PetSmart Employee Discount -Know More About It

Want to buy the best products for your pets or looking for a place to adopt small animals? PetSmart is the perfect solution for both of these problems. Janie Dougherty and Jim Dougherty are the founders of PetSmart. It was discovered in the year 1986. You can find more than 1000 stores in the United States. A total of 60,000 employees are working at different branches of PetSmart. Let us know about “PetSmart Employee Discount”

PetSmart Employee Discount

Almost every company gives employees a discount on their products. It is an appreciation discount for employees for all the hard work they do. When you talk about the PetSmart employees’ discount, they get a 15 percent discount on PetSmart products and services, after completing their on-job training at PetSmart. There are also many other discounts and benefits available for the employees. If you want to know more about discounts and perks, then keep reading the article. 

Requirements To Be An Employee At PetSmart

If you want a job at PetSmart you should have all the required skills like time management, fast-paced, hard-working, good communication skills, customer service skills, and knowledge of animals to get selected. A minimum of 16 years is required to apply for the job. Candidates should also have experience in the related field to their required job position. PetSmart also does drug test and background check on their employees. If a candidate passes all tests and interviews, they can start working at PetSmart on the given joining date. There will be a training period of a few weeks after that you will be considered as a permanent employee. 

Employee Discounts At PetSmart

All employees get a 15 percent discount on PetSmart products and services till they are an employee at PetSmart. These discounts can only be used by the employee, they cannot share them with their friends or family because the presence of the employee is necessary while purchasing the products or getting the services. If any employees at PetSmart will misuse their employee discount, then strict action will be taken against them and they can also lose their job. It is necessary to read the guidelines about the employee discount before using it. 

Types Of Discounts For Employees At PetSmart

Other than a 15% discount on products and services, employees also get the following discounts at PetSmart:

  • Saloon Associate Discounts: They can buy grooming tools at a 35 percent discount. These grooming tools are also used in the Grooming Saloon. 
  • Discount on Services of Pets: Employees get free 6 weeks of training classes for their pets. Employee’s pets can get bath services with a discount of 50 percent. 
  • Discount on Pet Food: Employees can get a 50 percent discount on cat and dog food. This discount also includes a 50 percent discount on liters. 

Employee Discount Redemption

Employees can use the discounts at stores by showing their ID or EPIN. It is necessary to buy products from the store because discounts can only be used in their presence. If they still want to purchase products online and want to use the discount, they should contact the manager and request a personal account for discounts. EPIN is necessary for both online and in-store purchases. Only those employees can avail of the discounts who are currently working for PetSmart. 

Reason Employees Get Discounts At PetSmart

Almost every company gives discounts on their products and services to employees in their contract for the job. Similarly, PetSmart also gives its employees discounts to appreciate all the effort they put into working hard to make PetSmart a good store. These discounts are also part of the contract so employees can get a job with benefits. 

Some Other Benefits Employees Get At PetSmart 

Employees do not only get discounts but they also get some other benefits like paid time off, coverage of medical and educational expenses, an insurance plan, an insurance plan for employees’ pets, maternity and sick leaves, and unlimited free visits for their pets in Banfield’s wellness plan. 


PetSmart provides its customers with all the good pet products and services. Customers can also buy small animals from PetSmart. There is a good variety of available cat and dog food. Employees working at PetSmart are very friendly and hard-working. If you want a job here, you must have all the required skills to get hired. They can get a lot of discounts and other benefits after being a permanent employee at PetSmart. If you are looking for a job then you must apply for a job at PetSmart. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is the highest-paid job at PetSmart?

Answer: The highest-paid job at PetSmart is the customer leader with an average salary of $127,620 per year. 

Q: Does PetSmart provide services for birds?

Answer: Yes, you can avail of bird services at PetSmart. There is also a great variety of products and food for birds.

Q: Can you get free delivery on purchasing online products from PetSmart website?

Answer: Yes, if you spend more than $50, then you will get free delivery on your purchases from the PetSmart website. 

PetSmart Employee Discount -Know More About It

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