Golden 1 Routing Number – Know More

Transferring money electronically to a person or a company can be done through wire transfers, which can be used for both local and international transactions. You will need to know your routing number in order to set up a direct deposit from your Golden 1 Credit Union account, make a money transfer, or pay a bill using your Golden 1 Credit Union account.

Golden 1 Routing Number - Know More

Golden 1’s routing number for both domestic and international wire transfers is 321175261, and all customers are told to use this number for transactions like direct deposits and wire transfers.

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Golden 1 Routing Number

Your bank will provide you with a routing number after passing through specific criteria. The location of the branch where you first created your account is one of the most probable criteria. You will need a routing number if you want to set up a direct deposit, initiate wire transfers, order fresh checks, or send money to someone else. Even if you pack up and move to a different location, the bank will not change your routing number. Even if you change location, the phone number you provided when you created your Golden 1 will continue to be associated with your account.

Your Routing Number: A Quick Guide

You can look for your routing number on a check. The nine numbers that make up the routing number may be found in the bottom left corner of the check. To retrieve your routing number, you can call Golden 1 during the day or night. If you are unclear about which number to use, make sure to find the right one since using the authentic number is responsible for your money getting into the proper address or any other address. If you are at all uncertain about which number to use, you should call Golden 1. If you make a wire transfer mistakenly and input the erroneous routing number, your payment will be refused, and you will receive a refund. The banks will not accept the payment if there are any inconsistencies between the account number, the name, and the routing number. As a result of this, the payment will be refused. It will take a few days for you to receive your refund, and you will not get any of your charges back. If you suspect that you have completed a transaction using the wrong routing number, you should get in touch with the customer service department of your bank.

Depending on the customer’s location or the nature of the transaction, some banks need their customers to provide a unique routing number for each transaction. For instance, when you make a wire transfer, you cannot use the same routing number you use to buy fresh checks or pay a bill online. You will need a different routing number for that. You may verify the required numbers by logging into your online banking account or going to the branch closest to you.

The Golden 1’s Wire Routing Number 

The safest and quickest way to transmit money electronically is through wire transfers. The time to complete a wire transfer ranges from several days to just a few minutes. The banks and credit unions would often use different routing numbers to facilitate the more effective processing of these transactions.

Golden 1 Credit Union does not have an International Bank Account Number and is not a member of the Society Interbank Financial Telecommunication. If you receive an international wire transfer, be sure to give the sender of the money the necessary details. This information has to be forwarded from the organization that is transferring the money to its U.S. correspondent bank so that it may be credited further.

How Do Credit Unions Obtain Routing Numbers?

An RTN (Routing Transit Number) or ABA (American Bankers Association) Routing Number is another name for a routing number. The ABA Registrar of Routing Numbers assigns these numbers to the institutions. Golden 1 bank routing number “32” indicates that it is used for checks, drafts, and electronic transactions of thrift institutions since the first two digits of that set are dedicated to certain financial institutions or uses. Since 1985, these two digits have been phased out, with 01 to 12 taking their place.


Golden 1 account holders can easily find their routing number on a check. This is the routing number, which is the first nine digits in the bottom left corner of the check. This number usually helps in the identification of the sender that handles checks and other negotiable instruments. It is possible that your money may end up somewhere else if you miss one digit in the routing number.

Frequently Asked Questions

1) Does my debit or credit card have a routing number?

No. A routing number is usually mandatory for bank-to-bank transfers and cannot be accessed using a debit or credit card.

2) Are all bank routing numbers nine digits?

Yes, Routing numbers will always be nine digits.

3) Why are there two route numbers?

This occurs due to the merger between two banks. Banks A and B may preserve both route numbers if they combine.

Golden 1 Routing Number – Know More

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