Cheddar’s Specials Deals-Know More

We all know that eating out makes our lives easier. The wandering aromas, the low chatter, and the clanking of cutlery bring a subtle rhythm to our senses, relaxing our bodies and giving us a foretaste of our order. Interestingly, you may even be an avid frequenter of Cheddar’s, knowing that they make their food from scratch, every day. Here we will see about Cheddar’s Special Deals

And that includes every one of their specials deals.

In this article, you’ll find all the special deals that Cheddar’s makes and how to get them.

Cheddar’s Specials Deals

Cheddar’s Free Croissants Specials deals

Croissants are good. Fresh croissants baked with a generous amount of butter are better.

But, hey, free croissants from Cheddar’s scratch kitchen are the best.

That’s right; Cheddar’s offers you that fluffy buttery treat, drizzled with honey, for no cost to your wallet. Isn’t that sweet of them?

As the first free croissant is temptingly delicious, you may want to help yourself to more- but the next one is $1.99

Cheddar’s Family Bundles Specials

Let’s say you’re the one planning next week’s hangout- and you’re the one in the group known for selecting the best chomp-spots. You’ll likely be torn between choices to make, but don’t worry, you ought not to be.

Because of Cheddar’s Family Bundles promotion, you can get any of these three affordable options, all starting from$24.99, to choose from. 

Option 1: Salmon and Tenders Bundle ($32.99)

  • Two 5 oz. smoky grilled salmon fillets
  • 8 chicken tenders 
  • seasoned rice
  • two family-sized sides
  • 6 honey butter croissants
  • Deep smoky ‘n sweet bourbon glaze
  • Family Sized House Salad ($7.99)

Option 2: Grilled Salmon Bundle ($34.99)

  • Four 5 oz. grilled salmon fillets 
  • 6 honey butter croissants
  • bourbon glaze
  • two family-sized sides
  • seasoned rice 
  • Family Sized House Salad ($7.99)

Option 3: Chicken Tender Bundle ($24.99)

  • 16 tenders
  • 6 honey butter croissants
  • two family-sized sides
  • dipping sauce
  • Family Sized House Salad ($7.99)

Oh, and yeah, in case you are wondering why the prices are not the same, their prices differ depending on the location.

Cheddar’s Cocktail Specials 

Cheddar’s drinks are a frosty-sweet combo that will have you wanting to chill your tongue with these icy delicacies! You can get either of them for $4.99 only (though it may differ based on the location of the Cheddar’s you’re in).

  • Cocktail 1: The Sangria Texas Frozen Swirl

On seeing this frozen beauty, I thought it looked like pureed strawberry topped with a mixture of vanilla and cream. 

The nicest part about this frozen swirl is that it has thick chunks of flavored ice on the rim of the glass that you can scrape off and drop into your mouth to melt.

  • Cocktail 2: The Watermelon Strawberry Texas Frozen Swirl:

The Watermelon Texas Frozen Swirl reminds you of the widely known frozen Texas Margarita.

Adorning this delectable drink is the golden sheen of tequila, strawberry puree, and a lone but classy slice of watermelon.

  • Cocktail 3: Cheddar’s Margarita Specials

For just $5, you get Cheddar’s Maui margarita, a tangy strawberry ‘n mango combo that colors your tray.

It appears to be half mango and half strawberry, with a whirling lime line alternating between the two flavors.

Cheddar’s Dinner Special

You won’t believe this but Cheddar’s offers Dinner deals go for just $10. If you’re thinking of grabbing dinner at Cheddar’s, you’ll want to look at the following options:

  • Option 1: Monte Christo Sandwich

The Monte Cristo sandwich from Cheddar features a smoky meat-and-cheese flavor. It’s created with smoked turkey and ham, then dipped in Cheddar’s in-house cheese batter, and finally sprinkled with powdered sugar.

  • Option 2: Vegetable Plate

The vegetable plate consists of Broccoli cheese casserole, broccoli, potato, and freshly made coleslaw.

  • Option 3: Chicken Caesar Pasta Salad

Cheddar’s chicken Caesar pasta salad is made of Lemon pepper chicken, romaine, penne pasta, and croutons.

  • Option 4: Chicken Pot Pie

Here, you have a crusty golden brown covering over a carefully laid out combo of roasted chicken, fresh peas, diced onions, and crunchy carrots.

Cheddar’s E-club coupon Special Deal

You automatically qualify for free handmade queso and chips when you sign up for their E-club. To get them, you just need to follow these 6 simple steps:

Step 1: Fill out the form

Step 2: Click submit

Step 3: Check the email you used to sign up for a message from Cheddar’s (also check your spam mail, in case you don’t see it.)

Step 4: Print the email

Step 5: Show the email to your waiter on visiting any Cheddar’s restaurant near you

Step 6: Wait for your chips and queso!

If you live for fireworks-in-your-mouth sauce, you can bring one from home as Cheddar’s does not sell it.

In Conclusion

Cheddar’s specials are a burst of new flavors, playful cocktails, and even a free offer: and they’re all for you to try!

Cheddar’s Specials Deals-Know More

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