Does Netflix Accept Prepaid Cards?

Netflix has been in operation for many years and it is a global streaming service that offers users an opportunity to stream their favorite television series and movies on the internet. The company started with a simple premise to provide viewers with a platform to watch new films and watch old favorites. Over the years, this subscription service has expanded its operations with a total number of subscribers that now stands at 4.5 million people. Let see Does Netflix Accept Prepaid Cards?

Does Netflix Accept Prepaid Cards?

Does NetFlix accept prepaid cards?

Yes, Netflix accepts prepaid cards. To meet the increased demand, the company 

introduced several cost-effective plans such as the $8 monthly plan, $12 monthly subscription plan, $18 annual membership plan, and $24 monthly membership plan. 

The above-mentioned costs were affordable with the promise of unlimited services and features. However, one notable change was introduced after a few months which required all customers to sign up for a credit card. This meant that those who wanted more than the free trial period had to pay a certain amount. Even though this strategy worked well, the popularity of this streaming service led to the introduction of different additional plans, including a six-month membership and a seven-month subscription plan. 

Prepaid services of Netflix

Netflix provides you with prepaid services. To avail of these services, you first need to choose the plan according to your need or desire and of course, it should be budget friendly to your pocket. After getting a membership you first need to sign up and then according to the date you would pay the fees on the purchasing date of every month. 

There are many options you have to pay for the Netflix 


Union pay

American Express

Master card

Debit card

Credit card

Netflix gift card

Membership offers

Besides, most of these memberships offered no limit on how much data one would need and also allowed content to run for only 30 days in case you did not want to extend the time, a move that earned both Netflix and Hulu millions. Most importantly, most of the plans come with access to other premium channels. To reinforce its position, the company introduced some packages like Kids Plus and Student plan to support children with particular needs. Apart from these bundles, there are three distinct plans namely basic and elite. As noted, the current pricing structure will remain the same for both basic and elite members. 

Netflix and its expansions

The latest expansion plan for users comes with a flat-rate fee charge for standard users. However, according to Sarandon, Netflix can increase this rate upwards depending on the number of users. Users of the Premium plan pay 10% more than regular ones. With the aforementioned charges, NetFlix has been able to expand into more geographical locations than ever before. Today, the company has offices in over 90 countries and continues investing $15 billion annually. The figure below shows the geographical distribution of NetFlix across the world.

Effects of Netflix on other business

  • The emergence of Amazon and Google created huge disruptions and challenges to traditional digital infrastructure. 
  • Companies that ventured into the DVD business were unable to satisfy the demanding needs of the consumer as they failed to deliver what consumers expected. 
  • On top of this, piracy is still rampant within the digital space creating massive losses for businesses. 
  • Although the industry tried to introduce new measures to improve the situation, piracy proved to be the biggest problem. Due to this, organizations like the European Union enacted stricter laws against the consumption of pirated software but this remained a serious threat.
  • As a result, there was a tremendous decline in profits for big corporations such as NBC and CBS. 
  • Furthermore, the effects of piracy extended outside the US and eventually came to affect millions in Europe and North America. 
  • People could hardly watch sports or movies anymore without buying pirated discs. 
  • Such incidents encouraged Netflix to create a better system to ensure quality services at reasonable prices. 
  • Through these measures, the company managed to become competitive with rival content providers who offered similar services. 
  • Currently, it enjoys the lion’s share of revenues from online streaming services which accounted for about half of its income.

New strategies to acquire a market

Currently, Netflix boasts that about 50% of its users have signed up for Netflix for a subscription. Though the company focuses on getting a good percentage of consumers across its markets, it has not adopted aggressive strategies like acquiring competitor companies such as Roku. Instead, it has concentrated on targeting young adults by providing entertainment to the taste of their peers. 


The major contributors (U.S) to the industry have dominated the market with a share of 57%. Other top markets include the Asia Pacific (APAC) region where Netflix got a 2% market share followed by Europe and Latin America (Nestle 2013). According to NetFlix (2013), roughly a third of households have set up a Netflix account for home Internet connection. Thus, NetFlix is gaining a larger number of customers every day while its competitors only manage to sustain a small fraction of this growth.

Frequently asked questions:

Does Netflix have a prepaid card service?

Yes, Netflix has prepaid card services.

How much time do you have to access Netflix after being paid?

You can have access for 1 month to 10 months. It depends on your plan and which plan you buy to access it.

What is a Netflix gift card?

A Netflix gift card is the best option to have when you want to give Netflix to your family and friends.

Does Netflix Accept Prepaid Cards?

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