Cox VS Optimum-Know More

If one speaks about the leading networks in the category of internet service providers, two names are the most common that go hand in hand, and those are Cox and Optimum service companies. Both are widespread internet services used in New England and the USA. They share many similar characteristics concerning internet service provision, cable TV provision and phone services as well. There are however few differences between Cox and Optimum mainly with regards to their availability in different parts and their speed of operation. According to what one’s priority is, the decision can be made as to which service provider is better between the two. Their speed, price of the package and availability are the main distinguishing features.

When you speak about availability, there are a few regions in New England where both these service providers are available. There is competition in the category of the speed of services. In the category of the speed of the service providers, Cox wins the round. There are a few aspects in which Optimum rules over Cox big time. Optimum has a unique package option to select from and its value for money is excellent for the packages it is offering in return. Optimum also lets you stream unlimited without putting clauses to viewing conditions, unlike Cox. Therefore, for those who have cut their cables recently and need compensation, Optimum is the best go-to option available. 

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Cox VS Optimum

Pros of both Optimum and cox

Optimum has the amazing uploading and downloading speed that other services lack. Hence it is ideal for college-going students, family, and tech-savvy people. They also have the added advantage of friendly customer care services that other service providers lack. Optimum has an easy set-up system that is convenient and understandable. If you talk about the pros of Cox, it scores big time in the speed of its services and how flexible it is in its usage. It also has the cheapest internet service package, hence those that need a basic plan can go ahead with Cox. They have their base well-formed in the US and are very famous there. Cox also offers a variety of sports channels and options compared to other service providers. Therefore, they are best suited for gamers especially, and sports lovers. 

Comparison of Cox VS Optimum-

Network coverage area: 

Optimum Online services operate very minimally and to a lesser extent in New England, whereas Cox has a much larger extent in the country and is famous in most parts of the United States of America. They overlap just in very few parts of the State.

Network services:

In terms of cable TV services for which both these had first been started, both these options are a step higher than cable services. These are an efficient and cheaper alternative to cable television. Cox has the cheapest plans whereas Optimum offers a variety of best-suited packages. Cox has a greater service speed and reliability which is amazing. 

Streaming Speeds:

An important feature to base your decision upon is the speed of the service provider and how efficiently it functions. There are two speeds to talk about that are upload and download speeds. For an average budget user who just streams and uses basic internet services, the download speed is most significant. Therefore, one can go ahead with Cox whose download speeds are excellent. If a user uses Skype, gaming apps, and services which require quick uploading, you need a higher upload speed. These are usually better in Optimum. For an average user, just a baseline speed that supports normal function will do, hence both Cox and Optimum will do the job for you.

Customer Service reviews and ratings:

Customer service comes to play when you need to get issues resolved as soon as possible because most of our work is linked to our phones and laptops for which the internet is essential. In this category, Optimum Online leads and it has sky-rocketing reviews and ratings for its customer care services. 

They are extremely approachable and friendly.

Installation costs:

While Optimum does the installation and basic services free of cost, Cox will charge a minimum of $100 only for installation. In this aspect, Cox does seem to be a little too much and not affordable.

Modem and Router cost:

Cox offers you a modem and router on lease for a basic and minimum cost. Their cost is way less than the market and hence easily affordable. However, Optimum offers you the same modem and router device for free in their basic plans and packages. These are small aspects in which Optimum takes the lead for being so budget-friendly.

Television and Internet Combo packages:

In terms of great deals and packages that offer the best services, Cox has a variety of plans that are affordable and good in their features. Cox has many sports channels that are renowned and a must-net on the channel list for all sports enthusiasts. Optimum on the other hand has great options in internet services and their plans here have a lot more choices.


After having compared both Cox and Optimum at a closer scale, Cox wins the television service providing facility and it offers the best content, service, and streaming of channels. Optimum on the other hand has an edge in the Internet service providing arena, budget plans and lots of options to choose from. Both these are highly renowned and recommended options; hence it is better to take a free trial of both before purchasing from anyone to know which one suits you better.


Q) Was there any increase in price for the services of Optimum lately?

A) Yes, it is true indeed that Optimum increased its prices for internet and television service provisions. Their basic plans were increased, thus making it slightly more expensive than other on-par service providers. The television service package turned high to around $30 per month which is unlike most cable providers. 

Cox VS Optimum-Know More

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