What Channel is the Logo on DirecTV?- Know More

If you love to watch entertainment shows, you need to know what the channel number of Logo on DirecTV is. Being entertained is a part of your daily life. Watching entertainment shows refreshes your mind. TV channels now provide multiple entertainment shows for you.DirecTV provides you with the facility of a hundred channels. You can easily find your favorite channels of entertainment on DirecTV. The channel of the logo provides you with multiple programs. On DirecTV, the channel number for Logo is: The channel number for Logo TV is 272.

What Channel is the Logo on DirecTV

About Logo:

The network of ViacomCBS Domestic Media owned the channel Logo. In 2005, the logo channel was launched. In the US, the first commercial network TV was the logo TV. The launch of Logo TV replaced the channel VH1 MegaHits.The channel Logo TV delivers a program that is related to the theme of LGBTQ. In LGBTQ, L stands for ‘lesbian’ and ‘gay’.The channel Logo TV consists of series and programs that are related to travel, news, music videos, etc. In 2012, it was announced that the strategy of programming was about to change. The channel Logo was dedicated to the community of gay. Later, the channel started to focus on new programs on the topics of lifestyle and culture.

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Channel number of Logo on DirecTV:

DirecTV is a very popular TV service. DirecTV gives your favorite channels and it also gives you the channel Logo. DirecTV provides you with multiple contents. Everyone can enjoy their favorite channels on DirecTV. It is difficult to choose your favorite channels from the long list of channels. That is why it is important to know the channel number to find your favorite channel.

Famous shows on the Logo channel:

The logo channel provides multiple shows of entertainment. The famous shows on the logo channel are as follows:

  • Fabulous show:

Saunders created the show Fabulous which is a sitcom. The show focuses on an agent Edina Monsoon who is a drunkard and drug-abusing agent. 

She wants to be smart and stay young that is why she spends most of her time losing weight. Edina is dependent on her daughter Saffron for her work. The show Fabulous also reveals the character of Edina’s mother. Edina’s mother is portrayed as a thief in this show Fabulous.

  • Exes and Ohs show:

The show Exes and Ohs is a series. This series portrays the character of Jennifer who is a lesbian. In the show Exes and Ohs, Jennifer is searching for her soulmate. The show Exes and Ohs focuses on the dating life of the lesbian Jennifer.

  • The show Noah’s Ark:

The show Noah’s Ark portrays the lives of four friends who are gay. The four friends live in Los Angeles. The four friends share all their personal information. In the show Noah’s Ark, Noah is a screenwriter. Noah struggles to find a job and at last, she got a job as a writer in a Hollywood Film.

  • The show Noah’s Ark highlights multiple problems like:
  • Problems of marriage.
  • Problems of HIV.
  • Problems of same-sex marriage.
  • Problems with homophobia.
  • Problems of Gay-bashing.
  • Problems of same-sex parenthood.
  • RuPaul’s Drag Race show:

The show RuPaul’s Drag Race is a series of competitions. In the series RuPaul’s Drag Race, RuPaul is the main character of the series. The series RuPaul’s Drag Race searches for the next superstar of America. 

The show was very popular. The show RuPaul has thirteen seasons.

  • Love Story of TransAmerican show:

The love story of TransAmerican is a dating show that features on the channel logo. The show Love story of TransAmerican focuses on a woman who is transgender. The name of the woman is Calpernia Addams. In the dating show Love story of TransAmerican, the suitors are trying to impress the transgender woman.

  • Finding Prince Charming show: 

The show Finding Prince Charming is also a dating show. The dating show Finding Prince Charming focuses on a bachelor. In the show Finding Prince Charming, there is no rose ceremony of rose. The ceremony of rose in this series is replaced with a ceremony of Black-tie. The show Finding Prince Charming is a dating show which shows different characters of gay males. Similar shows related to the show Finding Prince Charming are: 

  • The show, Boys Meet Boys.
  • The show, Playing it straight


Logo TV is a famous channel on DirecTV. The logo TV provides you with the facility of multiple contents. Logo TV shows content that is related to the community of Gay. Logo TV provides you with various shows of entertainment which you can enjoy when you want to relax or in your free time. The entertainment shows on logo TV refresh your mind.


  • Can Logo TV be watched without a cable?

Ans: Yes, you can watch a Logo TV without a cable.

  • Which is better: DirecTV or Dish TV?

Ans: Dish TV is better than DirecTV.

What Channel is the Logo on DirecTV?- Know More

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