offers unescorted access to secure the area and the facilities. It allows an extra layer of security clearance for certain workers. 

Who can apply for a TWIC card?

Individuals can obtain a TWIC card if they qualify for the eligibility and requirements. It includes a background check and has to pass the security threat assessment.

Requirements for TWIC cards

TWIC cards can only be accessed when an individual passes the eligibility criteria. The eligibility criteria are the individual must be a U.S citizen, lawful permanent resident, a refugee in lawful status, or a naturalized citizen.

The applicant must provide truthful information, if they are found to have any criminal records, their name gets cut off from the list.

Applying For a TWIC Card 

Individuals who love to work in security-specific areas can apply for a TWIC card. People who are ready to take responsibility for high-security areas and risks, and who really need to have a risky life can apply for this. But, not everyone can apply for the TWIC card, since the selection is quite hard and individuals have to provide the information about themselves, that is true. These records have to be submitted with proof. Any failure in the submission of records and documents results in the termination of the application. This can lead to disqualification and immediate termination. 

How is the Identification Done?

The identification is done by a set of steps. It has to include the following 

  • The United States passport
  • Driver’s license
  • Birth certificate. 
  • Enhanced tribal card
  • Secure trade card
  • Secure electronic network travelers
  • Global entry cards
  • Permanent Resident card 
  • Re-entry permit

Note that these listed cards must not be expired. And these proofs have to be submitted while applying and during the identity verification for the TWIC card.

What is the Background Check?

Background checks are one of the most important factors to be considered before applying for a TWIC card. The background check makes sure that an individual applying for a specific job is eligible and trustworthy and fits the industry. The background check must be clear, that is there should not be any red flags or criminal records. If a red flag is found, the individual will be terminated immediately.

TSA (Transportation Security Administration) does the check. Individuals can get disqualified based on reasons like Information important to the identity of the applicant, Interpol analyses, and terrorist watchlists. 


TWIC card is the document that is provided to an individual for security clearance purposes. It adds extra security during the security checks. It is mainly used by the Maritime workers for accessing the secret ports and facilities. Understanding the processes and requirements for the application for a TWIC card is essential for people who really need to apply for one. The maritime industry is one of the industries that need youth who can be trustworthy and take responsibility for heavy risks. 

Frequently Asked Questions
  1. How to get a TWIC Card?

Individuals can obtain a TWIC card once the application is processed by submitting biometric information, fingerprint, and a clear background check. If they qualify, they will get a TWIC card. The background check is relevant and it is a security threat assessment that is conducted by the TSA.

  1. What does a TWIC Card do?

A TWIC card offers extra security for people who work in the maritime. TWIC is special because only maritime workers with TWIC cards can get access to maritime locations, ports, terminals, and vessels that are not allowed to be accessed by normal people.

  1. What is the cost to get a TWIC card?

For the initial application, it costs $125.25. It costs $105.25 when an individual has a Hazardous Materials Endorsement or secure trade card. 

TWIC Card – Know more about it

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