What Is Anna Kasprzak Net Worth? -Know More About It

Anna Kasprzak was born in Gravel Bridge, Germany. Most of her fortune is from her partial ownership of ECCO, a shoe company based in Denmark but running the business isn’t her full-time job. Let us know about “What Is Anna Kasprzak Net Worth?”

What Is Anna Kasprzak Net Worth?

In fact, the heiress is a competitive horseback rider. She participates in a style of riding called dressage where the aim is to teach the horse to respond to small cues.

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Danish equestrian Anna Kasprzak has a total net worth of around $1.5 billion. Her horses have made her famous all over the world. Her shoe empire is her second most well-known accomplishment after horses. She is one of the world’s wealthiest women under the age of 35.

Kasprzak Acquire Such A Lot Of Wealth So Young

The majority of the fortune accumulated by professional athletes comes from their participation in the sport. Their fortune is mostly earned from endorsement deals. 

In addition, players receive on-field pay, which is small in comparison to the money they make from sponsorships. But unlike other athletes, Anna Kasprzak’s success has a unique backstory.

Her fortune can be attributed to the legacy of her late grandfather’s business. Karl Toosbuy, her maternal grandfather, founded the well-known shoe business ECCO in 1963. Hanni Toosbury Kasprzak, her mother, is Karl’s only child so after his death in 2004, she became the company’s heir and received the majority of its shares.

Her inheritance accounts for every single dollar of her net worth. She is an heir to the ECCO shoe Empire. A shoe firm with headquarters in Denmark generates over two billion dollars in revenue annually. The rights to the money made from sales are owned by Anna Kasprzak, her mother Hanni, and her brother André.

Anna Kasprzak’s Family Business

ECCO, a Danish shoe company with annual sales of $1.46 billion, is owned by Kasprzak, her brother André, and her mother Hanni. Dieter Kasprzak, her father, is Ecco’s Senior Vice President and Managing Director.

The business initially produced just shoes, but it has subsequently included the manufacture of leather, as well as minor leather products and accessories. In 1982, ECCO launched its first retail location in Denmark. 

ECCO is a family-owned business that employs 21,300 people globally and sells its products through 2,250 stores and 14,000 sales locations in 99 different countries.

The tanneries in Netherlands, Thailand, Indonesia, and China owned by ECCO are among the top suppliers of leather to the automotive, sports, and fashion sectors. ECCO has launched a research program to lessen the tanning process’ negative environmental effects. 

ECCO has shoe factories in Portugal, Slovakia, Thailand, Indonesia, Vietnam, and China where 98% of the company’s footwear is made, with other facilities in India operating under license.

Anna Kasprzak’s Professional Athletic Career

The International Equestrian Federation defines dressage as an equestrian sport in which “horse and rider are required to perform from memory a set of planned moves.” Dressage is “the ultimate expression of horse training.”

Anna Kasprzak is a dressage rider from Denmark. She competed for Denmark in two Olympic games, in the team category in 2012, when she finished fourth, narrowly missed winning the bronze with a Danish squad and as an individual was a 14th-place finish in 2016.

In addition to competing in two European Dressage Championships, Kasprzak represented Denmark at the 2014 World Equestrian Games held in Normandy, France. With the Danish team, she placed fourth in the 2013 Europeans in Herning, Denmark.

 Additionally, she participated in two Dressage World Cup finals competitions in 2013 and 2016, placing eighth and fifth, respectively. At several European championships for juvenile riders and junior riders, Kasprzak took home multiple medals.

She was kicked by her horse during a veterinary examination at the 2015 European Championships in Aachen, Germany, and suffered a chest injury. She made an effort to finish the competition, but she ultimately had to withdraw, she missed two months of competition.


Anna Kasprzak has been riding horses for her whole life and is well-known among the top Danish dressage competitors. In Haderslev, a town in Southern Jutland, she manages her own dressage barn. She has competed at the Summer Olympics twice for Denmark.

The dressage rider has amassed a fortune in a short amount of time, despite her failed attempts to win an Olympic medal. 

She came up at number four on a list of the top 30 wealthiest athletes, after Michael Jordan, Vince McMahon, and Ion Tiriac. With a $1 billion net worth estimate, Anna Kasprzak has occasionally held the title of one of the world’s youngest billionaires.


1.What year was Anna Kasprzak born?

Anna Kasprzak is 32 years old at the moment (8 December 1989).

2.How much money does Anna Kasprzak make?
An estimated $90 million is the annual pay of Anna Kasprzak.

3. What is Anna Kasprzak’s height?
Anna Kasprzak is 1.75 meters tall. (5′ 9″)

What Is Anna Kasprzak Net Worth? -Know More About It

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