Routing Number for Wells Fargo in Oregon

The nine-digit ABA or check routing number is used to identify a specific financial Organization when a payment is made. Your Wells Fargo bank account’s routing number is based on the branch where your account is created. The numbers fluctuate depending on where you started your account, the kind of account, and the transaction you are conducting. 123006800 is the Wells Fargo routing number in Oregon. The ACH routing number in Oregon is the same. Your bank routing number may be necessary to set up a direct deposit, purchase fresh checks, and send money to friends and relatives. 121000248 is the Wells Fargo routing number for wire transfers. WFBIUS6S is the SWIFT code for wire transactions outside the United States.

Routing Number for Wells Fargo in Oregon

Oregon Wells Fargo Routing Number

Oregon is used to transfer money from an Oregon Wells Fargo account. Finding your Oregon Wells Fargo routing number will be cheaper and faster to transfer money overseas. So, before you make or get money transfers, you must have your Oregon account’s Wells Fargo routing number.

It is also critical to check that your Oregon account’s Wells Fargo routing number is proper and safe to use in all possible ways and for all types of transactions.

Where to Look for Your Wells Fargo Bank’s Routing Number in Oregon

You may use Oregon’s Wells Fargo Routing Number to send and receive mo. (1230068800). The routing number will determine where your Wells Fargo account is created. The Oregon Wells Fargo routing number informs banking institutions where you should handle a transaction.

The number in Oregon will change depending on the account type. You will need the specific transaction or account number if you want to do a domestic wire transfer from your Oregon Wells Fargo Routing Number. Aside from that, you should be aware that the Wells Fargo Routing number Oregon is a nine-digit number that identifies the place where your account is started. 

It would help if you had your full Wells Fargo Routing Number in Oregon to make a financial transaction. Wells Fargo Routing Numbers Oregon may be located on a check, online bank statement, or by calling the bank. 

Finding Your Routing Number in Oregon 

Routing numbers for Wells Fargo accounts may be retrieved from several sources, including monthly statements, the bottom left corner of checks, and the bank’s customer service department and website. Contacting the official Federal Reserve website may also have your routing number.

Methods for Locating the Correct Routing Number

Make Use of a Check

It’s possible to find your bank’s routing number at the bottom of a check if you have a checkbook. It’ll be a nine-digit number. You will see your account number on the right (this number can be between 7 and 16 digits).

Send a Message to Wells Fargo

Their toll-free customer service line is active around the clock, ready to take your call at 1-800-869-3557. For international calls, most states provide a toll-free number reachable to customers.

Use the following numbers for Mexico:

Account number: 001-800-8693557, 001-800-2255935 (business account), 001-800-9564442 for online client support. 

Fed wire

You may always search for your routing number on the Federal Reserve’s website.

Using the Wells Fargo Mobile App

If you want to double-check that you’re using the right routing number, use the Wells Fargo app:

Sign up

Select “Account.”

Select “Show more detail.”

“Routing numbers” will be shown.

The routing number is now shown when making a domestic electronic payment or domestic wire transfer.

Type Number/Code

121000248 Domestic Wire Transfer



A variety of variables determines your routing number. One of the most crucial concerns is where you first establish your account. Accounts created in Oregon will thus have the routing number 123006800. The number is necessary to set up direct deposit, conduct wire transfers, order fresh checks, and transfer money to someone.

Routing numbers may be perplexing for people who are unfamiliar with their banks or banking. It is primarily true if you have an account with a large bank like Wells Fargo, which employs several routing numbers based on several circumstances. The good news is that you can learn everything about routing numbers, your Wells Fargo routing number, and where to get it on your check or online.


1. Does Every Wells Fargo Bank Use the Same Routing Number?

The routing number for all Wells Fargo institutions is not the same. Depending on where you started your account, your routing number will differ. There will be no difference in the Oregon routing numbers from one Wells Fargo bank’s location in one city to another. Your routing number will change if you create a Wells Fargo account in another state.

2. How Many Digits Does an Oregon Wells Fargo Routing Numbers Have?

Nine digits, a 123006800 routing number will be assigned to every Oregon bank account opened. Please get in touch with the bank directly if you are unclear if your nine-digit Wells Fargo routing number is correct. 

Routing Number for Wells Fargo in Oregon

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