How to use Debit Card without Pin Number?

Millions of people are using debit cards around the world. Every person carries a debit card while going to the office or in the market for shopping. Online transactions can be carried out with its assistance. You can easily withdraw money from any ATM while using a debit card. Your debit card is directly linked with your bank account, with the help of which you can easily withdraw money whenever you want from an ATM by entering your PIN. When you get the debit card for the first time, you have to generate a pin, and for that, you have to enter the registered mobile number and account number. In this way, OTP comes to your registered mobile number, and then you have to enter OTP by inserting the card into the ATM. A new pin code for your ATM card will be generated. Since the debit card’s introduction in 1966, its use has been common among millions of people. As you know, all the company’s employees withdraw their salaries through debit cards. Salary is given through a check only in some organizations. Therefore, a debit card becomes necessary in day-to-day life. Let’s know more about how to use a debit card without a pin number.

use Debit Card without Pin Number

 When can you purchase without a pin?

As you already know, when your bank provides you with a debit card, it also provides a PIN, which is a Personal Identification Number that is used for withdrawing cash using your debit card at Automated Teller Machines (ATM). You can purchase products using a debit card at point-of-sale terminals where there is no need for a PIN. The Point of Sale Terminal checked all the information on your cards and the balance in your bank account. When you make payments for products, your funds will automatically transfer from your bank account to the seller’s account. It only records the transactions and prints the receipt. At the POs terminal, you have the authority to use a credit card or debit card. When you sign on for a purchase, you can use your debit card as a credit card.

When you go to the shopping mall and purchase products for less than $25, you can get an exemption from using the PIN. The card has been swiped through the POS terminal. You will get a copy of the receipt. But the problem is that nobody knows who is performing the transactions. There is no evidence of which person is performing the transactions. You also have the authority to purchase products online using a debit card where a PIN is not required. But the vendor records the card number and the three-digit customer verification number that is listed on the signature panel on the back of your card.

Signature-based debit card 

A signature-based debit card is a type of card that can be processed over the phone or online. There is no PIN required in signature-based debit card transactions. The transactions on signature-based debit cards are processed in two or three days. The transaction is not processed immediately. The amount deducted from a cardholder’s checking account is within two or three days after the purchase. 

But in pin-based transactions, they are processed immediately. The main disadvantage of a signature-based debit card is that it does not allow you to receive cash back whenever you make a purchase at a retail outlet. With a signature-based debit card, there is a higher possibility of fraud because many retailers do not ask for identification whenever you sign for the purchase of products.

When can customers use chip and Pin and chip- and – signature?

Customers can use Chip and PIN when they use a debit card in the U.S. and use Chip-and-Signature when they use a credit card in the U.S. But the facility is given to the customer where he can use a debit card without a pin using the credit option and operate it as a credit card when purchasing at a store or online. When any customer uses a debit card as a credit card, then their debit card will automatically switch from Chip-and-PIN and signature to Chip-and-Visitor to verify the customer’s transactions. But when a customer purchases a product through point-of-sale, a signature is not supported. The transaction only occurs if it is a credit card.


Debit cards are widely used by millions of people around the world because through them all online transactions can be done and cash can be withdrawn easily from an ATM through a debit card.

Frequently Asked Questions 

Q.1: Why are people taking an interest in credit cards?

People are taking an interest in credit cards because they provide the facility of cash back when they purchase a certain number of products. Whenever they use a credit card, they will get a 1% purchase rebate in the form of cashback. But some cards can allow 2%, 3%, or even 5% cash back on selected purchases, though such an offer involves quarterly. Moreover, rewards points are also given to credit card holders whenever customers make payments for restaurants, groceries, or gas. 

Q.2: Why does a debit card have an advantage over a credit card?

A debit card has many advantages over a credit card, though credit cards provide more facilities than a debit card. There is no possibility of debt when you are using a debit card. Using credit cards means customers use the money of the bank. He has to repay the money to the bank with interest. When he can’t pay it back then debt occurs. But in the case of the debit card, he will not perform his task because he has his own money. He is purchasing the product with the help of his own money. 

Q.3: Is a debit card required for net banking? 

Internet banking assists you in doing financial transactions easily, but you must have an internet connection. When registering for internet banking, you should provide the details of your debit card or ATM card. It secures your transactions. This procedure was introduced to stop false transactions. 

Q.4: Why are customers required to maintain a minimum balance in their private bank?

The bank suggests the customer maintain a minimum balance to avoid the penalty and assist the customer in maintaining a better interest rate. It is also helpful for the bank because the minimum balance of the customer’s bank account covers the cost of operations.

How to use Debit Card without Pin Number?

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