Nordstrom Last Chance Outlet Sales

Nordstrom is an American luxury department store founded by John W. Nordstrom & Carl F. Wallin with its headquarters in Downtown, Seattle. It was formerly known as Wallin & Nordstrom which operated exclusively as a shoe store but currently, they are into various products such as clothing, footwear, jewelry, cosmetics & much more. They have been able to generate a revenue of $14.700 on average as of 2021. Nordstrom has over 245 stores in 40 states along with their online shopping website. The store located in Seattle is the largest store with an area of 3,83,000 square feet. In today’s world Nordstrom is also considered one of the leading fashion stores offering various types of men’s, women’s & children’s high-quality apparel. The company decided to expand & diversify its business operations in the 1950s by opening two more shoe stores in Poland & Seattle suburbs. Let us know ‘Nordstrom Last Chance Outlet Sales’.

Nordstrom Last Chance Outlet Sales

Nordstrom Last Chance Outlet Sales

The last chance store is where you can get the products from Nordstrom that did not make up to its customers, on sale for as high as 90% off. This is definitely a paradise for shoppers who love to buy luxury products such as jimmy choo shoes, marc Jacobs & much more at a lower price. Nordstrom has other retailers like the Nordstrom rack but the last chance located in Phoenix & Chicago is much cheaper. This is the store where all the returned products from Nordstrom rack,, go when they cannot be sold. Due to this, the products are priced at such a lower cost that they do not pinch a hole in your pocket. 

What is Nordstrom’s Last Chance store?

The last chance is a final clearance store for all the overstocked & returned items from, Nordstrom store, etc. It can also be considered as the factory outlet products which then get sold at a lower price.

Nordstrom Last chance timings-

Monday to Saturday 9:00 AM- 8:00 PM

Sunday 11:00 AM – 7:00 PM

Shopping at the last chance

  • According to a few buyers, shopping at the last chance can be a bit hectic & also messed up because most of the items in the store are selling at a low price & they are piled up one over the other & the shoppers madly dig through the piles to find what they like. 
  • It has also been advised by them that you visit the store as early as possible to find the best products as mostly everything is in the sale & gets taken away easily. 
  • The last chance shopping experience may not be liked by everyone but many people who love shopping might find it amazing. It’s a perfect place to grab some amazing products at a really cheap price. It can also be a perfect hangout plan with your friends over the weekend to go and grab some amazing items on sale. 
  • The last chance products are also available on their website. You can also avail of free shipping & returns available on all sale & clearance items on the Nordstrom website.

A few tips for shopping at Nordstrom Last Chance-

  1. Be Patient- Since this is a clearance sale, there will be a huge rush. Also, the clothes & other products are all kept in a disorganized manner so you will need to keep calm & find through the pile for the best products at a cheaper price. The shoe & clothing sections are separate for men, women & children.
  1. Keep your expectations low- It will be advised to not keep your expectations very high as you may not find the exact product or brand you are looking for.
  1. Check the product before buying- The clearance store products are usually staked one over the other so there are high chances for a product getting damaged. Do make a thorough check before purchasing the product.
  1. Pricing- Not all the products listed will be very cheap. It depends on the product & the brand. But you will definitely find some good items at a lower price.


The Nordstrom Last Chance outlet sales can be very beneficial if you are a patient person who loves shopping. They usually have these kinds of sale going on & you can get your hands on some luxury brand products if you keep a regular check. The products are very good & in a good condition but still, you should run a thorough check before making your purchase. You will get a wide variety of items to choose. Make sure to check beforehand which stores are offering sales currently & plan your visit accordingly. You can also keep a check over their online website to grab some good deals on the products.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Can you return an item to the Nordstrom rack?

Yes, you can return footwear, home & accessories if the products are not market Final sale or are non-returnable. 

  1. Is Last Chance Store cheaper than Nordstrom rack?

The Last Chance Store located in Phoenix & Chicago is cheaper than the Nordstrom Rack.

  1. Is the Nordstrom store genuine?

This is a genuine outlet with a reduced price for various items that are not purchased due to damage. To just need to have the patience to dig out through the pile & stand in long queues for the fitting room.

Nordstrom Last Chance Outlet Sales

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