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As a gaming enthusiast, you must know the high prices you have to pay to grab your favorite game. Not only this, games are quite costly even when you buy them online and not as DVDs. Although all this might sound depressing, there is always light at the end of the tunnel, right? So, even though the games that you want to possess might be expensive, there are certain things you can do to make sure you purchase them at the right price! One such thing is to make use of the price match policies that many stores have. GameStop might be your go-to store to acquire games, however, now, let us look at whether Walmart price matches GameStop or not! Let us know about “Does Walmart Price Match GameStop?”

Does Walmart Price Match GameStop?

Walmart does have a price match policy, wherein you can match the price of Walmart’s products with other stores. And if you find that the same item is being sold at a less price than at Walmart, you can get the cashback! However, unfortunately, Walmart does not price match with GameStop. One of the reasons could be that Walmart already sells its electronics and games at a lower price than GameStop, so a price match would just be redundant. Moreover, you can also get your favorite games from GameStop as the store sells second-hand products as well!

Walmart: Does The Price Match Policy Include GameStop?

Even though Walmart has a price match policy, it is certainly disappointing that it does not price match GameStop. However, this could be because Walmart already sells its products at a lower price than most stores and so, a price match with GameStop might be of no use. Nevertheless, you can still save money while shopping at GameStop. Let us look at how.

  1. Sales: Since most of the games at GameStop are costly, the store regularly comes up with sales. What is even more enticing about these sales at GameStop is that you can easily buy your favorite games online as well! Although these sales are quite frequent, you can also go for the ones during holidays like Christmas, Thanksgiving, Easter, or Halloween.
  2. PowerUp Pro Reward: If you are an ardent shopper at GameStop, you might want to consider getting the PowerUp Pro Reward, wherein you only have to pay $14.99 a year to reap the rewards. You also get benefits like 20 points per dollar spent, 10% extra credit, saving 10% on second-hand products, and getting the Game Informer Magazine for 12 months. Moreover, you will also receive a coupon on your birthday where you can get 20% off on your purchases!
  3. Trade-in Games: As an avid gamer, you might have several old games lying around the house that you don’t play anymore. What could be better than knowing you can make money off of those? Yes, you heard that right! At GameStop, you can trade in your old games for store credit, and once you get enough store credit, you can purchase the new game you’ve been eyeing for so long!

GameStop: Price Match And Price Adjustment Policies

After going through all this, you might be wondering whether GameStop has a price match policy or not.

  1.  Although it is not official, GameStop does price match with stores like Walmart, Best Buy, Target, and Amazon, among other major retail stores! 
  2. To make use of its price match policy, make sure that the product is the same. Further, make sure you have proof of the reduced price and your price receipt.
  3. The store also has a price adjustment policy, wherein if a product’s price has been reduced seven days after you purchased it, you can get cashback. 
  4. However, these policies do not apply to products that are in sale. 

Walmart: Price Match Policy

Now that you know that Walmart does not price match GameStop, let us briefly go through Walmart’s price match policy. 

  1. Time Limit: Keeping the time limit in mind is one of the most important things when considering any store’s price match policy. As regards Walmart, once you buy your product, you can only keep an eye on the same product in different stores for 7 days! 
  2. The Product: Another important aspect is that the product must not just be identical but the same. This indicates that both the products must have the same model number, must be of the same size, and the same color as well. I
  3. Stores with which Walmart Price Matches: Now that you know all about the time limit and the conditions for the product, it is imperative to also know the stores that Walmart price matches with. These stores include Amazon, Bed Bath and Beyond, Kohl’s, Family Dollar, Home Depot, JC Penney, Michaels, Lowes, New Egg, Pep Boys, Petsmart, Petco, Walgreens, and Target, among many others!
  4. Exceptions: Almost no store policy is complete without a few exceptions! Walmart claims that its price match policy stands null and void for items that are on sale at the other store, used products, items on discount, promotional offers, rebates, and coupons. 


Now that you know that Walmart does not price match with GameStop, the world does not end here. There are many ways you can save money while shopping at GameStop, be it by making use of sales, trading in games for store credit, the price adjustment policy, or getting the PowerUp Pro Reward! Moreover, you must also know what Walmart’s price match policy has in store for you.

Frequently Asked Questions:
  1. How much do I have to pay for GameStop’s PowerUp Pro Reward?

$14.99 per annum.

  1. Does GameStop price match with Amazon?

Yes, it does.

  1. Does GameStop price match Walmart?


Does Walmart Price Match GameStop? -Know More

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