Does Roblox Accept Bitcoin – Know More

Roblox Corporation is an online gaming platform that allows users to play games programmed by the company, but it is not exclusive to the makers who program the game. The games can be programmed by any user who plays the game on Roblox. Roblox is a kind of ultimate virtual universe that lets one create, share and enjoy with friends and be absolutely anything one can imagine. The game was created by David Baszucki and Erik Cassel in 2004 but was released only in 2006. In the pandemic years, Roblox saw an unprecedented amount of growth since the time it first started to grow rapidly in the year 2010. Lets see Does Roblox Accept Bitcoin.

Does Roblox Accept Bitcoin - Know More

So, does it accept bitcoin?

Before going into the question if Roblox accepts bitcoin, it would be better to address the elephant in the room, what indeed is bitcoin, and how does it work for the payment? Bitcoin is a name/kind of cryptocurrency. 

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Cryptocurrency is a medium of exchange, similar to the other mediums of exchange in the market such as the United States Dollar, the significant difference between the two is that cryptocurrency is a digital currency and it is confined to the digital platform while the US Dollar is not confined to the digital mode. 

The cryptocurrency is a first-ever currency that is decentralized and works in a safe and secure environment with very insignificant or no government or middleman interference.As for Roblox, it does accept payment in bitcoin. 

You can buy the game card, gift card, or membership with bitcoin on Roblox. The payment is also not a lengthy or hectic process. It is instant, and not only does Roblox accept bitcoin but it accepts other cryptocurrencies such as Ethereum, which is a very famous and authentic cryptocurrency as well.

Other Payment methods at Roblox

Apart from accepting one of the latest methods of payments in the market such as cryptocurrencies, other methods of payments at Roblox includes:

  • Payments through all the major credit and debit cards.
  • Through Prepaid Debit cards
  • Through PayPal
  • Roblox Gift cards
  • Through phone apps:
  • The payments could also be made from multiple phone applications through unique VPA such as:
  • Google Pay
  • Amazon Pay
  • ITunes and I Pay

The various third-party websites come to the rescue when and if the cryptocurrencies do not get accepted by the company for a shorter period, at any interval. They do the payment in regular cash, straight to your account in exchange for the bitcoins/cryptocurrencies. But there is a significant margin between the amount they pay you in cash in exchange for the amount of your bitcoin worth.

Membership Plans at Roblox

Roblox offers three ranges of premium membership for its users:

  • Premium 450 plan costs $4.99 per month
  • Premium 1000 plan costs $9.99 per month
  • Premium 2200 plan costs $19.99 per month 

Based on the plan you subscribe to you get the same number of points. With these points you get 10% more Robux when you buy it from the store, unlock the ability to trade the items and access to premium benefits within experiences and avatar shop item’s exclusive discounts.


Bitcoin in particular and Cryptocurrencies, in general, have become a new mode of payments that have begun to be accepted by many platforms/businesses. However, there are a large number of platforms/businesses that refrain from accepting bitcoin as a mode of payment. Some bigger companies did come up and said that they would accept the payment through cryptocurrencies but backed off, this is precisely because of the volatile nature of cryptocurrencies that keeps going up and down in a very short time, and that too with a big margin, and for this precise reason, a number of a large number of companies still do not approve of cryptocurrencies as a mode of payment.


Q.1. What can be done as a parent to keep my child’s account secure on Roblox?

A. There are many steps you can follow to keep the account of your child safe. Some of which are:

– Use a password that is unique for your child’s account. A password that has an uppercase, lowercase, special characters, and numbers.

– Do not ever share the password with anyone even if you know them in real life.

– Keep your personal information such as name, photograph, and phone number private on the account.

– To prevent a stranger from accessing your account, enable 2 step authentication process to your account.

Q.2. What are the benefits of Roblox?

A. There are a lot of benefits of Roblox compared to its contemporaries. First is the fact that it is child- friendly and parents can monitor their child’s account. Secondly, it is free to download. It can be used on all modern smartphones, tablets, computers, Rift, and HTC Vive. Thirdly, the platform allows giving life to one’s ideas wherein one can create and share their own game. Last but not the least, the tools of the game are comparatively easy to use and the scripting language, Lua is easier to learn than most programming languages.

Does Roblox Accept Bitcoin – Know More

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