USPS First Class Package Time

Planning to send some important documents to your office? Or, do you wish to send some gifts to your loved ones living on the other side of the country? We are here to serve all your needs! USPS has done this for the past 50 years and has managed to gain people’s trust all these years. Let us see about USPS first class package time.

USPS First Class Package Time

USPS First Class Package Time

United States Postal Service (USPS) offers a never-before-seen special mailing service, popularly known as First-Class Mail. It is a cost-effective and hassle-free way to transmit your documents, envelopes, and minimum-weight parcels. One of the fascinating aspects of this service is the provision of a stamped service known as First-Class Mail Forever. These stamps do not have an expiration date and cost the same despite the increase in service charges. You can buy these online at the official website of USPS or your nearest post office. Letters of all kinds are delivered by USPS. Standard letters are wrapped in envelopes ranging from Rs. 45-50. Other letters containing documents of varying sizes and shapes cost between Rs. 65-70. Even postcards of different shapes and sizes can be sent from your vacation spots to your loved ones in a matter of days. Oversized envelopes and packages of relatively smaller sizes can be delivered in 2-5 working days. These service costs range from Rs. 90 to 350 respectively.

First-Class Package Service has some crucial features:

Short Delivery Time

The delivery time ranges between 2 to 5 working days. However, this can be affected by unforeseen situations such as natural calamities, social conflicts, and so forth.

Package size

The charges are set according to USPS standards and are largely based on the size and weight of the products being shipped. Packages and parcels starting from 0.02 kg are believed to be delivered between 3 to 5 working days at the post office. Even if your packages are heavier, get them delivered at the most affordable prices with a maximum weight of ½ kg. If you have sent envelopes or parcels that have unusual bulky shapes, you are subject to be levied an extra charge even if they weigh less than the standard amount. 

Replacement Policy

In cases such as damage or misplacement of goods bought through e-commerce websites, you can claim insurance for a cost of up to $5000.

SMS and Application Trackage

To keep a track of your package, make sure to avail yourself of the SMS services about the delivery progress. To avoid any ambiguity, you can download the USPS app available on Play Store and calculate the exact cost of your package in a matter of minutes.

Types of First-Class Package Services

There are several types of first-class mail being sent and they are classified based on the contents of the package be it letters, postcards, or other forms of mail that are metered and larger packages with a maximum of ½ kg weight. The package service is broadly divided into two types First-Class Package Service for commercial and retail purposes as FCPS-C and FCPS-R:

  • While both services are cost-effective, commercial packages are allowed for inspection by postal personnel because they are not sealed.
  • On the other hand, retail packages tend to have smaller dimensions and weightage compared to commercial ones.

International Postage

First-Class Package services also offer a range of international postal services for relatively smaller packages, especially confidential documents. The package contents should meet the quality control rules and prohibitions of the country to which that is being sent. There may be a few extra service charges applicable based on each country.


Before you send anything using USPS, we urge you to go through some additional details. There are certain rules for sending forbidden and harmful objects. This can be smoking or tobacco products of all kinds including chewable tobacco, alcohol, and drugs are restricted with a few conditions whereas firearms or ammunition of any kind are completely prohibited.


First-Class Package is thus far the most efficient service offered by USPS in recent years, It is cost-effective with a reasonable delivery time. Now you do not have to worry about sending your confidential personal and commercial documents through USPS. They are reputed and known for their timely and quality service. In case you miss the delivery slot, your package will remain at your nearest post office where you can collect it in person. If you need any further information or assistance, please feel free to contact us by dropping an email or calling us on the official number mentioned on our website. 

A few FAQs on USPS First-Class Package Service:
  • Does the First-Class service guarantee delivery? 

No, you cannot choose a specific date and time for guaranteed delivery to take place. However, you can be assured that domestic packages will be delivered within 3-5 working days.

  • What is the mode of shipping used in First Class?

Since most of the packages delivered through this service are based on priority and contain important documents, they are shipped by air. However, the distance of the destination is calculated to check if the parcel can be delivered by ground.

  • Is the First-Class Package service cost-effective?

Yes, it is cheaper than the USPS Priority Mail service which has a reduced shipping duration but if you want an option that goes easy on the pockets First-Class is the ideal option for you.

USPS First Class Package Time

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