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Searching for an apartment via listings in newspapers or potential spots in town can be tiring. Fortunately, a somewhat quicker solution has been introduced, which is through online resources. With hundreds of thousands of websites claiming to provide a quality apartment for rental, this “solution” might be harder than it seems. When looking for an apartment, you don’t just want an apartment; you want one that suits you—the best. Here are the best apartment websites (in no particular order) that ease apartment finding for you:

The best apartment websites

Topping the list is which is an apartment finder website that provides both medium and long-term rentals for apartments and houses.

This site also offers a variety of filters, making it easy to find suitable apartments. Such filters include pet-friendly apartments with air conditioners, washers or dryers, among others.

Although doesn’t have a larger selection of listings (compared to other sites on this list), it provides users willing to save money with bonus resources.

Other offers of this site include valuable insights on market trends through their official blog and moving centre that provides free moving quotes.

Another downside of this website is that it does not deal with purchases of properties or accommodations that are short-term-based.


An obvious problem of apartment sites is that they normally require property owners or agencies to post their property directly. PadMapper solves this issue by gathering and plotting data from major websites like Airbnb, Apartment Guide, ForRent and (formally) Craigslist on a map.

With an in-built drawing tool that allows users to simultaneously search multiple areas of the map and a mapping tool that allows search of apartments with specific points of interest like gas stations, PadMapper provides listings in both Canada and the US.

Since the exclusion of listings from Craigslist, there aren’t ample apartment listings on this site as before.


Zillow is one of the best real estate and apartment finder sites with amazing detailed listings that allows users not only to buy and sell but also rent. This site also has tools that aid in the comparison of rentals.


The Zillow-owned website, HotPads, offers a wide variety of customizable search features ranging from budget to apartment size and everything in between, making it to be tagged as the “most Feature-Packed apartment site”.

With search filters like price range, property type, landlord ratings, number of baths/bedrooms, and period of listing, among others, HotPads sends notifications to users concerning new listings. 


How accurate would this list be if Craigslist wasn’t included?

Craigslist offers a worldwide variety of apartments with fair filters like wheelchair access, smoking policy, and size.

Note that this site is not ideally observant regarding vetting postings, so you may what to be on alert when reaching out for alerts.

Although Craigslist houses copied listings and rental frauds, it sure is a great place to find gems., as the name implies, is an apartment website with millions of listings, decent search filters, and a reliable reputation.

This go-to site offers handy built-in tools and an extensive listing in both English and Spanish languages.

It also categorizes apartments based on the neighbourhood concerning schools, means of transportation, and many more.

Note that the neighbourhood navigations offered by this site are not available for all cities.  


Zumper, which is the owner of PadMapper, is an apartment finder website to consider if you’re sensitive when it comes to price.

This site allows the search of section 8 apartments—apartments under the US government program providing financial assistance to individuals from low-income families and, unlike other apartment sites, provide short-term rentals.

With an easy-to-use site, Zumper breaks down the neighbourhood/cities of locations searched for while providing detailed information.

Apartment Guide

Similar to, ApartmentGuide offers filters that explicitly answer to various subsets of users. This is a no-brainer as they are both owned by the same firm.

Note that most apartments on this site belong to and are handled by large companies rather than private landlords.


If you need a site for apartments for urban dwellers, then you might want to try out RentHop.

This site provides well-detailed profiles and price comparisons of apartments.

If you’re a person who is interested in details, then this site should suit you. has highly detailed info about apartments and also comes with a calculator that aids in determining the amount of rent to be paid. 

Other top apartment websites include

  • Lovely
  • Virtual Assistant (e.g Siri, Cortana, and Google Assistant)
  • Facebook groups
  • Trulia
  • Nooklyn
  • StreetEasy


Whether you are looking for short, medium, or long-term apartments to either buy, sell, or rent, now you know the best sites to find apartments you’re sure you will love.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)
  1. Why are Apartment Guide and similar?

RentPath is a firm that owns Apartment Guide, Lovely, and; hence the similarity between these sites.

  1. Do Apartment sites also have applications?

Although not all, some apartment sites like RentHop have apps for mobile devices.

  1. Do all Apartment sites operate globally?

No, not all apartment sites operate worldwide.

The best apartment websites – Know More

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