Social Security How To Boost Your Benefit By $800?

After the age of retirement, individuals make use of social security benefits backed by the government to make ends meet. These benefits are accumulated over the years as the employee pays taxes on their income during working years. Let us know ‘Social Security How To Boost Your Benefit By $800?’.

Social Security How To Boost Your Benefit By $800?

Social Security How To Boost Your Benefit By $800?

There are certain strategies that retirees can use to increase their social security payouts, by 800 USD. On average, the social security benefit amounts to 1,500 USD which can be increased by certain strategies, such as waiting for the entitlement of these benefits by a few years rather than right away at the age of 62. It can also be increased by avoiding taxation on the social security income, demanding a higher amount of survivor benefits on behalf of the deceased spouse, and by being officially employed for 35 years straight even during the non-working years. 

The reason behind retirees looking to increase their social security benefits is inflation, which has raised the prices of everyday items. 

Delayed entitlement to social security benefits

This is one of the sure-shot ways to boost the benefit, by 800 USD or even more. The following explains how it works:

  • Social security benefits can be accrued from the age of 62 to 70 years.
  • The earlier these benefits are applied; the lesser will be the total amount.
  • Thus, it is important to wait a few years (up to 70) to add extra bucks to social security payments, which can almost double the amount per month. 
  • The benefits are increased by 8 percent for every year you delay requesting them, for example, requesting at the age of 67 will increase them by 24 percent. 
  • Thus, opting for social security benefits at the age of 70 by this calculation will total up to 1,888 USD, which is a difference of 800 USD. 

Other ways to increase social security benefits

Working for 35 years
  • The administrators calculate the total social security amount using 35 years of employment history. If you do not have 35 years of employment, zeroes are put in place of the non-working years during the calculations. 
  • Thus, to ascertain a higher amount of social security, working years must be at least 35 years to avoid zeroes in calculations by the administrators. 
Spouses’ social security

Benefits of the spouse can also be collected, which might help increase the payout of social security. But this has certain conditions:

  • Spouse collecting these must be of 62 years minimum
  • The spouse collecting these does not have an employment history of themselves to be eligible.
  • The individual has a child to look after.
  • The spouse’s benefits will be 50 percent of the total amount. 
  • The delay in entitlement will not be subjected to any increase. 
  • If the marriage lasted for at least 10 years, then the divorced spouse is entitled to the benefits. 
Survivor of the two

If one of the spouses expires, the surviving spouse is entitled to the social security benefits of either their own or of the deceased, depending on whichever is the higher total. 

Taxation on social security

If the income registered provisionally is between 2,500 USD and 3,400 USD, then the social security amount is taxable. Thus, the trick is to somehow file it below 2,500 USD. This can be done by:

  • Showing lesser business income.
  • Transfer assets that produce income into the IRA account.
  • Withhold drawing money from IRA account for some time.
Report work
  • Ascertain that all your employment records are reported and reach the administration, since they count in everything the calculate the social security amount. 
  • For this purpose, social security account must be created to keep track of all the work reported by using statements and checking if they are in line with the income/taxes. 
Earnings advantage after retirement
  • If the individual signs up for social security before the age of 62, then their earnings are reduced to some extent. 
  • For every 2 USD, 1 USD is a penalty with earnings of 19,560 USD.
  • It is important to sign up after reaching retirement age, as the limit jumps to 51,960 USD. 
Family benefits

Social security benefits can be increased by almost 50 percent if family members are reported. Although, the maximum increase sought under family can be 150-180 percent.

The conditions are:

  • Individual must have a child under 19 years in their care.
  • Children must be unmarried.
  • The child needs to be supported through high school.
  • The child is disabled.


With the rising inflation, retirees seek their social security payments since they last for life as backed by the government. It is important to be aware of how to increase them with certain tips and tricks that may be used to cushion any effects of inflation on their daily expenditures. Individuals can consult with attorneys specializing in social security and old age benefits for more details. 


  1. Is there any way to undo claiming social security benefits too early?

Yes, you can simply opt for the “Do-Over” option by paying back the amount you received first, and then starting fresh as you qualify for social security benefits again.

  1. What is the maximum benefit in 2022?

4,194 USD.

Social Security How To Boost Your Benefit By $800?

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