National French Fry Day Where To Get Free Fries Today

French fries; are the most loved food item around the globe. Having such a huge demand, people started celebrating French fries’ day on the 13th of July of every year. Restaurants and other fries chains offer free fries to their customer on this day. Some offer discounted offers to their customers depending on the terms and conditions of that place. The whole week has celebrated by offering premium offers on fries. Get exclusive deals and offers on your favorite restaurant by downloading their apps. Throughout the week, free fried potatoes; food without money are worth buying options. Lets see National French Fry Day Where To Get Free Fries Today.

National French Fry Day Where To Get Free Fries Today

The restaurant owner knows the taste and demands of their customers especially if there are kids among their customers. By celebrating this day make the kids eat fries as much as they want without any restriction.

Restaurants celebrating French fries’ day

Restaurants include McDonald’s, Burger King, KFC, Smash Burger, checker’s and Rally’s, and Wendy’s. All of them give different offers on their fries. You can place an order through their phone apps or by visiting the restaurant. 

Customers can get deals and offers if they purchase through mobile apps.

Deals by McDonald’s

McDonald’s is an American-based food chain industry. A multinational company that offers various kinds of burgers along with tasty and tender French fries. They follow a separate strategy to celebrate national fries day.

McDonald’s offers free fries on purchase of $1 minimum on the condition of paying through their app. the three easy steps to get the exciting deals. Open the app, go to the deal tab, and select the free Friday deal. Make the payment through any credit card. Once you check in, your card will be charged. And finally, checked-in to any nearby McDonald’s restaurant and grab the order through the drive-thru or any delivery service. 

Wendy’s Deals on National French Fry Day

Wendy’s restaurant menu has burgers, fries, drinks, and other siders. They praise the national French fry day by giving exciting offers on fries. You will get complimentary fries with a burger if ordering from their mobile app. 

Wendy’s celebrates this day a whole week. Every day has a specific food like burgers, salad, and seasoned potatoes with free medium size fries on mobile app purchase.

KFC exciting offers

KFC is one of the most famous fast-food restaurants. With offering finger-licking burgers and appetizers, they are loved for their soft and salty fries. 

KFC celebrates national French fries day uniquely.

KFC sells its secret fries recipe on national fries day for 30 cents. Moreover, not all the KFC restaurants offer discounts on national fries day except a few. Before ordering any food from KFC, double-check their menu. Download the app and become a part of the getting freebies fries.

Burger king special offer

Burger king is an American-based multinational company. It is a chain of hamburgers fast food. They make French fries day special by selling their secret recipe. Burger king celebrates their big day by giving their special chicken fries. A treat to their customers. Their fries shaped nuggets with an excellent aroma are a sign of celebration and delight. Customers can only get the signature chicken fries if ordered through the mobile app. 

By giving their signature taste and aroma to the customer, Burger king amazed their customers by selling their signature food items.

Checker’s and rally’s

A fast-food industry with a double drive-thru in the United States is a big fast-food chain. They celebrate national French fries day by selling a free medium-sized fry to the customers who sign the petition. 

Smash Burgers deal

Smash burger is an American fast burger business chain. They have a separate insight into making this day special.

Smash burger has introduced their new cheesy caramelized onion smashed burger. A treat to your taste buds. How do they celebrate national French fries day? 

On the order of one of these tasty cheesy caramelized onions smashed burgers, the customer can get free fries. Getting free fries with a new limited edition cheesy caramelized onion burger on the 13th of July is the most appreciated idea of making their customers pleased. Customers will get the deal if order through the mobile app.


Summing up the discussion, every fast-food chain tries its best to make its customers feel delighted on this big day. Some offer their secret recipe, a few offer their signature fries, and others introduce a new flavor in the burger world. It is only to satisfy their customers.

Now before the day is passed and you missed the freebies fries chance, download the apps, set the remainders of the 13th of July, and enjoy the deals and meals. Mobile app feasibility helps the customer to get updated about the deals. Moreover, through the drive-thru or curbing drivers, you will get the meal in a second or any minute of the day.

National French Fry Day Where To Get Free Fries Today

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