Roku vs. Netflix- Know More About It

So, you are confused about which streaming service is better, and you want to choose between Netflix and Roku. You know about the demand for Netflix, but do you know that the streaming service Roku is so famous nowadays? Anthony Wood founded the most popular streaming service, Roku. Before inventing the most famous streaming service Roku, Anthony Wood worked with the industry of Netflix. This article will give you a deep illustration of both Netflix and Roku, and it will help you to choose between Netflix and Roku.Let us know more about Roku vs. Netflix.

Roku vs. Netflix

About Netflix:

Netflix can be found anywhere. You can stream Netflix on your phone, laptop, or TV. When Netflix was started in 1997, it gave the service of online DVD. Blockbuster is the major competition of Netflix and not Amazon. In the year 2000, Blockbuster gave an offer to the industry of Netflix to buy Netflix. 

In the year 2007, Netflix’s online service was very much in demand and Netflix had supplied the billionth DVD. Earlier, Netflix had 1,000 shows but now in the US, Netflix had 1,000 TV shows and over 4,000 films streaming on its platform. In 190 countries, Netflix had gained subscribers of 180 million. 

About Roku:

Roku has taken birth from the project of Netflix. In the year 2007, Netflix started working in a set-top box and Netflix started to stream on TVs. But later the industry of Netflix thought that this business is very risky as it will put down the investors of the future. So, they decided to end this plan. 

Anthony Wood, the founder of Roku who worked on the platform of Netflix decided to launch the Roku TV in the industry. Roku TV set-top box was affordable to buy and Roku always comes with new channels. Roku’s demand has increased each year as Roku provides a subscription to Amazon, Netflix, and Apple TV. The platform Roku provides 4,000 free channels. 

Plans of Netflix:

The plans of Netflix vary from basic to premium. Netflix can be streamed anywhere such as on your phone, Tv, tablet, etc. 

The basic to premium plans of Netflix are as follows:

  1. $8.99 (Basic Plan): This plan will help you to stream on a single screen. This basic plan is free for one month.
  2. $12.99 (Standard Plan): This plan will help you to stream on two screens. It will allow you to watch the series and movies in HD.
  3. $15.99 (Premium Plan): This plan will help you to stream on four screens and you will get the opportunity to watch the series and movies in ultra-HD.

Plans for Roku:

In Roku, you have to pay only for the streaming device and the free channels will remain free, those channels don’t need a subscription.

The basic to premium plans of Roku is as follows:

  1. $29.99 (The Roku Express): After buying the Roku express, you can get all the channels for free with an HDMI cable and a remote.
  2. $39.99 (The Roku Premiere): After buying the Roku premiere, you can get all the channels with a cable of HDMI, and a remote and you will be able to enjoy the series and movies in 4k, HD.
  3. $84 (The Roku Premiere+): The Roku Premiere+ is the same as the Roku Premiere. In Roku Premiere+ you will get advanced wireless connections with an advanced TV remote.

Advantages and disadvantages of Netflix:

The advantages of Netflix are as follows:

  1. Netflix has no ads: There are no ads on Netflix. Without any interruption, you can watch your favorite movies and series.
  1. Netflix provides multiple plans of membership: Netflix provides multiple plans of membership. Netflix knows that everybody can’t buy the standard or premium plans which is why Netflix also provided basic plans. If your budget is low then the basic plans are much more suitable for you.

 If you want to give your Netflix account to your friends and family, you can buy the premium plan. The premium plan will help you to stream Netflix on four screens.

The disadvantages of Netflix are as follows:

  1. Content library differs: According to the location, the content library of Netflix varies. Netflix provides you the facility to read an article or news about your favorite series and movies, but it is only available for subscribers.
  1. Brand Cap: While using Netflix, if you do not have unlimited internet on your phone, or tablet, you will find that the streaming service has used all your limited data.

Advantages and disadvantages of Roku:

The advantages of Roku are as follows:’

  1. Roku Channel is free: To open an account on Roku is free of cost. The Roku channel is also free. The contents on the Roku channel are also free.
  1. Multiple contents: In the Roku channel you will get multiple contents. From series to tv shows and various cartoon programs for children you will get everything on the Roku channel.

The disadvantages of Roku are as follows:

  1. Free content is limited: In the Roku channel, free content is available for a limited time. You will get some free content but you will miss the popular content.
  2. Free content is outdated: In the Roku channel, the contents are very old. It does not show new content like Netflix.


From the above article, you will get all the information about which streaming service is much suitable for you. Netflix can be found everywhere whereas Roku provides you with multiple contents which you can enjoy. Roku’s plans are cheaper than Netflix’s.People can afford Roku in comparison to Netflix.

  • What are the channels available on Roku?

Ans: The channels which are available on Roku are: Disney plus, Hulu, Netflix, Tubi, etc.

  • What are the free channels on Roku?

Ans: The free channels available on Roku are: Roku’s channel, Tubi, Xumo, etc.

  • What does Netflix include?

Ans: Netflix includes tv shows, movies, series, Netflix originals, etc.

Roku vs. Netflix- Know More About It

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