Does Corner Bakery Have A Rewards Program?

Everybody loves a sweet treat. And if you can get your pastries at a decreased price every time you order, it would be more rewarding. Keeping that in mind, the food chain Corner Bakery has started a loyalty reward program for its regular customers. There are a lot of perks to joining this program. Read this article to the end to find out all about your comfort foods. Let us know more detail about ‘Does Corner Bakery Have A Rewards Program?’.

Does Corner Bakery Have A Rewards Program?

Does Corner Bakery Have A Rewards Program?

Corner Bakery, a well-known American bakery goods chain, started a loyalty program for its members in the summer of 2022. With this program, you can earn points and redeem them for different delicious goodies. And you also get added benefits for increasing your reward tiers.

Reward Program At Corner Bakery

At Corner Bakery, they have started a reward program for their frequent patrons to keep them coming and as an appreciation to their customers. It was already in place for a few years. But they have revamped it and made it better this year.

Now, customers can earn a reward for catering orders, in-cafe orders, online delivery, or pickups. The program works in a tier system. Every dollar spent at the cafe amounts to 5 points with which a member can increase his points and go to higher tiers. And with every tier, new perks and benefits get unlocked.

There are two types of loyalty programs. One is for ordering and the other is for catering orders. The tier system is for the first program. And the rewards for the catering orders are different but just as lucrative.

Benefits Of Having A Corner Bakery Membership

After becoming a part of the rewards program, you will get 5 points for every $1 spent. 

Ordering Program – For the ordering program, there are four tiers – Green (0-379 points), Silver (380-1249 points), Gold (1250-2499 points), and Platinum(2500+ points). And the rewards for the Green tier are

  • $5 off on the next purchase for joining members.
  • Emails of exclusive offers.
  • Free bakery product on birthday.

For the Silver tier, one will get the added benefits of

  • $5 off on the next purchase for reaching the new tier.
  • Weekly beverage of your choosing at $0.99.

When you reach the Gold tier, you will get

  • $5 off on orders above $15 for four times a year.
  • Discount on membership anniversary.

If you become a Platinum tiered member you will also enjoy the perk of Buy 1 entree, get 1 free for four occasions in a year including all the perks of other tiers.

Catering Program – For being a member, a customer will get $25 off or a $10 Amazon gift code for every catering order above $500.

Way To Join The Reward Program:

Joining the program is very easy. You can easily create an account by following these easy steps.

  • First, download the Corner Bakery Rewards Mobile App. It is available both on PlayStore and AppStore. Alternatively, you can visit their website to complete the online registration.
  • Next, create your account with a unique email ID and other credentials like Name, Phone number, Address, Birthday, Favourite Cafe, etc. Then verify your account.
  • Once your account is set up, you can be eligible to redeem points whenever you order. When you order online through the app or the website, they will automatically process your order after it is confirmed. And when you are at the cafe, give your registered mobile number during check out. Your reward will be processed within minutes.

Terms And Conditions Of The Rewards Programs

There are certain terms and conditions associated with the rewards program and they are mentioned below.

  • All the rewards are valid in the US only.
  • An account holder must be 16 or older to access the sites.
  • Only one member account can be opened using one email ID.
  • The rewards are for promotion and cannot be converted to cash or exchanged for other products.
  • After you reach a membership tier, you can avail yourself of the offers until the next year. After that, the rewards get refreshed, and you start from the silver tier again. One cannot go below the silver tier.
  • No points are awarded in the Catering program.


Corner Bakery Rewards Program is a win-win situation for you and the bakery. You will get rewards and discounts on your purchases from the bakery. So, the loyalty program has been gaining popularity since its launch for apparent reasons. If you have not yet joined, you are missing out on some great things. The bakery’s different tiers and rewards for almost all types of purchases make this more lucrative. So, grab your membership before all the good treats are gone.

  1. Can I update my birthday after creating a membership account?

No, currently, the website of Corner Bakery does not let a member edit their birthdays.

  1. Can my catering reward expire?

While the Amazon gift code does not have an expiration date, the discount reward expires after 90 days if not redeemed.

  1. Can I redeem my Corner Bakery rewards in the form of cash?

No, rewards can not be exchanged for equivalent cash or products or be combined with other coupons.

  1. Can I receive points later if I forget to show my registered number during checkout?

Yes, if you had a missed purchase, you can reach out to the Corner Bakery Cafe and show proof of your purchase to receive points.

Does Corner Bakery Have A Rewards Program?

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