Virgin Mix TV Channel List- Read More About It

Do you want to know about the channel list of Virgin Mix TV? You will get all the information about the channel list of this TV. The service of Virgin Mix TV is available in the UK. It is one of the most crucial services. It is a subscription-based service. You should know which channel lists are included in this TV & also price & multiple programs. You will get a piece of detailed information about Virgin Mix TV & the list of channels on this TV. Let us know more detail about ‘Virgin Mix TV Channel List’.

Virgin Mix TV Channel List

About Virgin Mix TV:

The Virgin Media company presented the Virgin Mix TV in the UK. The Virgin Media Company is one of the biggest organizations that provide the services of voice transmission.This TV package does not require any broadband subscription. This TV is named Virgin Media Mix because it gives multiple channels to its subscribers. For those who are fond of series & movies, this package is best for them.

How Can You Get the Virgin Mix TV Channel List?

You can get the channel list of Virgin Mix TV if you have the 500GB TiVo box. You can pause & record your favorite movies or series.If you want this device with more characteristics you have to give some more money because the price of the updated version is more. The name of the updated version is 1TB V6 box. The TiVo box gives you an HD view whereas the V6 box gives you the view of ultra HD.  You can get the Virgin TV Go app. This will allow you to watch multiple movies & series of your choice. You can get the virgin Mix TV channel list if you have 3G, 4G, or wifi. 

Channel List of Virgin Mix TV:

When you will get a subscription to Virgin Mix TV, more than two hundred & thirty-two channels are available on this TV package. The channel list comprises sixteen programs of entertainment. You will get multiple channels of facts, lifestyle, movies, sports, kids & music.The multiple channel lists of Virgin Mix TV are as follows:

Lifestyle & Factual Channels:

If you love to learn new things you can get the factual & lifestyle channels that are mentioned below.

  • Yesterday. 
  • Food Network.
  • Travel Channel.
  • Home.
  • PBS America.
  • I.D.
  • Animal Channel.
  • Love Nature.
  • Discovery Channel.

Entertainment Channels:

To utilize your free time, it is the best thing to watch funny shows & relax. You can get these entertainment channels that are mentioned below if you subscribe to the Virgin Mix TV package. 

  • CBS Action.
  • Alibi.
  • BET.
  • Dave.
  • CBS Reality.
  • Comedy Central.
  • E!
  • DMAX.
  • Drama.
  • Horror Channel.
  • FOX.
  • Gold.
  • Really.
  • MTV.
  • Real Lives.
  • Sky 2.
  • Sky Arts.
  • Sky 1.
  • Syfy.
  • Sky Witness.
  • SONY Channel.
  • Universal Channel.
  • TLC.
  • True Entertainment.
  • Sky Living.

Kids Channels:

You can keep your kid busy by getting access to the kids’ channels that are mentioned below.

  • Tiny Pop.
  • Boomerang.
  • Tiddlers TV.
  • Cartoon Network.
  • Kids Extra.
  • Baby TV.

Movie Channels:

If you are fond of movies, you can get access to these famous channels. These channels bring blockbuster movies to you.

  • TCM.
  • Film 4.
  • Movies 24.
  • Copa90.
  • Motors TV.

Music Channels:

If you are fond of music, you can play your favorite songs & enjoy them. Most popular & hit songs you will get on these channels. The channels are mentioned for you below.

  • MTV.
  • Kiss.
  • Magic.
  • The Box.
  • MTV Music.
  • Now Music.
  • Clubland.
  • Vintage TV.
  • AKA.

International Channels:

If you love to see international channels you can get access to these channels if you get a subscription to Virgin Mix TV. Look at the international channels that are mentioned for you.

  • AL Jazeera English.
  • &TV.
  • AI Jazeera Arabic.
  • ARY News UK.
  • B4U Music.
  • Hum Europe.
  • France24 English.
  • France24 French.
  • Rishtey Europe.
  • NDTV India.
  • Nollywood Movies.
  • Worldbox.
  • Zing.
  • UMP Movies.

News Channels:

You can get multiple news channels after subscribing to Virgin Mix TV. The news channels are as follows:

  • NDTV 24/7.
  • BBC Worldwide.
  • Euronews.
  • Bloomberg.

Sports Channels: 

If you are a lover of sports, you can watch multiple sports channels on Virgin Mix TV. The channels are as follows:

  • Eurosport One.
  • Eurosport Two.
  • Sky Sports News.
  • Sky Sports Mix.
  • Sports Bike.
  • At The Races.


Many people are fond of watching TV. After having a busy day, they want to watch their favorite channels on television. Multiple channels are presented in Virgin TV Mix. Radio channels are also included in this television. Therefore you can have a gala time entertaining yourself with all their varied channels or listen to their radio too.


  1. Mention the free channels on Virgin Media.

Ans: The free channels on Virgin Media are as follows:

  • Colors Cineplex.
  • Comedy Central+1.
  • TCM SD.
  • The Box.
  • Sky History 2.
  1. Can you get Netflix for free on Virgin Media?

Ans: No, you cannot get Netflix for free on Virgin Media.

  1. Which is better: Virgin Media or Sky TV?

Ans: In comparison to Virgin Media, Sky TV is the best.

Virgin Mix TV Channel List- Read More About It

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