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Harmony remote is a universal remote that helps control home theaters and smart home devices. The remote is usually perfectly designed and user-friendly. You can use it effortlessly to control your devices once you’ve mastered how it operates. Let us know about “Harmony Remote Not Controlling Directv”

Harmony Remote Not Controlling Directv

At times controlling Directv using the Harmony remote may be a nightmare since things may not work as you are used to. Harmony remote not controlling Directv may result from not setting up your receiver correctly or not programming your Directv into the remote, among other reasons. However, whenever you experience an issue with your Harmony remote not controlling Directv, don’t panic. The solutions listed below will help solve your issue.

Reasons Why Harmony Remote Is Not Controlling Directv

There are a couple of reasons your Harmony remote is not controlling Directv. For instance, if the Harmony Hub is set on IR mode and the Directv is set on RF mode, the two won’t work together as they are supposed to. That said, other reasons are as mentioned below:

The Firmware Is Outdated

One reason the Harmony remote may not control Directv is if the remote’s firmware is outdated. If the firmware is outdated, it simply means the remote has no latest features and has no security patches or bug fixes to make it work properly. Therefore ensure the remote’s firmware is updated for proper functionality.

The Harmony Remote Is Not Synced

For the Harmony remote to work perfectly with Directv, it must automatically be synced to the Harmony Cloud. If you make changes to the remote, ensure you sync it to avoid experiencing issues later. If you realize you have not synced your Harmony remote, try to sync it to the Harmony Cloud manually for it to control Directv.

The Harmony Remote And Directv Are Not Programmed For Each Other

If the Harmony remote and your Directv are not set up for each other, the remote will not control Directv. That’s so obvious. Therefore, you will need to get the control and brand codes to resolve the issue at hand.

Steps To Fix Harmony Remote Not Controlling Directv

It is one thing to figure out the cause of the issue, but it’s another to fix it. Once you have identified the main reason why Harmony remote is not controlling Directv, there are several solutions you can use to fix the problem immediately. The steps below will come in handy whenever you want to solve the issue:

  1. Programme Your Directv To Your Harmony Remote

Your Directv and your Harmony Remote must be set for each other to work perfectly. If the devices are not set up together, they will not work. Ensure you program your Directv to your Harmony remote by doing the following:

  • Connect to the Hub after launching the Harmony App.
  • Go to Menu, then proceed to Harmony Setup.
  • Choose the Add or Edit Devices and Activities option.
  • Select Devices, then select Add devices.
  • Scan to detect available devices, then add your Directv.
  1. Try To Sync Your Harmony Remote Settings Over Your WiFi

Syncing your Harmony remote might be the only solution to your issue. If the remote is not controlling Directv, try to sync the Harmony Hub-based remote settings over your WiFi. This step requires you to make configurations from your Harmony app or your remote. Once you have made the configurations, changes are synced automatically to the Harmony Cloud. To carry out this step, do the following:

Syncing The Changes Using the Harmony App

  • On the Harmony App, find the Menu.
  • On the Menu, navigate the Harmony Set Up option, then tap it.
  • Select the Sync option. The changes will be immediately synced.

 Syncing The Changes Using The Remote

  • On the remote, find the Menu.
  • On the Menu, tap the Settings option.
  • Choose Sync Remote from the options given. The changes made will be outright synced.
  1. Update The Remote’s Firmware If It’s Outdated

Is your Harmony remote’s firmware outdated? If the firmware is outdated, that might be the cause of the issue. You have to check if the current version of your Harmony remote is up to date. If it is not, you have to update the version for the Harmony remote to control Directv. Here is how you can update the current version of your remote’s firmware:

  • Ensure you launch the Harmony App.
  • Log in to your Harmony account.
  • Select your Remote; Harmony remote.
  • Tap on the Sync icon as provided on the page.
  • Give your remote ample time to finish updating.
  1. Try Resetting Your Harmony Remote

Sometimes your remote may stop working due to glitches or bugs that can be fixed in a blink of an eye. A simple reset may be what your device needs to start working correctly. Resetting your Harmony remote requires following the simple steps outlined below:

  • On your Remote, press the Off button, then hold it for a while.
  • Give the remote time to turn off, then release the Off button.
  • The remote will immediately reboot, and you can use it to control your Directv.


Fixing your Harmony remote not controlling Directv may be an easy task than you tend to think, but you must follow the outlined steps above. However, if you try all the given solutions to no avail, consider reaching out to the customer support team for help. 

Harmony Remote Not Controlling Directv -Know More

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