Stash vs Robinhood – Know More

Stash and Robinhood both are finance apps which provide you easy access to the financial market in the most convenient manner. Stash is usually for those investors who are beginners and don’t have any knowledge about the financial market. It helps its investors to achieve their goals. Stash offers various plans to its customers and access to the insurance, market and educational news and EFTs. Robinhood is a private finance app which allows you to trade in the financial market. Robinhood is especially for those investors who have good knowledge about the financial markets. It allows those customers to work and can invest at their own pace. It allows you to access the stocks and options, commodities, cryptocurrencies and cash management as well. Lets see Stash vs Robinhood.

Stash vs Robinhood - Know More

Stash vs Robinhood Features

Stash features

  1. It allows the user to invest in stocks and ETFs.
  2. It provides a portfolio which is managed by financial experts.
  3. Stash provides life, auto and homeowner insurance to its customers through a third party.
  4. It also provides Educational and market news.
  5. It provides Roth and Traditional retirement accounts to its users.
  6. Provide advice to its customers.

Robinhood features

  1. It gives access to the stocks, EFTs, American depository receipts and IPO shares.
  2. Gives 24/7 access to cryptocurrencies.
  3. It provides education to the investors on the investment.
  4. It provides research reports and margin accounts and also charges monthly fees.
  5. It also provides access to the options market and Debit cards with weekly rewards.

Stash vs Robinhood Differences

Both apps are similar in their services but differ due to various reasons:

  1. Offer

Stash offers its services to mostly those who don’t have any knowledge or experience in the market. It provides the simplest way for customers to enter the financial markets and helps them to achieve their wealth whereas Robinhood allows services to those who have high knowledge about the financial market and can enter the market on their own.

  1. Fees

The most important thing which separates these two from each other. Stats charges monthly fees which range from $1 to $9 per month whereas Robinhood does not charge any monthly fees from its customers.

  1. Plans

Stash and Robinhood provide plans which offer them some additional services. So, they can easily approach the financial markets.

Stash provides three plans:

1. Beginner: the premium of this plan is $1 per month. It includes investment accounts, saving tools, personalized advice, life insurance coverage of $1000 and a stock back card.

2. Growth: this plan cost $3 per month. It provides services of the smart portfolio with crypto exposure and also includes services which are of beginner plan.

3. Stash+: It costs $9 per month and includes all the services which the growth plan offers and also provides double rewards on the back cards, monthly  market insight reports and life insurance coverage of $10000

         Robinhood provides only a single plan: 

  1. Robinhood Gold Plan: this plan costs $5 per month and allows access to instant deposits, trade on margin and many more.  
  2. Brokerage

Stash charges $5 for its smart portfolio and $3 per month for the automated investment. It provides various plans also to its customers which costs from $1-$9. Stash will not charge for a simple account.

Robinhood will not charge any brokerage from its users. It also didn’t charge from the Robinhood Gold account. It will also not charges any cost for stock trading and options trading.

  1. Mobile App

Stash offers an app which you can get easily from the play store or app store in Android and iPhone versions. Stash app has 4.7 and 4.1 ratings on the app and play store respectively.

Robinhood provides a user-friendly app which allows investing in stocks, options and crypto as well. The rating it has on play and app store is 4.2 and 3.8 respectively.

Who has to use Stash?

The person who is a beginner in trading and wants to learn how it works and how to invest. It is best for those users who want to design their portfolio with some fractional shares only.

Who has to use Robinhood?

Robinhood is suitable for those mobile users who have their taxable accounts and margin accounts.


Stash and Robinhood both are financial apps which allow their users to do trading in different segments with zero brokerage. They also provide many subscription plans which provide the best offers at the best prices. They provide a customer-friendly mobile app which works in every software and with the best services.

Frequently Asked Questions
  1. Is it safe to share personal information with Financial apps?

If you are using a Financial app, then you have to trust it because they are verified.

  1. Can a Subscription to Stash be cancelled?

Yes, you can cancel the subscription to Stash at any time.

  1. Does Robinhood charge monthly fees?

No, Robinhood will not charge any monthly fees until you subscribed to the plan.

Stash vs Robinhood – Know More

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