When Does Meijer Restock?

One of the crucial factors in regulating products at a store and maintaining efficiency is restocking. Restocking depends on various factors of the store. It helps both customers and staff to understand the products and the status of the same. Staff must know when to restock. It impacts the sale for the following days. Every store needs fixed time slots for restocking. These are chosen based on their hours and schedules and differ from store to store. When you restock depends on many factors. For instance, the sales, the type of products you’re selling, the coming in of products from manufacturers or dealers, and so on. While most stores restock every week, others restock a few times in a month, and those that restock even twice or thrice in a week! Meijer mostly comes in the first category – restock weekly for most products. It restocks on Wednesdays or Thursdays with an exception of products that need to be restocked in between. Read on to find out how Meijer does their restocking. 

When Does Meijer Restock?

About Meijer

Meijer is a supermarket chain evolving since 1934. The stores deal with all kinds of products right from supermarket and grocery ones to electronics and more. They are also a pharmaceutical store having all kinds of prescription-based requirements. Food, essentials, homeware, and more, most of your needs can be fulfilled right here at Meijer.

Among the many values and plus points, Meijer is known for its fresh and quality products in every field. They offer nothing but the best at cheap and affordable prices. They look out for their communities and customers by offering the best deals and products. Moreover, they are known to be an ethical company that follows and lives by many lawful and professional practices. 

When does Meijer Restock 

Meijer is mindful of what they are selling. They constantly conduct checks and look out for their customers. Things like quality, dates, brands, and more are always looked at and kept updated. 

Restocking, therefore, comes as a primary step in their business. Being a company dealing with perishable items, they have to constantly restock. Moreover, they have to conduct restocking at their pharmaceuticals and other aisles given the vast customer rate they cater to. 

  • External team services for restocking

Meijer usually restocks every week. It is crucial to understand that being a vast store with multiple aisles and racks and millions of products, restocking won’t happen in a day. However, Meijer has a whole external team to carry out their restocking activities for them. 

This avoids much chaos and ensures accuracy with products. Whether it’s medicines, electronics, or products at any other department, they are all systematically restocked by an organized external team every week. 

  • Days for restocking 

There is no specific day as to when restocking happens at Meijer. However, it is said that most restocking takes place on Wednesdays or Thursdays. There could be various factors for the same. 

For instance, it is safe to say that mid-week is the best time to restock considering that most customers have done their weekly shopping either at the end of the previous week or at the beginning of this one. They may be having lesser roads mid-week and maybe running out of products more during this time due to the same reasons. 

  • Time 

It is no doubt that it’s best to restock when there are no customers. Again, many factors for this, the first being that customers would be distracted by the coming and going of the team and it would affect their shopping. Secondly, if the customers know you have restocked with newer products, they will leave out the ones to be bought first. 

This isn’t the best idea for Meijer as a store. Therefore, Meijer restocks when the store is closed from around 12 am to 6 am. So if you find fresh bread when you shop in the morning, you know the secret! 

  • Pokemon cards 

Although Meijer has a team to restock every other item, they restock one on their own. Pokemon cards at Meijer are said to be restocked every week by the staff. This is due to their wide recognition for having the best offers set up for Pokemon cards. 

Meijer has multiple options for every Pokemon fan out there and so these sell out pretty quickly compared to most items. Therefore, Meijer cannot always wait for the team to come on their scheduled days and instead do the restocking of the cards themselves. 

  • Perishables 

There are a few other items like groceries and essentials that may sell out before the scheduled day of restocking. In such cases, Meijer takes the call to try and restock these items. Items that expire soon or have a shorter life span are usually managed by the staff itself. 

Things like milk, toiletries, food items, and so on are also in high demand and sell out sooner than restocking day. In such cases, Meijer staff may choose to restock from their pantry or inventory and update the store accordingly. 


Meijer’s restocking depends on many factors as discussed above. These include the lifespan of items, their demand and sell-out rates, and so on. Meijer also has an external team to carry out their restocking for major products. However, the basic rule is applied to all stores, when the items are out of stock, you have to overlook restocking dates and immediately restock. This is mainly only for essentials. 


  • Does Meijer restock during working hours? 

Mostly not. Meijer mostly leaves restocking during closed hours between 12 am and 6 am. However, there may be a few exceptions in the case of essentials and highly demanded items.  

  • Does Meijer have to speed up restocking during seasonal times? 

This depends on the sale and crowd as well as the products being sold. If Meijer is selling out faster than usual and wishes to carry on, they may make necessary changes in their restocking plans for seasonal times.

  • Is Meijer’s restocking policy a good one?

Yes. Having an external team to take care of restocking during closed hours in the mid-week ensures accuracy in work and also keeps their sales in line. 

When Does Meijer Restock?

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