Verizon P265 Remote Codes – Know More

The set-top box and the remote, Fios are programmed from before when you buy it. So, you are ready to use the TV once you purchase the set-top box and the TV.  In this article, you will get the information about multiple remote codes. The Fios remote helps you to change the volume and the channel. The Fios remote has a power button. You can use the Fios remote for all the Fios TVs. For each device, you do not have to buy a remote. Lets see about Verizon P265 Remote Codes.

Verizon P265 Remote Codes - Know More

Remote codes for Verizon P265 :

The multiple remote codes for Verizon P265 are as follows:-

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Aim TV= 009.

The remote code of Acer TV is 004.

The remote code of Admiral TV is 005.

Advent TV= 006.

Aiko TV= 008.

Akiba TV= 012.

Albatron TV = 015.

Aiwa TV = 010.

Adventure TV= 007.

Akai TV= 011.

Alba TV= 014.

Akura TV= 013.

The remote code of Alleron TV is 016.

Allstar TV= 017.

The remote code of America Action TV is 018.

Ampro TV= 019.

Anam National TV= 023.

Aristona TV= 030.

Amtron TV= 021.

Amstrad TV= 020.

Astar TV= 032.

Anam TV= 022.

Ansonic TV= 025.

Anitech TV= 024.

AOC TV= 026.

Archos TV= 029.

Apex TV= 027.

The remote code of Apex Digital TV is 028.

Asberg TV= 031.

Audiovox TV= 035.

Audiosonic TV= 034.

Aventura TV= 036.

Atlantic TV= 033.

Beko TV= 040.

Axion TV= 037.

Brionvega TV= 051.

Basic Line TV =038.

Brilliant TV= 049.

Baur TV= 039.

Benq TV= 042.

Broksonic TV= 052.

Bestar TV= 044.

Blue Sky TV= 045.

BPL TV= 047.

Bradford TV= 048.

Candle TV= 055.

Brinkmann TV= 050.

Bush TV= 053.

Carnivale TV= 058.

Cascade TV= 060.

Centurion TV= 065.

Changhong TV= 066.

Canon TV= 056.

Carena TV= 057.

Carver TV=059.

Celera TV= 064.

Cathay TV= 061.

CCE TV= 062.

Celebrity TV= 063.

Citizen TV= 067.

7 steps to program the remote-control Verizon P625:

The 7 steps to program the remote-control Verizon P625 are as follows:

  1. By pressing the power button, turn on your Fios remote.
  2. For 5 seconds, hold and press the button of “Menu”
  3. The Fios remote will be displayed and in a shortlist box for programming, the Fios remote will be available.
  4. From the shortlist box, select your brand and press “OK”.
  5. Codes of the brand will be available and to select the code press “OK”.
  6. Use the up and down arrow keys to choose your TV brand.
  7. To confirm the programming of the code, press the button “OK”.

Universal remote codes:

The Universal remote codes work with the following remote control.

  •  Scientific-Atlanta remote control.
  • Remote control of Philips RC 1445301.
  • Remote control of Motorola DRC800.
  • Remote control of Verizon P265.

Now let’s see multiple Universal codes that may work with your device.

The universal remote codes for Admiral TV are 0490,0120,3027,3001.

The universal codes for Advent TV are 0788,0810,0842,0844,0869.

The universal codes for Aiko TV are 3009 and 0119.The universal code for Avera TV is 0345.

The universal code for Adventure TV is 3028.

The universal code for America Action TV is 0207.The universal code for Aiwa TV is 3195.

The universal codes for Anam national TV are 3012 and 3003.

The universal codes for Akai TV are 0087,0699,0057,3002,3219.

The universal codes for Apex Digital Tv are 0775,0792,0794,0906,3183 and 0183.

The universal codes for Albatron TV are 0870 and 0727.

The universal codes for Apex TV are 3117,3189 and 3041.

The universal code for BenQ TV is 1059.

The universal code for Multivision TV is 3020.

The universal codes for Motorola TV are 3003,0120 and 3027.

The universal codes for Luxman TV are 3005 and 0205.

The universal code for Logik TV is 3001.

The universal code for Lloyds TV is 3198.

The universal codes for LG TV are 0883,1205,1292,0727.


In this article, you will get to know about multiple remote codes with various brands of the TV. You have to understand these multiple remote codes. You have to understand how to program these codes with your TV. This article will help you to understand how to program these codes. When you are typing a code, make sure you are giving the right code. If you do not type the right code, you will face technical issues so it is best to know these codes and save yourself from all the trouble.

  1. How will you find a 4-digit remote code?

Ans: To find a 4-digit remote code you have to contact the universal remote’s user manual.

  1. What is the remote code for LG TV?

Ans: The remote codes for LG TV are 0056 and 0030.

  1. What is the full form of STB on remote?

Ans: The full form of STB on remote is Set Top Box.

Verizon P265 Remote Codes – Know More

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