Score Great Costco Deals Paying Membership Fee

Costco offers many quality products at good prices, but only if you have a membership can you enjoy many of those deals. Paying a minimum of $60 might not be ideal, especially if you don’t have a Costco location nearby. Does this mean you can’t benefit from Costco’s great prices? No, It doesn’t. Let us know about ‘Score Great Costco Deals Paying Membership Fee’.

Score Great Costco Deals Paying Membership Fee

There are many ways for you to enjoy the great prices Costco offers without paying the membership fee. You can get your eyes checked, use the pharmacy, shop online, and if you still want to enjoy the perks of having a membership, you can shop with a member.

Get Your Eyes Examined At An Affordable Price

Most Costco locations have an optical center. Without needing a membership, you can make an appointment and get your eyesight checked at a low cost. But you can only fill a prescription for contact lenses and glasses if you are a member. For the best price, you can call to compare the prices of other optical clinics close to you.

Shop Online is available to all shoppers. Non-members can shop online at and have their purchases delivered to them. But if you don’t have a membership, you’ll face a 5% surcharge on items you buy, except prescription drugs. There are some items labeled as “members only” at Only current members can purchase them. If you want to purchase items that cost up to $1,200, you might as well pay for the basic membership and avoid the 5% surcharge.

Use The Pharmacy

You don’t need a membership to fill a prescription. This way, you can enjoy the great deals at Costco’s pharmacies. Just let the door attendant know that you are picking up a prescription, and you’ll be able to get in without a membership. If you frequently get prescription drugs, consider getting a membership. Costco offers discounts on medications to its members. Discounts can be as high as 40%.

Buy Food From The Food Court

Non-members can buy an affordable meal at the Costco food court. You can get food at the food court indoors and outdoor. Non-members have to pay in cash at the outdoor food courts and the Costco Cafe. Options at the food courts are limited to pizza, soda, hotdogs, frozen yogurt, sundae, and rotisserie chicken. It’s not a good choice if you are looking to eat healthily.

Buy Alcohol

You don’t need a Costco membership to purchase spirits, beer, or wine. Non-members can enjoy one of Costco’s best deals, which is the quality wine it sells at a very affordable price. Before going to buy alcohol, you should note that some states, like California, prohibit the sale of alcohol through membership. According to a customer service rep at Costco, if a Costco location allows you to buy alcohol without a membership, you might have to buy alcohol at the membership desk instead of the checkout.

Shop With A Member

This method is one way to bypass the need for a membership. If you know someone, maybe a friend, with a Costco membership, you can make your purchases together. You can enjoy the great deals that come with a membership, and in the end, you can split the bill and pay for your purchase. As an alternative to tagging along always, you can ask your friend to get you a Costco Shop Card. With one, you can buy all items at Costco without a membership.

What Forms Of Payment Does Costco Accept?

All these tips are useless if you select your purchases but cannot pay. Before you shop at Costco, note the payment methods accepted at Costco. You can’t pay with a MasterCard, American Express, or Discover credit card. Costco locations only accept debit cards, check, cash, Visa credit card, and Costco Shop Cards.

What Type Of Membership Does Costco Offer?

You should know the available membership types if you ever consider getting a Costco membership. Costco has the Business Membership and the Gold Membership. Both cost $60 per year, but Business Membership is more suitable for people that purchase for resale. Costco also has Executive Membership, which costs $120 per year.


If you decide that you don’t need the membership, you can employ the methods listed above to enjoy good deals at Costco. You may not enjoy the full benefits of a member, but you can enjoy your fair deal of savings from Costco’s affordable prices. Saving on food, prescription, and household supplies is always welcomed. Finally we discussed about ‘Score Great Costco Deals Paying Membership Fee’.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Can you use a Cost Card without the member?

No, you can not. Costco membership cash cards are exclusive to their owners. But members are allowed to bring a maximum of two people when shopping. Note that only members can make the purchases.

  • Are there deals on Costco Membership?

No, there aren’t. You won’t get a discounted or free membership from Costco.

  • How can one get a Costco Shop Card?

Only members can buy a Costco Shop Card. If you aren’t a member, you can give money to someone who is to help you get it.

Score Great Costco Deals Paying Membership Fee

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