Yellow Nail Designs – Know more about it

Yellow nail designs are very much in demand nowadays. It is one of the best colors to give a beautiful look to your nails. It is one of the hottest shades. You can wear these yellow shades anywhere. If you want bright yellow shades, this article will provide you with amazing shades. Nail art is very famous nowadays. The color yellow gives shine to your nails and makes your nails attractive.

 Yellow Nail Designs

Twelve yellow nail art designs:

The twelve yellow nail art designs are as follows:

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Daisies Nail Art:

If you want to make a single nail as the central point you can make this design in your nail. Put yellow nail polish on your nail as a base coat & and draw daisies on your single nail. 

Daisies describe your pureness. Draw white curves on your yellow nails after drawing daisies, it will give an awesome look to your nails. It is a very cute design.

Plain Old Yellow:

The use of plain yellow color is very famous. Before the invention of nail art, this plain yellow color has been established. 

This color gives a shining look to your hands. This is an old design but it is very much in demand in 2022 also.

Yellow Lemon Nail Art:

This nail art is for those who have short nails & want that their nails should look amazing. You have to draw small lemons on your nails with the help of green and yellow shades. 

Your nails should be manicured before applying these designs. This yellow lemon nail art describes that something good is going to happen with you in the future. 

Touch of Black:

Women love to flaunt their manicured nails. The touch of black with a yellow base coat gives an attractive look to your nails.

The touch of black catches everyone’s attention. It is very simple & beautiful. You have to give a touch of black by drawing a single line on your nails. 

Sunflower & Polka Dots:

The polka dots give a finishing look to your hands. The nail art designs are incomplete without the polka dots. Follow these processes to draw the sunflower & polka dots. 

  1. First, paint your nails white as a base coat.
  1. Second, draw a sunflower on your small finger & your thumb.
  1. Finally, on the rest of your nails draw the polka dots. 

Additionally, you will get a pleasing appearance.

Pineapple Nail Art:

In the summer season, pineapples are very much in demand. This design will give your nails a fresh look. Apply the following processes to your nails.

  1. First, paint your nails with the shade of a pineapple yellow. 
  1. Finally, on your ring finger draw a small pineapple. 

Magic with seeds:

This design is for small nails. This design describes uncertainty as well as attractiveness. Follow these tips to apply this design to your nails.

  1. First, apply the color lemon yellow to your nail.
  1. Finally, draw seeds in the shades of black and white. 

Acid Flames Nail Art:

This nail art describes your anger. It also describes your bold looks. This acid flames design gives a catchy look to your nails. To make this design, follow these steps:

  1. First, use the bright yellow color as the base coat.
  1. Second, on your ring finger draw the acid flames.
  1. Finally, give a border to the acid flames. 

Smiley Daisies:

The design of daisies also gives a catchy look to your nails. It is a simple design. 

With the shades of yellow and black, draw a smiley on your nails. After drawing a smiley give a finishing look to your nails by painting petals.

Jewels with Nails:

This design is very popular. Women are loving this design. It provides a fashionable look to your nails. 

The silver beads and the design of the sunflower give a unique look to your nails. You can go for this design and make your nails look unique. 

Glossy Flowers:

Flowers provide an inspirational look to your nails. Apply these tips to draw this design.

  1. First, paint your thumb & forefingers with the yellow color as the base coat. 
  2. Second, paint the rest of the nails with shining nail polish.
  1. Finally, draw small sunflowers on your shining nails.

Furthermore, your nails will get a sweet & cute look. 

Yellow Nail Design with Glitter:

If you do not love shining colors, then applying a full yellow color to your nails will not suit you. You can apply some glimmering nail polish to your yellow nails. 

This design gives a glamouring look to your nails. 


Nowadays, nail art is trending. Women love to give mesmerizing designs to their nails. Some love light colors and some love bright colors. You can visit the nail art salon if you want to give your nails a glittering, fiery as well as a bold look.

  1. Name the most famous nail shape.

Ans: The most famous nail shape is:

  1. Almond-shaped nails.
  1. Name the most famous nail color.

Ans: The most famous nail color is pale green.

  1. Are square nails trending in 2022?

Ans: Yes, square nails are trending in 2022. 

  1. Name the hottest trending nail.

Ans: The hottest trending nail is Velvet Nails. 

 Yellow Nail Designs – Know more about it

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