Channel AE Spectrum – Know More

Do you want to know what channel AE is on Spectrum? This article will provide all your answers to you. You will get to know about famous shows & series. The subscribers of Spectrum cable are eager to talk about the channel AE so that they can watch multiple series & shows. You will be fully entertained by this channel. Various movies, shows & series are presented on this channel. You will get everything of your choice on this channel.

Channel AE Spectrum - Know More

About The Channel AE:

This channel was invented in 1984. This channel mainly focuses on:

  • Crime Series.
  • Movies.
  • Drama. 

The famous name of A&E is Arts & Entertainment Network. The name itself reveals that it is famous for movies & dramas. In 1995, this channel was re-established. To attract an audience this channel makes a strategy. It started producing multiple series as the audience got attracted to famous series. The international version of Arts & Entertainment Network is available on:

  • Latin America.
  • Australia.
  • Europe.

The U.S. version of A&E is available only in Canada.

Channel Number of AE on Spectrum:

  • State- Ohio.
  • Channel Number- 42.
  • State- Orlando.

City- Florida.

  • Channel Number- 42.

Eight Famous shows on Arts & Entertainment Network(A&E):

The eight famous shows on A&E are as follows:

Born This Way:

This show shows the qualities of seven young adults who were suffering from Down syndrome. You will get to see humor & honesty in this show. The seven young adults are enjoying their life, & achieving their dreams in this series.This series will motivate you. Parents of these children mentioned in this show how they are struggling with this disease. It is an emotional show.This show ranked 8.3 out of 10 on IMDb.

Live PD:

This show reveals the issues of policing in the U.S. Each episode shows urban & rural police forces. The main protagonist of this show is a journalist. The name of the journalist is Dan Abrams. This show was released in four seasons. The show is rated 8.1 out of 10 on IMDb.


Intervention is a documentary series. Most of the people in this series are revealed with a background of alcohol, drugs & bad behavior.The rehabilitation center has changed the lives of these people & they started their new life. The family members are also affected by their behavior.This show is rated 7.9 out of 10 on IMDb.

Ghost Hunters:

If you are fond of horror movies, you should watch this famous show “Ghost Hunters”. You will get the real feeling of horror while watching this show.The main protagonist of this show is Grant Wilson. He is the leader of the “Ghost Hunters”. Every Time, Grant Wilson brings new experienced & skilled hunters. The squads are experts in the field of technology, forensics, etc. This show was released in thirteen seasons. This show rated 6.3 out of 10 on IMDb.

The First 48:

If you love to watch crime shows, this show is best for you. It was released in twenty-two seasons. In this show, you will watch multiple detectives who solve several cases. In forty-eight hours, each detective has to solve a case. It is very interesting & full of suspense. You will find every season exciting.It is very interesting to see how detectives are doing the interviews of the witnesses. After watching this show, you will become a fan of crime shows.This show is rated 8.2 out 0f 10 on IMDb.

Duck Dynasty:

This show reveals a rich family in Louisiana who has a big business of duck-hunting. The main protagonist of this show is Robertsons. The life of the Robertsons is revealed in this show.This show was released in eleven seasons. This show is rated 6.1 out of 10 on IMDb.

Cold Case Files:

In this show, you will find the unsolved cases which are locked in a file. People are very sad as their cases are not solved.One day, a special detective arrives & solves all the cases. This show was released in five seasons. This show is rated 7.9 out of 10 on IMDb.


This is a crime series. The main protagonist of this show is Former Syracuse. She is a police detective in New York. She possesses a rare disease. The name of the disease is hyperthymesia. Hyperthymesia is a disease that allows you to remember all the things of the past.Her partner asked her to solve a case which is why she joined the police team. This will allow her to remember everything that happened with her sister on the day she was murdered.  This show rated 6.8 out of 10. It was released in four seasons.


Arts & Entertainment network(A&E) is a famous channel. People love this channel, that is why they want to know the channel number of A & E.Popular series & shows that are introduced on this channel which attracts the audience. You will find high-rated shows on this channel.

  1. Mention the channel number of A&E HD on DirecTV.

Ans: The channel number of A&E HD is 265 on DirecTV.

  1. Does Netflix consist of an A&E channel?

Ans: No, Netflix does not have an A&E channel.

Channel AE Spectrum – Know More

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