Best Time To Shop At Target

Thousands of customers visit Target, one of the biggest retail chains in the U.S., every day because of its extensive selection of goods, competitive pricing, and regular promotional offers.  Here we will see about Best Time To Shop At Target

Due to the high volume of customers, you may want to know when it is best to shop at Target to enjoy yourself and take advantage of any sales. Here is what you should know!

Best Time To Shop At Target

Target’s prime shopping period 

As of 2022, Monday through Friday between 8 and 10 am is the ideal time to shop at Target for discounts, stock availability, and quieter periods. Evenings after 8 o’clock will also be quieter, but there won’t be as much inventory available. 

Continue reading to learn more about Target’s discounts, the kinds of things that are sold in clearance on each day of the week, and how to remain informed about clearance sales.

Target Best Time To Shop For Availability Of Stock

While the exact schedule of stock shipments varies by store, most Target locations reload between 12 am and 6 am each morning (when stores are closed). 

As a result, the first two hours after a store opens, typically between 8 and 10, are the greatest times to browse for stock availability. 

You will get first access to restocked items if you shop earlier in the day, especially when it comes to in-demand items that are restocked overnight. 

Analysis shows that larger stock shipments typically come on Mondays through Tuesdays and Thursdays or Fridays. 

You can try calling your neighborhood store to see if particular items are in stock to avoid running into out-of-stock problems.

Target’s Quietest For Shopping Period

Weekday mornings are often the ideal time to visit Target if you want to avoid crowds and have a more relaxing shopping experience. In the late evenings, you will also notice a decrease in store traffic, but fewer products will still be available. 

Aside from that, you can check Google Maps’ top times to see how crowded your neighborhood Target store is. 

Which kinds of discounts does Target provide? 

Target offers discounts on a selection of products from 15% to 70%, and in some circumstances, up to 90%, off the original price during clearance sales. 

It’s also crucial to remember that Target’s discount collection is always changing, and clearance prices can vary from location to store.

How do I learn more about Target Clearance Sales? 

Using the Target App, you may browse current clearance merchandise online. Target Circle is a reward program that also alerts you to new sales and promotions. 

Applying for a Target RedCard, which offers an additional 5% off clearance pricing in addition to 5% off your entire Target purchase, is something else you might want to do although some restrictions may apply.

What Are the Holiday Hours for Target? 

On most holidays (8 am–10 pm), with the exception of Christmas, Target is open as usual. Christmas Eve hours at the majority of Target locations are shortened to 8 am to 8 pm, while the entire Target network is closed on Christmas Day. Other holidays may require specific stores to change their hours, but the majority will operate as usual. 

Target is among the many retailers that close on Christmas Day. Target, meanwhile, remains open even though many retailers also close for other holidays. 

Of course, individual shop managers have some discretion in determining the hours of operation on other holidays. 

Typically, holidays like New Year’s Day, Easter, the Fourth of July, Thanksgiving, and others will see your neighborhood Target open. 

Additionally, you can be sure that Target will be open on Black Friday and that shoppers will be lined up to obtain the greatest discounts then. 


Monday through Friday, between the hours of 8 and 10 am, is the ideal time to visit Target to enjoy a premium shopping experience. The best clearance deals, the most fully stocked shelves, and the absence of crowds and the weekend rush may all be found by shopping during these early hours. 

If you decide that you would rather not shop in stores at all, keep in mind that Target also provides daily delivery, order pickup, and Drive Up on the Target App, where your purchases are delivered to your vehicle.

Frequently Asked Questions 

What time of day at Target is least crowded? 

Target’s less-busiest hours are Monday through Friday from 8 am to 10 am. The least crowded times are shortly after businesses open, and the shelves are fully packed with brand-new merchandise. Each Target location receives daily deliveries of merchandise, and staff members reload the shelves overnight between 12 and 6 in the morning.

What time of day is Target busiest? 

The busiest period for shopping is between noon and two in the afternoon, with another increase in foot traffic between four and six in the evening.

Best Time To Shop At Target

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