Getting Approval for Social Security Benefits: How Long Does It Take?

Social security benefits are the rightful benefits for any tax-paying American who is in retirement, for disabilities, salary supplemental benefits, and survivors’ benefits. Social security benefits are given to people who are perceived as those who are not able to sustain themselves. Also, those who could constitute a nuisance to society if not taken care of. The quick and short answer to how long it takes to get approval when you have applied for social security benefits is six (6) weeks. This is essentially 30 working days. It is important to note, however, that this time frame is only applicable for the retirement benefits and probably when everything is in order on your application. Other forms of social security benefits may take over 90 days to get approved.

Getting Approval for Social Security Benefits How Long Does It Take?

To get more information on social security benefits and the intricacies of it, keep reading this article to find out.

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Who can apply for social security benefit?

There are four main types of social security benefits and each applies to different categories of people.

  1. Retirement benefits. You can begin enjoying being paid social security benefits by the government as soon as you clock 62. What this means is that you can start the application for the social security benefits some three months before clocking 62. This way, since the earliest possible time to get approved is about six weeks, you can begin to enjoy the benefits as soon as possible.
  2. Supplemental Security Income benefits (SSI). This benefit is given to people who do not make enough money from whatever job they are doing to sustain themselves. As earlier mentioned, the purpose of paying social security benefits to people is so that they do not end up constituting a nuisance to society. The set of people eligible for this is not necessarily of working age but people older than 65, as well as children and adults with disabilities. The amount you get would depend on where you live and your past work history.
  3. Disability benefits. Persons with disabilities that prevent them from working to full capacity are eligible for social security benefits. The amount you are likely paid would depend on your salary before disability and your age. You must also have worked for a certain period before you can be eligible to apply for the Social Security for Disability Insurance (SSDI).
  4. Survivors’ benefits. You can be eligible for this benefit if you are a survivor of a deceased retiree or worker. The amount due you will depend on the age of the retiree or worker before death, their salary, your age, and your relationship to the deceased. This is a one-time payment benefit and not a monthly benefit like the others.

What can I do to fast-track the approval of my social security benefit?

You need to know that the speed of approval of your social security benefits application depends on the accuracy of the information you provided and the amount of application received by the SSA at the time of application.

You should therefore be aware that social security benefits are only given to people who have met certain criteria as set out by the Social Security Administration (SSA). Here are some pieces of information that you should be aware of before you start your application. These could ensure that your application goes smoothly and gets approved in time.

  1. Your birth certificate (to ascertain your age),
  2. Your National Insurance number,
  3. Your W-2 form (for the self-employed) and tax returns evidence,
  4. Proof of citizenship or lawful alien status (for those not born in the US), and
  5. A copy of US service papers (for military personnel).

When you have any of the above-mentioned documents handy (as applicable) and attached to your application, be rest assured to get your benefits in time. You must also ensure that you have filled out your application accurately.


You can increase the amount you get in social security benefits when you know the ones applicable to you and how you qualify for them. Sometimes, your children or spouse could also be eligible to benefit as well without necessarily hurting your benefits.


1.       When can I apply for retirement benefits?

The common consensus is to apply when you are about to clock 62 years, which is the earliest possible time to get it. This is because waiting till you are 67 years, which is the official retirement age, may not be advisable since no one is guaranteed to live that long. To get paid as much as possible, early application is advised.

2.       Why is the approval of my social security benefits taking so long?

There are two reasons why your application could be getting delayed: you have entered some wrong information or the number of applications received by the SSA at your time of application is large. In the first case, you will be required to make the necessary changes while the second case just needs you to be patient till they get to your application.

Getting Approval for Social Security Benefits: How Long Does It Take?

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