Why Is Amazon’s Echo Remote Not Working? -Know More

The Amazon Echo is usually a cylindrical or spherical shaped smart speaker. It belongs to the American brand of smart speakers developed and released by Amazon. Alexa, the artificially intelligent virtual assistant, is available on Echo and users can avail it for smart services like asking questions, playing the news, music, setting alarms and many other tasks. Let us know about “Why Is Amazon’s Echo Remote Not Working?”

Why Is Amazons Echo Remote Not Working?

Why Is Amazon’s Echo Remote Not Working?

The edition is currently running on its 4th Generation. It can connect to WiFi to access the internet and to your phone via Bluetooth connection. The dimensions stand at 10.00 x 10.00 x 8.90. Its prime appeal is the hands-free option. However, Amazon Echo has limited functions if it is not connected to the internet. 

What Does It Usually Look Like? 

Amazon has a range of products belonging to the Amazon Echo brand such as Amazon Echo Show, etc. As mentioned earlier, the main Amazon Echo is primarily shaped like a cylinder. It also has another design option which has it shaped like a sphere with a flat base. It consists of two speakers and is designed with computer hardware, all compact in either a sleek cylindrical or a spherical outer covering. Generally, the smart speaker is programmed to primarily respond to voice commands and users do not need to touch the device in order to use it. It responds to a wake word, which is “Alexa” by default but it can be changed to “Echo” or “Amazon” as per the user’s choice.

 Features Of The Amazon Echo

 It has four microphones to ensure that your voice commands can be heard from anywhere in the house. Alongside, it has a powerful bass for deep bass and clear audio. Alexa also acts as a hub for controlling your other smart devices for more convenience. In a household full of Amazon Echo products, it would be a good choice to mix and match products for a sense of superior enjoyment and convenience. It is to be noted that Amazon Echo products are designed in a way to sense voice commands from near the direction they are closely placed. They cannot all process information at the same time but they can respond to commands when conveniently located in a house. They are available in three tones — charcoal, glacier white and twilight blue — all of which conveniently fit in a minimalistic design. It is portable and sleek enough to be placed anywhere. 

Product Cost 

The primary Amazon Echo (4th Gen) as of 2020, was listed at about $40+ on Amazon’s official website.. With deals, the price can drop up to $30 and even go lower. What is an Amazon Echo remote? Most Amazon Echo devices function with a remote. This remote is known as the “Alexa remote.” It is the main center for controlling home lighting systems, music and other electronic appliances. The remote starts functioning when it is connected to Alexa. With a built-in microphone, it makes it easier for your Echo device to work its commands even from a considerable distance. The orders are wirelessly transmitted to Echo and then performed by Alexa. Each remote comes with a 1 year manufacturer warranty. 

How To Pair Your Remote

Before wondering why your Amazon Echo remote seems to not be working make sure you have set it up correctly. 

Step 1: Insert two AAA batteries in the correct orientation after pulling the latch of the remote battery door down. 

Step 2: Access your Alexa app, open up settings on the left navigation menu.

 Step 3: Select the Echo device and click on the option “Pair Remote”. There is also an option of “Forget Remote”. If you are replacing an old product with the new, then make sure to click on “Forget Remote” and then pair the new one.

 Step 4: Press the play/ pause button and hold it down for 5 seconds before releasing. Your Echo will pair with this remote in 40 seconds. 

Why Your Remote Might Not Work?

  • If the standard pairing process does not work, it could be a software issue.
  • the batteries might have run out. 
  • there is no clear connection between the remote and the device. 
  • there is another paired remote which you have missed in checking. 

Steps To Make Your Remote Work 

There have been plenty of complaints regarding an unusable remote. In case your problem continues to persist, try these steps.

Step 1: Check The Remote Batteries There might be a chance that you did not notice and your battery has run out. In that situation, all you will need to do is to replace the batteries and the remote will be working just fine. 

Step 2: Try Pairing Again Check if your pairing has been done properly. You can try pairing the device again by following the given set of instructions. 

Step 3: Check for Purple Spinning Light If there is a purple spinning light showing on your device, it means that you have more than one remote connected. In case of this situation, you need to press the play/ pause button on your remote. Make sure to connect with the remote you need to connect.

Step 4: Remove Obstructions Even if it is a wireless connection, it will need space to connect with your device. You can start by removing things like a pile of books blocking your way or any nearby devices that send off radio signals. 

Step 5: Reset The Remote You can try completely resetting the remote. It will refresh connections and also restart the remote’s system, internal hardware and software. 

Step 6: Try Replacing If it is a faulty unit then you will need to get the remote replaced. If you have received a defective piece from the start and/ or are still under your warranty, you should be able to get a free replacement.


Now we have learnt “Why Is Amazon’s Echo Remote Not Working?”, There might be many reasons why a remote stopped working. If it is a clear issue like it had been dropped or water damage, there might be an internal problem or, if the reason is among the mentioned causes, you can successfully fix the issue by following the guidelines mentioned in this article. 

Why Is Amazon’s Echo Remote Not Working? -Know More

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