How To Register A Subway Card?

When living in the metro areas of the USA, you know your best bet when you want to move around the city is through metro subway trains and bus rides. Tourists especially get around places using metro transportation because driving around will be foolhardy, to say the least. Provided you arrive at the pick-up points on time, you are sure to arrive at your destination in time. Let us know more detail about ‘How To Register A Subway Card?’.

How To Register A Subway Card?

How To Register A Subway Card?

After purchasing a valid Subway card, it is important to get it registered; details for why this is so are shared in the rest of the article. Now, how do you register and get a subway card to ease your transportation? 

Well, the simple and short answer is that you simply log on to and add a new card. There are options of 7 days or a month period of validity depending on your choice. Do you want to know which is best for you and the process? Hop on and ride along.

Types of subway cards

There are four types of subway cards that can be issued.

  1. A physical card – can be purchased at any participating restaurant or online. 
  2. An eGift card – can be purchased directly from or from authorized vendors.
  3. Bulk cards for corporate use.
  4. Special order physical card with braille texts. This comes at an additional cost when you place the order on the authorized phone number – 1-877-697-8222.

Register for a new subway card

When in need of a new subway card, you can simply register online. There are two ways you can go about that.

  1. Register online via, or
  2. Use the Subway app.

Either way, simply follow the command prompts to register and input the card numbers correctly. You must however create a subway account to which you want to link the card.

Buy a new subway card or simply reload your old one?

Except you have reasons to have multiple cards, say for corporate needs, you can simply load up an existing one with cash. The maximum amount that you can load a single subway card with, at a time, is $500. 

Once the card has been registered at, you can simply keep reloading it with cash on or any licensed subway restaurant.

Also, you can use a single subway card for a lifetime. There is no expiry date on it. Although is valid unless you are using a promotional Subway card which generally comes with an expiry date.

When your new subway card will arrive?

After registering for a new physical subway card, it is usually sent within 15 minutes or at most 24 hours after applying for it. So, expect to receive it in your mailbox as soon as your next mail arrives from your post office.

What your subway card is good for?

Unlike your regular debit card, the subway card can only be used for the following

  1. To buy goods and services at restaurants or stores that are participating in the subway program. 
  2. It cannot be used to purchase another subway card or any other card for that matter. However, you can transfer the balance from one card to another through the website if you have more than one card.

Why should you register your subway card?

It is important you register your subway card so that if it gets stolen, Subway ® can replace the amount on it for you.

Also, once it is registered, you can simply use the app or website to check the balance on it at any time. 


Registering your subway card is a good way to keep your transportation funds protected in case of emergencies. Keep reloading it when it runs low and enjoy!

  1. Can I use my registered subway card outside the US?

The subway card can be loaded with either US or Canadian dollars and not any other currency. As such, the card can only be used in these two countries.

  1. Can I reload someone else’s subway card?

Very possible! Whether they know it or not, you can reload someone else’s subway card from your own account, provided you have their card details.

  1. How long can a subway card remain dormant before it expires?

Subway ® does not charge for not loading or keeping your subway card dormant for any period of time. So, if you have a subway card forgotten somewhere in your house, simply find it and reload it. It’s as good as new!

  1. How often can I use my subway card?

To avoid fraudulent acts of one subway card being used by multiple individuals, the Unlimited Ride charges cannot be used more than once every 18 minutes. This way, even if you pass on the card to someone else after use, they cannot use it for another 20 minutes or so.

How To Register A Subway Card?

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