How To Send Magazines And Books To Inmates Through Amazon?

Amazon is a huge multinational technology company that entirely focuses on e-commerce, digital streaming, cloud computing, and various other features. Moreover, you could easily send various items to other people across the world. And, if you have someone close to you in prison, you wish to send something to them to read as a gift. But, how could it be possible? Recently, inmates could enjoy access to varying accommodations such as therapy centers, recreational opportunities, educational facilities, and much more. Furthermore, Amazon has made it easier for customers to send various books to their inmates. Let’s learn about ‘How To Send Magazines And Books To Inmates Through Amazon?’.

How To Send Magazines And Books To Inmates Through Amazon?

How To Send Magazines And Books To Inmates Through Amazon?

But, the main question arises – How is it possible? Amazon includes a feature where you just have to enter your inmate’s number and prison unit over the order page during Amazon shipping. However, there are varying requirements according to the type of books that you wish to send to your inmates. Customers could send books to their inmates as long as the book doesn’t depict racism, sexual content, or violence as this type of content might trigger the inmate.

Sending books to inmates from Amazon

Sending books or any other package to inmates is not an easy task as it comes with a huge number of cautions. And, if not regulated properly, some people could easily send the package along with varying items that could be against correctional facilities. Regarding this, Amazon has made certain rules and regulations for sending books to inmates. To send books to inmates, customers need to follow the following procedure:-

  • Firstly, login into your Amazon account and go towards the order section.
  • Over the order page, enter the inmate’s unit number, the inmate’s full name, and the inmate’s number.
  • After that, you are required to enter the correct address of the prison along with the correct entry of the State and city correctional facility.
  • Ensure to check the box for “gift”, otherwise, the inmate has to pay the entire fee for the package.
  • Once done with this, choose your preferred delivery option and then tap on place order. And, your book is ready for shipment to your inmate in the selected prison. 

But, if you are not aware of the exact location of the inmate, you could take help from various search tools as long as you possess the inmate’s full name and other things. Make sure to send the package directly via Amazon, and should not buy from a third party as it would not fulfill Amazon’s orders properly.

Types of books sent to inmates

As customers send books to their inmates in prison, they are required to follow various essential guidelines to avoid triggering dangerous behavior of the inmate. Moreover, while selecting the type of book to send to your inmate from Amazon, you are required to check the following list of books that you could send to inmates.

  • Books must be entirely brand.
  • Should not be more than three things per package. 
  • Should send paperback books, as hardcover books might be taken as weapons against various other inmates.
  • Books must not include any violence or racism type of content or gang-related content.
  • Books must be sent via USPS.
  • Ensure not to send the book through third-party sellers that don’t fulfill Amazon’s orders directly.
  • Should not be sent anonymously.
  • The book must include the inmate’s correct details along with the address of the inmate’s prison.

If consumers are unsure of the best kinds of books to give, it is advised that they send books with generally uplifting themes, such as self-help and self-improvement books, nature and science books, sudoku and crossword puzzles, and other like books.

What are Amazon’s guidelines for sending magazines and books to prisoners?

Make sure to adhere to Amazon’s packaging guidelines when mailing books and periodicals to prisoners. There are a few things you need to bear in mind while sending books and magazines to prisoners. To start, you should do your research and confirm that the prison where the person is being held accepts Amazon parcels for inmates by getting in touch with the facility. Some prisons and detention facilities don’t accept any sort of package for inmates. Also, keep in mind that Amazon will check to make sure your box doesn’t have any additional instructions. Therefore, if you were even thinking about including some information about the inmate on the outside of the package with the books and periodicals, that’s not going to work. On the outer side of the package, Amazon only includes the facility’s address, name, and return address. 


It’s a terrific idea to send books and periodicals to prisoners via Amazon so they can pass the time while they’re doing their sentences in jail or prison. Some incarnation facilities let offenders get books and periodicals from Amazon. Just make sure the content of those books or periodicals complies with all legal and regulatory specifications set forth by Amazon and the specific prison facility.


Q1) Do Amazon ship books to prisons?

Ans. Yes, Amazon offers delivery to various prisons. However, it is recommended to contact the prison facility just to confirm whether they accept deliveries or not.

Q2) Can you provide prisoners with books?

Ans. Yes, you could send books to the prison directly. Accepts email book donations, but highly advises thinking about giving books to one of its sibling books-to-inmates apps (linked on their website), which might be a little closer.

How To Send Magazines And Books To Inmates Through Amazon?

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