Net worths Super Bowl’s richest halftime performers

The Super Bowl is a national football league played once a year by football teams. It is one of the biggest sports leagues in the United States of America and is hugely popular as well. To start off the game every year a very famous and successful singer opens the show by performing, hyping up the audience. Each year a new performer is called. To perform for a show like this is not any less than an honor for the performer. Let us see the Net worths Super Bowl richest halftime performers.

Net worths Super Bowl's richest halftime performers

Super Bowl’s richest halftime performers:

The Super Bowl does not pay any of the performers. All the artists  perform free of charge. Many famous performers have gotten the chance to perform for the Super Bowl. Among all the Super Bowl performers the richest of all time are:

1. Madonna 

2. Micheal Jackson 

3. Beyonce 

4. Jennifer Lopez 

5. Katy Perry 

6. The Weeknd 

7. Shakira 

8. Eminem 

9. Bruno Mars 

10. Maroon 5 

How rich the performers are:

Here is the net worths of the super Bowl richest halftime performers:

1. Madonna:

Madonna is known as the pop sensation and queen of pop in Hollywood. Her total net worth is estimated to be 850 million dollars or from some sources it is also believed to be approx 1.2 billion dollars. She is the richest star to perform in the Super Bowl in the year 2012. Her annual salary is about 75 to 80 million dollars.

2. Michael Jackson:

Michael Jackson had a net worth of 500 to 800 million dollars before his tragic death. The king of pop performed at the super bowl in 2008. His annual earnings were believed to be 100 million which is not the exact amount only estimated. 

3. Beyonce:

Beyonce has performed at the Super Bowl not once but twice, once as a solo artist in 2013 and in 2016 she performed with some other artists such as Coldplay and Bruno Mars. Her net worth is around 400 million dollars and her annual earnings are about 40 to 50 million dollars.

4. Jennifer Lopez:

Popularly known as J.Lo, Jennifer Lopez has a whopping net worth of 400 million dollars. She earns 40 million per year. She performed at the Super Bowl in 2020 alongside Shakira. 

5. Katy Perry:

Katy Perry has a net worth of 350  million dollars. She earns upto 26 million dollars yearly. She performed at the super bowl in 2015. She performed with other artists like Lenny Kravitz and rapper Missy Elliott. She has the record of most watched Super Bowl performance of all time.

6. The Weekend:

The Weeknd performed a solo act at the Super Bowl halftime show in 2021. His current net worth is 300 million dollars and his annual income is approximately 95 million dollars. The Weeknd, despite not getting paid by the NFL, spent millions of dollars of his own money at his Super Bowl performance.

7. Shakira:

Shakira also has a net worth of 300 million dollars. She performed at the Super Bowl with J.Lo in 2020. Her annual income is more than 30 million dollars. This performance is one of the most watched Super Bowl performances of all time.

8. Eminem:

Eminem, known as the richest white rapper in the world, has a net worth of 230 million dollars and annually earns more than 30 million dollars. He performed his super hit song “Lose yourself” at the Super Bowl in 2020 alongside Snoop Dogg, Dr. Dre, 50 cent, Kendrick Lamar and Mary J.Blige.

9. Bruno Mars:

Bruno Mars has a net worth of 175 million dollars. He performed twice at the Super Bowl, in 2014 and in 2016 with Beyonce and Coldplay. His annual income is 40 to 50 million dollars.

10. Maroon 5:

Maroon 5 performed at the super bowl in 2019 with Travis Scott and Big boi. The total net worth of the band is 160 million dollars and the highest net worth of one member of this band is 90 million dollars. Maroon 5 earns upto 9 million dollars per year.


The above listed 10 performers are the richest singers\rappers to perform at the Super Bowl. Though the NFL doesn’t pay any of these artists to perform, the performance and platform alone has its perks and the views from around the world are enough to compensate the artists. Not only these but there are also many other very rich artists who performed at the Super Bowl halftime show and earned the benefits from it, including fame and earnings.  

Frequently Asked Questions:

Here are the answers of a few most frequently asked questions:

1.Which Super Bowl halftime show has the highest viewership of all time?

Ans. The performances of Lady Gaga in 2017 and Katy Perry in 2015 at the Super Bowl earned the highest views of all time. 

2.Does the NFL not pay any of the performers?

Ans. No. None of the artists get paid to perform at the Super Bowl. Although the NFL covers the price of production and other expenses.

3.Which artist is the highest paid super bowl performer?

Ans. The Weekend is the highest paid Super Bowl halftime show performer and net worths approx 17 million dollars.

Net worths Super Bowl’s richest halftime performers

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