What jobs can an 18-year-old get in a hospital?

There are many different positions in hospitals, some of which are suitable for 18-year-olds, although when you hear the term “hospital jobs,” you immediately think of medical roles. While those who are still in high school may be able to find part-time work, full-time employment typically calls for a high school diploma or its equivalent. Young people looking for employment can also benefit from certificates or short-term technical training. Here we will see about What jobs can an 18-year-old get in a hospital?

The jobs for age of 18-year-old is frequently accepted in hospital. To get this kind of job, it can help to have prior experience with bookkeeping, computer programs, applications, or phone skills. There might be clerical positions in the billing, patient records, and other administrative departments.

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What jobs can an 18-year-old get in a hospital?

What jobs can an 18-year-old get in a hospital?

The following paying positions allow older teen applicants to submit applications for openings in a hospital or healthcare setting. For the majority of the positions, you must have specific skills or training as well as at least a high school diploma or GED.

  • Filing clerks 
  • Unit clerks 
  • Receptionists
  • Gift-shop employees
  • Cafeteria helpers or servers 
  • Sweet stripers
  • Maintenance
  • Pharmacy Technicians
  • Housekeepers
  • Medical Transcribers
  • Psychiatric assistants
  • Caregivers 

Filing clerks 

A file clerk executes standard administrative and filing tasks for a designated hospital department under predetermined protocols. Given that clerks are only required to have a high school diploma or GED, this position is suitable for 18-year-olds.

Unit clerks 

A unit clerk manages the activities at a nurse’s station to ensure the accurate and timely flow of patient data, reports, and similar communications. They also perform general clerical tasks. Unit clerks must have a GED or high school diploma. They must also demonstrate competence in computer keyboarding and clerical tasks. 


People can stop by a front desk reception area or information desk at many hospitals to get directions or find out the visiting hours. Understanding the hospital’s layout, the various departments’ operating hours and frequently asked questions is necessary for desk work. The ability to communicate effectively is crucial.

Gift-shop employees 

Employees assist customers in choosing gifts, as well as in locating personal toiletries, books, magazines, and other items that can improve patient comfort during their stays. This is a good option for 18-year-olds if they have experience with customer service and handling money. 

Cafeteria helpers or servers 

People are employed in many of the same positions that one might find in fast food or casual restaurant settings by hospital cafeterias and food service providers. This includes chefs, cooks, cashiers, and other general staff to manage to tidy up and stock.

Sweet stripers 

People who perform an all-purpose function in a hospital setting are known as candy stripers. They might visit patients, deliver flowers and cards, run quick errands for hospital staff, and complete simple tasks. This kind of job is typically unpaid and volunteer-based, but it can give you valuable experience.


Hospitals hire a range of maintenance personnel. Even though many jobs probably call for specialized training or education, entry-level maintenance workers are frequently capable of handling simple routine tasks. This might entail serving as an assistant, performing quick fixes, or performing other duties as required.

Pharmacy Technicians 

18-year-olds may be qualified for jobs assisting clients, entering insurance information, understanding copays, stocking, and cashiering at hospitals with in-house pharmacy purchases. .Due to the high level of trust that applicants must have, background checks are frequently a requirement during the application process.


Entry-level housekeeping positions are frequently available to 18-year-olds, just like maintenance positions. Laundry of hospital gowns, bed linens, and common areas, cleaning of administrative offices, and other tasks as assigned are likely among the responsibilities. 

Psychiatric assistants

If you want to work in a hospital and help mentally ill or mentally disabled patients, becoming a psychiatric assistant is a great option. When assisting patients who are mentally ill, emotionally ill, or mentally disabled, psychiatric assistants collaborate closely with mental health professionals. 


Anyone looking to gain experience working closely with patients and assisting them with daily tasks should consider becoming a caregiver. In hospitals, healthcare facilities, or patients’ homes, caregivers are in charge of helping elderly or disabled patients with daily activities. 


Many paid hospital positions are typically only available to teenagers with a high school diploma, but this isn’t always the case. Hospitals employ teenagers to assist with front desk duties or welcome patients and their families. There are more opportunities for paid employment in hospitals for older teens who have completed high school. After graduating from high school, administrative, filing, and maintenance jobs are all excellent options, as well as the patient food service department and cafeteria. 

Frequently Asked Questions;
  1. Is it challenging to find work in a hospital?

It might seem simple to land a job in a hospital, especially if you have a certification or license. However, even the most elaborately decorated resume will frequently be rejected.

  1. How do I begin employment at a hospital?

A high school diploma or GED is the only educational requirement for some entry-level hospital jobs and healthcare positions, although many employers do look for prior experience or certifications to fill positions in the field of healthcare. They can be learned through training while working. 

What jobs can an 18-year-old get in a hospital?

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