Pay Discount tire Credit Card payment

A credit card is a handy payment tool to have, especially in situations where you need to buy something but don’t have the cash on hand or your debit card. Normally credit cards are used for a range of purchases not limited to groceries and clothes. However, these cards come with certain monthly costs that need to be repaid. A discount tire credit card is no different. Here we will see about Pay Discount tire Credit Card payment

The discount tire credit card is not like an ordinary credit card that can be used to purchase anything. This credit card can only be used for purchases that are car related. If you put a lot of money into your car and take care of it then the Discount tire credit card is a good addition to make to your wallet.

This means that the card can only be used for payments at specific places. These places include repair garages and gas stations. Like other credit cards, the Discount tire credit card also has monthly repayments that a user must make for using the card. If you have or want a discount tire credit card, you need to know how to pay on time so that you aren’t charged late fees.

There are multiple ways to pay payment on your Discount tire credit card, these include, automatic payments, paying using your phone, by mail, or online. The available payment methods are designed to make it easier for discount tire card users to make their monthly payments for using the card. These credit cards are offered by Synchrony Financial bank. The credit card is a way for those that shop regularly at Discount Tire stores to receive financing for one year on large buys free of interest. There is a 29.99% APR charge, this charge will only be charged to those users who fail to pay their bills on time.

Pay Discount tire Credit Card payment

How to pay a Discount tire credit card payment

Auto Pay- One of the many payment options available to Discount tire credit card users is the automatic payment option. This method allows users of the credit card service to simply link one of their other accounts to their Discount tire credit card account so that each month the amount owed is automatically deducted from the connected account’s balance. 

This method of payment is convenient because users don’t need to remember the exact date to make the payments beca. After all, monthly payments are automated. This is a good way for Discount tire credit card users to not be penalized with late fees. However, users need to always ensure that the connected account has the necessary funds available for the automated payment to be processed successfully.

Online Discount tire Payments-

Because the Discount tire credit cards are supplied by Synchrony Bank. Users can sign in to their Synchrony Bank account on the bank’s online platform. That platform allows users to make online payments on their Discount tire credit card. The process for making the payment is hassle-free. All users need to do, is sign in and then hit the button labeled ‘Make Payment.’

Paying Discount credit card through the mail-

To make your monthly Discount credit card payment through the mail, you can send a money order or a check to make the payment. This method is most preferred by those who would rather not do business online. To do this successfully, send your payment to the following address: 

Synchrony Financial 

P.O. Box 960061

Orlando, FL 32896-0061

Pay Discount credit card on your phone-

Users can pay their Discount credit card over the phone by making a simple phone call. This method, however, comes with an additional cost to the user. To successfully process the payment for your Discount credit card, over the phone, you will need to dial the following number: 877-295-2080. As an alternative, you can also dial the number that’s on the back of your discount tire credit card.

What happens when you miss a payment-

If you don’t make the payments on time, you will be charged late fees. The late fees that you’ll be charged normally range between $27 & $38. If you don’t want to be charged with any late fees, then it’s your responsibility to make sure that you have paid to make your minimum payment before the date that the payment is due. 

The late fee is not the only thing you need to worry about, if you are late there is a possibility that your APR will increase to about 29.99% as a way to serve you with an APR penalty.


If you spend a lot on gas or your vehicle then a Discount tires credit card is a good thing to have. The card can be used on anything from gas to car parts at the selected stores that accept it. Across the US the discount tires card is accepted at 200,000 auto repair stores and gas stations.

Pay Discount tire Credit Card payment

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