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Uncertain about where to start but want to open a brokerage account or IRA? With transactions starting at $7, no required minimum opening deposit for retirement accounts, and more than 460 locations across the country, Scottrade might be the best option for you. ”I want to start investing, but I don’t know where to start,” is one of the most frequent queries people have recently. What steps do I need to take to open a brokerage account or an IRA account? Lets see the review of Scottrade.

Scottrade Review - Know More

The answer is not far-fetched.

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Start investing! 

With a few hundred bucks and an internet connection, technology has completely opened up the world of investment to everyone. 

As a result of this and robust competition among brokerage firms, the minimum requirements to open an account and trading commissions are kept as low as possible to make trading and investment generally easy.

Scottrade over review 

One of the first “discount” stock brokers, Scottrade was established in 1980. Discount stockbrokers were just those well-dressed, quick-talking guys you met at your uncle’s country club who initially charged less per deal than “conventional” stockbrokers. 

Nowadays, every reputable brokerage firm has a website that enables online trading. However, for an additional fee, they can also connect you with a real live broker to help you with your trades and offer investing advice. 

Although they are no longer the cheapest broker, Scottrade offers flat $7 trading costs, which are lower than those of several rivals. Scottrade’s extensive network of physical branch offices that spread out across the United States is another thing that sets it apart from other cheap brokers.

Therefore, users receive “online-only” pricing along with the service of a nearby branch office. You probably won’t need that branch office at first, but it will be quite helpful if you ever need to sell assets from your account or make other modifications. 

Advantages Of Scottrade

Scottrade has the following advantages for investors: 

  • Numerous Branches

The fact that you may visit any of Scottrade’s more than 460 branches nationwide and yet get “online-only” pricing is arguably the best feature that many rival brokers DO NOT provide. Additionally, Scottrade consistently receives top ratings for their first-rate telephone and in-person customer service from organizations like J.D. Power & Associates. 

  • Free real-time quotations and news feeds from Dow Jones 

Scottrade does not often charge more for real-time pricing. 

  • Pricing 

Although not the lowest priced, Scottrade’s $7 trades are $3 less expensive than some other major rivals. Additionally, Scottrade doesn’t charge for account maintenance or inactivity. 

  • Mutual fund selections 

Scottrade provides a staggering array of investment options for all users.

Disadvantages Of Scottrade

  • Not the lowest price on the market 

It’s difficult to find fault with Scottrade’s $7 commissions, but other firms offer cheaper commissions if you’re only interested in low-cost trades. 

  • No automatic reinvestment of stock dividends 

When you receive profits from investments, you should ideally reinvest them (reinvested dividends are like boosting your compounding returns). Very few brokers will do this automatically and without charging you, but the majority, including Scottrade, deliver dividends as cash, necessitating the payment of another trade commission to use dividends to purchase additional shares. (Note that Scottrade does offer free dividend reinvestments on mutual funds. However, this is only applicable to stocks.) 

  • Minimum non-retirement account balance of $2,500 

The minimum to start an account with Scottrade is $2,500, which is higher than most of its rivals who have $500 or even $0 minimums. This applies if you want to register a taxable brokerage account, which means you’ll use it to invest for mid-term goals like buying a home or paying for education.

Scottrade Fees And Commissions

Online stock and ETF trading at Scottrade cost just $7. Alternatively, you can use a broker for $32 per trade or do automated phone trades.

Online stock and ETF trading at Scottrade cost just $7. Alternatively, you can use a broker for $32 per trade or do automated phone trades. 

The costs for some of the more typical transactions at Scottrade are as follows: 

Trading options: $7 plus $1.25 for each contract 

Mutual fund transactions with no load or transaction fees: Free 

Trades in other mutual funds: $17 

Stock trades with broker assistance: $32 

All annual and inactivity fees remain the same at Scottrade.


Scottrade is a fantastic option for investors looking for a mix between service and affordable cost. Although Scottrade isn’t as inexpensive as some other suggested investment accounts, it offers the assurance that a branch staffed by actual people is nearby.

Frequently Asked Questions 

Is Scottrade cost-free? 

Online trading without commissions, platform fees, or transaction minimum fees. This applies to stocks, ETFs, and options listed on US exchanges. A $0.65 per contract fee applies to all online equity trades that involve options trades.

What does Scottrade charge for each trade? 

Trades in stocks cost $6.95 for every transaction, regardless of the number of shares moved. The $6.95 base commission rate will be increased by an additional 5% of the primary value for equities with a value less than $1.

How does Scottrade operate?

Using its unique platforms, Scottrade is one of the online brokers that enable users to conduct investment trading online. They offer straightforward, user-friendly, and functionally basic platforms for all users. 

Scottrade Review – Know More

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