Does Gamestop Take Afterpay? – Know More

GameStop is a united states retailer that deals in video games, consumer electronics, and gaming merchandise located in Texas, the company is the largest video game retailer in the world operating about 4,573 stores, with over 3000 of those stores in the United States and about 231 in Canada. It also has over 400 stores located in Australia, and 900 scattered in Europe under different brands including EB games, EB games Australia, Micromania-Zing, Thinkgeek, and Zing pop culture, the company is ranked the 521st on the fortune 500, it also publishes the game informer. Gamestop offers several means to pay, which includes a buy now pay later option for its services however, that does not include Afterpay financing, whereas it accepts pay from Klarna, Layaway, and Zip, across its over 3000 united states store, if you are a customer you can access this payment service online, through the mobile app or its physical retail stores, customers using the buy now pay later option can choose to pay in four interests’ rate when they use the Klarna shopping service. Along with Klarna, GameStop still accepts MasterCard, PayPal, one4all, and gift cards as a valid payment option, if you are paying for digital items, you would require a credit or debit card only.

Does Gamestop Take Afterpay?

How to use Klarna for payments in GameStop

Klarna is a fintech company located in Sweden, also known as Klarna bank, with services that include payments for online storefronts, direct payment as well as post-purchase payments. At GameStop, you can use the Klarna services to Afterpay for items through installments at any of the U.S stores or when you use the app. You get to split your payment into four small payments when you opt for payments with Klarna, to use Klarna for your purchases, you would need to download the Klarna app, and search for GameStop, when you finish adding items to your cart you can then choose payment with Klarna to process your payments.

What other payment methods does GameStop accept?

GameStop offers a range of payment options that you can use to pay for your items other than Klarna, which include the use of visa credit cards, MasterCard, visa debit cards as well as American Express, and also gift cards from GameStop, you can also use Edge cards with scratch off pins if you have one of those as well. To use credit cards to pay for your items at GameStop, you would require a pre-authorization at the time the order was made, your card, however, will only be charged after the order has been processed which typically falls within the shipping period of your products.

What is the GameStop Edge rewards program?

the GameStop edge rewards program is a membership program for active and frequent customers to Afterpay, where you can earn points every time use a GameStop service like purchasing, pre-ordering, and other membership benefits. the rewards program is also free to join. To earn points as an edge member you are required to show your membership card every time you pre-order, trade, or buy as you continue to earn and move through the 3 levels the more benefits you get as an edge member.

What services does GameStop offer?

While GameStop traditionally offers the sale of video games, the retail giant’s services over the years have expanded to include operations with brands like Atrix – it is an in-house brand that offers the sales of gaming accessories which include headsets, keyboards, and mice, which are all under the Atrix brands – other brands include the video game magazine, the Game informer which is owned by GameStop. GameStop also offers services like trade-Ins which help customers exchange their unwanted video games, accessories, and other tech-related products for either cash or credits, these used video games usually come out with higher gross margins than new game sales. GameStop also has a GameStop TV, which is run by GameStop itself with a specific partnership with play wire media.


GameStop has a range of services it offers to video game lovers and geeks. The company also offers pre-order bonuses for video games that include extras like in-game maps, special weapons, and other exclusive characters. The company had included an extra avatar costume for the call of duty: black ops when it was released back in 2010 for persons who pre-order, other gains of pre-ordering at GameStop include video games with personalized pictorial arts and others. Pre-ordering other things like soundtracks, artbooks, figurines, posters, t-shirts, and plushies also gets you specific bonuses.


Is Klarna accepted anywhere?

Klarna payment option is available in most places, although, it is used in most European countries.

Does GameStop use Sezzle?

Yes, Sezzle is no longer available at all the GameStop stores in the United States.

How many subsidiaries does GameStop have?

GameStop has about 32 subsidiaries all over the world as of 2022.

Does Gamestop Take Afterpay? – Know More

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