Much Kyrie Irving Worth – Know More

Kyrie Andrew Irving or Kyrie Irving is a 29-year-old American-Australian, professional basketball player. He has been playing in the NBA League since 2011 when he got his first overall pick by the Cleveland Cavaliers (2011-2017) and received the Rookie of the Year award. Later, he won a championship alongside King James. After spending six years with the Cavaliers, he moved to Boston Celtics for two years (2017-2019). After this, he joined forces with the Brooklyn Nets (2019-present) and is currently playing for them, with the jersey number 11, shoulder to shoulder with the power forward, Kevin Durant. Let us know ‘Much Kyrie Irving Worth’.

Much Kyrie Irving Worth

Much Kyrie Irving Worth 

With 11 years of being a seasoned player in the NBA, he has managed to accomplish a whopping net worth of $90 million in 2022. kyrie irving net worth increased by $10 million since 2021 which previously stood at $80 million. Along with this fortune, he has an average contract-based annual salary recording at $35 million. Not only this, but in 2019 he signed a contract with the Brooklyn Nets amounting to $141 million, for four years. While previously in 2014, with the Cavaliers, he signed a contract for $94 million, for five years. This is just the salary that contributes to his net worth. Other factors include endorsements, property and housing, and other assets.

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Contributing Factors to Kyrie’s $90 Million Net Worth 

  1. Professional Career – Contractual Salary 

With the first-draft pick by the Cleveland Cavaliers, he kick-started his NBA career and won a Rookie of the Year award in 2011. However, in the next season, he got injured his hand, which led him to undergo surgery. Despite this, he came back, with a burst of his true power and proclaimed his strength against the New York Knicks, by scoring 41 points. This achievement directed him toward the All-Star Team where he managed to secure a spot through his phenomenal performance. This guaranteed an extension in his contract from his team.

Not only this, but he also performed remarkably against the Golden State Warriors in the NBA 2015-2016 season. For the USA Basketball Team competing in Summer Olympics, he won a gold medal for the team.

His increasing fame led to other teams sending him whopping offers. In 2017, he was traded with the Boston Celtics and signed an approximate $136.5 million contract deal for four years. His career with the Celtics flourished and served as a landmark in the basketball realm. An exemplary performance against the Los Angeles Lakers was presented by him. The audience stood to watch his performance and the opposing team even complimented his mesmerizing defending and layups – “The Ankletaker” nickname was given to him after this.

Later he joined the Brooklyn Nets with the highest contract signing of his career with $141 million.

  1. Endorsements

The majority of Kyrie’s earnings come from his endorsements, sponsorship brand deals, and television appearances. He has signed a shoe deal with Nike approximately amounting to $11 million. His signature shoes are one of the best sellers at Nike. He has got his own widely known line of basketball shoes and sports gear. 

Other than this, he endorses other well-known brands such as Skullcandy, Pepsi, 2K Sports, Panini, etc. 

He appeared on the cover of NBA 2K18 and starred in the film, ‘Uncle Drew’. Also, he made a guest appearance on Kickin It aired on Disney as well.

These all combined bring him an earning, a total of $17 million.

  1. Assets

Kyrie has put up for sale his massive villa in Cleveland with a worth of $1.69 million. It has dimensions of 5500 square-foot, with everything ranging from bedrooms, and bathrooms to a theatre, game room, in-house gym, and a bar.

Being a die-hard car enthusiast, he owns a massive car collection that ranges from Jeep Wrangler, Audi R8, and Ferrari 458 Italia to Lamborghini Aventador and Aventador Roadster RS. His spending on cars exceeds over $2 million.

Kyrie’s Journey before NBA

Kyrie’s father himself was a basketball player who played in the Australian Professional Basketball League. This helped him to gain an inside perspective and allowed him to polish his skills.

Ever since childhood, Irving had a steadfast belief in his basketball skills and that he would join the NBA in the future. He improved his skills along the way in his professional career. Before his fame, he showed excellent performance in his high school years and marked a spot on the Junior National Basketball team. Later, he participated in the American Under-18 Championship of FIBA. He earned a gold medal and even secured a scholarship at Boston University.


Kyrie’s hard work and perseverance in basketball are what made him one of the top ball handlers in the NBA League. This can be seen in his increasing net worth as his career progresses further at a lightning speed. He is such an inspiration to all of the people around the world who are interested in the field he is in, or want to be someone like him having a passion since childhood. 

Much Kyrie Irving Worth – Know More

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