New Tax Law -Know More About It


When we talk about new taxes, then this is obvious that every new year brings new taxes and rules and regulations. We have to pay taxes according to the rules for the prosperity of our nation. In the United States, In fact in each country, it does not matter whether you are owning a small business or large. You have to pay taxes according to your yearly income. For this system to run smoothly, there is an institute that looks over the tax payments. That institute is American Rescue Plan. This system can make a huge difference in your accounting. Let us know about “New Tax Law”

New Tax Law

In January 2022, the IRS (Internal Revenue Service) ordered to provide transaction details through some money transfer applications like PayPal, Venmo, Stripe, and Square to impose taxes on foreign or online earnings. Then Internal Revenue Service introduced a new law. In this article, you will know all about that new law.

What Is The New Tax Law For Calendar Year 2022?

The Internal Revenue Service (IRS), after analyzing the report on different money transfer apps, introduced a law in January 2022 for the calendar year 2022 and maybe onward. This new law states that if any seller, whether they are selling items or their services, earns more than $600, he/she will have to pay the tax on his earnings. This law holds just for sellers, not for money transfers to friends and family.

What Changes New Tax Law Caused?

The new tax law has also brought some positive changes in the businesses selling items and services. According to the Internal Revenue Service (IRS), the new tax law caused an improvement in the quality of the items for selling and services. This information was received after making a report on different money transfer apps. 

What IRS Report Suggests to Sellers for Effective Earnings Management?

After analyzing the reports and suggestions by different money transfer apps, IRS has introduced some really good tips and suggestions for sellers. A money transfer app Venmo said that tag “goods and services” to better manage your selling’s and purchases and it will also create a safe marketplace. Another app TurboTax suggests that sellers should create a separate business account to make transactions and purchases. This will help them in keeping their earnings and personal expenses managed.

What Are Tax-Free Holidays In New Tax Law?

It is known that we all need some breaks from regular life and chores. For this purpose, Institutes have vacations, shopping lovers have sales and offs, food lovers have coupons, and travel lovers have discounts. The best thing is that this New Tax Law also has some off days on which the tax law will be invalid or you have to pay less tax. These off days fall during some specific period like before starting the new academic year, during sale season, or around the weekends. There are also some states which provide tax-free days on some expensive products like generators etc.

How Does IRS Will help In Tackling Data Theft And Tax Fraud?

The IRS, along with many other tax and security agencies, is working to prevent the taxpayers from multiple fraudulent activities. These agencies usually warn us about catching any suspicious movement. The taxpayers can also immediately contact to Internal Revenue Services (IRS) on suspecting any fraud or data theft. The IRS uses some red flags to catch fraud and data theft. 

For example, the rejection of client’s returns due to SSN already in use, receiving more e-files than returns made, client’s response to emails, and receiving any other type of information for which they have not asked like IRS authentication letter, extra mails, tax transcript, or any notice. Some days ago, the Intuit QuickBooks users has reported a data theft activity in which they were continuously receiving emails asking them to register the intuit account again by clicking on the link. Intuit then cleared its customers that they are not sending any type of emails to its clients. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Are Venmo, PayPal, Stripe, and Square report payments to IRS?

The answer is Yes, but there are certain criteria for each money transfer app to make a report to the IRS. When you fulfill that criteria, i.e. after getting enough payments, then these apps will make your report to IRS and you will most probably receive a form called 1099-k.

On how much earning do we have to pay tax?

According to the new tax law for the year 2022, you can earn up to $400 without paying a single penny as tax. But after that, you have to some federal and personal income taxes. Then on crossing the $600 payment limit, you have to pay seller tax.

The Conclusion

After analyzing the rules and regulations of the new tax law for the calendar year 2022, it can be said that this law is no doubt very much helpful in improving the country’s as well as taxpayers’ conditions. This law has brought improvement in the selling of goods and services. A seller has to pay the tax only after making payments to $600. The institute that is looking after this new tax system, IRS, has also some red flags to catch fraud and data theft. There are also some tax-free holidays which usually fall around the weekends, before the new academic year, or during sales season. 

New Tax Law -Know More About It

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