Does Target Fill Helium Balloons? – Know More

Target corporation known as Target, is a united states big box departmental store chain located in Minneapolis in Minnesota and is the 7th largest retailer in the country and is part of the S and P 500 index, the company was established, as the discount division of the Dayton’s department store back in 1962 in Minneapolis, then in the 1980s it began expanding nationwide and eventually new store formats that were under the target format were formed, the founding company was then renamed as target corporation back in 2000 and divested from department store chains in 2004, the company operates about 1931 stores throughout the united states and is number 37 in the fortune 500. Let us know ‘Does Target Fill Helium Balloons?’.

Does Target Fill Helium Balloons?

Does Target Fill Helium Balloons?

While target does not offer helium filling services for helium balloons, they do fill other types in the party section of its stores such as latex balloons and foil balloons, these balloons come in different sizes, shapes, and also colors, the store also offers seasonal changes to their party section during the holidays, you can find balloons that would be specific to the Halloween season like the spookier balloons, and also those that would be specific for Christmas like the Merry balloons. The big box company also sells helium tanks,

Top places to get balloons filled in the U.S

If you are planning a party, whether for a graduation, birthday, or just a general event, you would need balloons, because what is a party without balloons? If you are looking to fill the balloons you would need for your party, you might want to consider going to party city, the retail store offers helium services, meaning you can get your balloons filled up with helium, also depending on the balloon you are going for filling your balloons might be completely free or cost on average 99 cents. Another great place to go is the dollar tree. The retail store also offers helium filling services although you would need to buy an already filled balloon. Target is our next stop; they do not offer helium filling services but are an excellent place to buy normal balloons and other party kinds of stuff like helium tanks. Dollar General is another great retail store to purchase helium-filled balloons, although they cannot fill balloons purchased from a different retail store. Last on our list is Walmart, Walmart is the biggest retailer in the United States, but not all their stores offer helium-filled balloons, the majority of the time you find the services in a Walmart Supercenter.

Way to use a helium tank bought from target:

Target stores sell helium tanks although they do not fill balloons, if you purchased one of their helium tanks, which typically is a 14.9 ft tank and costs about $49.99. The tanks are generally ready to use immediately after they are unboxed. To use them you would need to twist the green valve for four turns in a clockwise direction, then slide in the balloon you want to fill onto the black nozzle and press the nozzle down, to allow the helium to flow into it, when you have finished filling, you can twist the green valve to lock it.

Place where refill of helium tank can be done:

While for party planners having a helium tank is beneficial, what happens if the helium finishes, do you throw away the tank or do you go get a new one? Well, the good news is that you do not need to buy a brand-new helium tank and throw away the old tank, you can simply opt for a refill. To get your helium tank refilled, you would need to go to a party supply or welding and gas company can get this service although not all helium tanks can be refilled, some are usually made for single use as such you would need to purchase a new on if it gets exhausted, if your tank is refillable, then you might get a refill at the store you bought the tank from, if the store you bought the tank from is no longer available or you bought it online, you can call to find out if they offer refill service or do a search online.


If you are planning an event, remember to budget on time for balloons and the service you would be employing, the type of balloons you would need, and whether you may want to consider buying a helium tank for future use. If it is for residential and private use, it might be best to go for the single-use helium tank to avoid looking for where you can refill the tank after it is exhausted.


Can a balloon float without helium?

Yes, it can but if you have access to helium, it is preferable.

Can you return the helium tanks to target?

Yes, if you notice a tank with defects, you can return it within 90 days of purchase.

Does Target Fill Helium Balloons? – Know More

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