Do Walmart Employees Get A Discount?

Walmart was founded by Sam Walton in Rogers, Arkansas, on July 2, 1962. Walmart is one of the most famous grocery stores. You can find almost everything at Walmart which makes it easy to grocery shop and saves a lot of your time and money. Walmart has more than 4,600 stores in the United States. More than 2 million employees are working at Walmart. When you are working at any workplace, it gives you a lot of different types of benefits and discounts. Similarly, when it comes to Walmart employees, also get a discount of 10 percent on Walmart products. After working for 90 days when they get hired, employees get a Walmart Associate Discount Card. So, if you are thinking of getting a job at Walmart, then you should, as you will enjoy the discount on their products. 

Do Walmart Employees Get A Discount?

The Process of Getting Employment at Walmart

When you are applying for a job you have to go through job requirements, procedures, the application process, and the interview. If you want to get hired at Walmart you must complete the following stages:

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  1. Skills and Experience 

To work at Walmart you need skills like communication skills, time management, customer service skills, basic math skills, flexibility, and focus on work. If you have these skills then don’t worry about an experience because Walmart does not require any experience for candidates to get hired. Those candidates looking for their first job must apply here.

  1. Age Requirement 

The age requirement of Walmart is 16 years of age or older. If you are younger than this then you can’t get a job at Walmart.

  1. Application Process

To apply for a job at Walmart you have to apply online through Walmart’s Career portal. There you have to create your profile by entering an email address and password. After that enter all the required information or you can fill it out automatically by submitting your resume on it. This whole procedure will take 15 to 20 minutes for the first time but whenever you want to apply for another position or want to apply again you can use the same profile with all the details in it. The Walmart team member will assess you by taking a basic math test so be prepared for that. 

  1. Interview 

Your application will be reviewed by the team at Walmart, and they will conduct a short interview on a phone call to get to know you better and ask some questions. If you pass this interview, then you will be called for an in-person interview with the management, which will be the final interview. Candidates who pass all the interviews will be hired and given a start date to join.

Discounts for Employees at Walmart

Those candidates who got hired and completed 90 days of work will be given a Walmart Associate Discount card from which you can get a 10% discount on Walmart products. This is one of the best advantages for employees at Walmart. 

Other Benefits for Employees at Walmart

Consider yourself lucky if you get a job at Walmart as your first job because you will get benefits like medical coverage, educational expenses coverage, paid holidays, a retirement plan, disability insurance, and life insurance.

Employees Per Hour Pay at Walmart

Employees at Walmart earn from $11 to $22.27 per hour, which is a good range of salary. There are different job positions at Walmart with different pay. Here is a list of different job positions and their hourly pay.

Job PositionPer Hour Pay
Cashier$ 13.34
Replenishment Associate $ 16.65
Warehouse Worker $ 22.27
Seasonal Associate $ 14.96
Package Handler $ 19.30
Automotive Service Manager$ 19.52 
Building Maintenance $ 13.00

There are many other job positions at Walmart with different salaries; you can apply for any position because all the employees will receive a discount on Walmart products. 

Payment Schedule 

If you are an employee at Walmart or you are new there then you should know that you will receive your salary every other Thursday. It means you will get your salary twice a month. This biweekly payment method is very beneficial for employees and the company.


Walmart is the best grocery store and gives its customers a lot of discounts that save a lot of your money. More than 300 million people visit Walmart every year. You can also apply for a job at Walmart through its career portal, as it hires many employees per year. Employees at Walmart get discounts on company products and many other Benefits. If you are looking for a job and don’t have any experience, then you must apply at Walmart.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: What is the highest-paid job at Walmart?

Answer: The highest-paid job at Walmart is a software engineer with an average salary of $123,822. 

Q: Do customers also get discounts at Walmart?

Answer: Yes, there are many deals and low prices products available at Walmart. 

Q: Does Walmart sell electrical appliances?

Answer: Yes, there is a huge variety of electrical appliances like refrigerators, vacuum cleaners, ovens, dryers, etc. 

Do Walmart Employees Get A Discount?

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