Can You Smoke In A U-Haul?


If you are thinking about it, it may be crucial to understand if smoking is allowed inside a U-Haul rental. If you smoke and plan to use your U-Haul to smoke, this may be a deal-breaker. Let us know ‘Can You Smoke In A U-Haul?’.

Can You Smoke In A U-Haul?

Can You Smoke In A U-Haul?

Finding out U-Haul’s policy before renting one of its trucks is a smart idea because many locations don’t allow smoking. To ascertain if U-Haul permits smoking in their vans, continue reading.

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Is Smoking Allowed in a U-Haul Rental?

There is no special law that prevents clients from smoking inside a U-Haul. However, cleaning is mentioned. If you need to smoke in a U-Haul, you must be prepared to keep it very clean to avoid being assessed a cleaning fee. 

Even if U-Haul forbade smoking, there would not be much the company could do to prohibit it even if it tried. If you have hired the vehicle, you are essentially free to do anything you want. But you will want to take precautions and maintain the U-Haul to be very clean as you can. If your rental smells like smoke or is not clean, you should let U-Haul know. If someone else was smoking in the U-Haul, you do not want to be subsequently blamed for these mistakes When renting from U-Haul, it is wise to always go by these guidelines.

What Takes Place if Smoking is Present in a U-Haul?

If users smoke in a U-Haul and make it clean and undetectable, nothing will happen. If you have smoked indoors, there could be a residual scent, although that is most often unavoidable. U-Haul will take action only if you have smoked inside the rental and have made it unclean. This can consist of an overflowing ashtray, burns, cigarette buts, or ashes.

U-Haul might also charge you a cleanup fee if the odor is particularly strong because it might be challenging to get rid of. Because of this, it is crucial to let the rental company know if the car smells like smoke. U-Haul normally does not impose a cleanup fee provided the area was not very unclean due to smoking. You should not have to worry if you continue to maintain the U-Haul clean and pick up after yourself.

If you are concerned about the smoke smell, you can also let the car air out for 30 to 60 minutes. Additionally, for more ventilation, only smoke inside a vehicle that has all of the windows open.

To be safe, it is a good idea to thoroughly inspect the car for cigarette butts and ashes. Certain places may take these facts more seriously than others.

It is preferable to quickly clean up than to pay for additional cleanup. 

Can U-Haul Workers smoke in a U-Haul?

U-Haul staff may no longer smoke inside cars in the majority of U.S. states. In 2020, U-Haul offices in 21 states formally banned recruiting smokers. Individuals who smoke or use nicotine products are impacted by this policy change; those who use tobacco products are not. Smokers now have a much harder time getting a job in these areas. 

As a result, you should not rent any U-Hauls that one of the company’s employees has smoked in. If there is smoke inside the U-Haul, it was probably done by another customer.

What Not to Do When Driving a U-Haul Truck?

  1. Refrain from letting people or animals travel in the cargo compartment. Even though riding in the back of a moving truck is illegal and extremely risky, a teenager could believe it is the best idea ever.
  2. Never carry flammables, explosives, corrosives, or dangerous goods.
  3. Avoid passing through a McDonald’s drive-thru with your moving truck. This is since U-Haul trucks are substantially higher than typical passenger vehicles.
  4. Slow down! It takes longer to halt and slow down when a rental truck is full than it does when it is empty. You may stay safe and lessen the chance of accidents by slowing down, planning for stops, braking early, and never following closely.
  5. Do not pack the truck too full. There is a gross vehicle weight rating for each U-Haul truck that must not be exceeded. This figure is shown on the bottom of the driver’s and passenger’s doors as well as on a sticker on the driver’s side door post.


There is no explicit regulation against smoking inside U-Haul vehicles. However, to curb smoking behaviors among its employees, U-Haul no longer hires drivers who have nicotine addictions. If smoking is necessary, make careful to clean up after yourself to avoid being charged a cleaning fee. In conclusion, reading the vehicle’s user manual is crucial if you are hiring a moving truck to prevent additional fees.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Does a U-haul allow for breathing? 

However, it is highly risky to move anything that has the potential to release gas or combustible vapors. In addition to not being airtight, the cargo room lacks ventilation.

  1. How warm does the interior of a moving truck get?

If you moved in the summer, your belongings will be kept in a moving truck’s rear, when temperatures outdoors may reach triple digits and reach 119 degrees.

  1. For a U-Haul rental, what age is needed?

Trailer rentals need a minimum age of 16, while truck rentals need a minimum age of 18. Customer must have a current driver’s license in order to hire trucks and trailers.

  1. Is a specific driver’s license needed to rent a U-Haul? 

To rent equipment from U-Haul, no specific driver’s license is needed.

Can You Smoke In A U-Haul?

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