Target Shipt Free Trial

Target is an American retail store that deals with various merchandise from different categories. Due to their enormous customer access and the brand is well known, they decided to establish a delivery service that will allow customers to have access to ordering anything from the store at any time on any day. The advantage of using Target Shipt is to help you save time and energy by allowing customers to order and buy goods and products from the onset of their homes and receive what they need without them leaving the comfort of their beds. Does Target Shipt offer a free trial? What should I know about the free trial? Answers to these questions and all other questions will be explained in this article. Let us know more detail about ‘Target Shipt Free Trial’.

Target Shipt Free Trial

Target Shipt Free Trial

Before you can have access to a free trial from Target Shipt, you need to be a member of their close circle, but consideration is also given to those that are not a member of their close circle. As a Target member from their close circle, you will have access to their delivery service for six months as a free trial. All you need to do as a target member is to log in to the account on the Target website and locate the ship offer found on the account then save it to access the free trial. The non-members have access to a four weeks trial which makes it lesser compared to the amount of free trial a member of their close circle will receive. To become one of their members you must continue to read this article.

Easy Way to Become a Member Of The Target Circle Member?

The process to become a member of Target Circle is not a difficult task contrary to the opinion of orders, but how can you register for something you do not understand? Target Shipt is a membership-based delivery service, and its vision is to provide a 24/7 groceries delivery service from any of the well-known stores that sell them in the state from the comfort of the house of those that order them. To become one of their member who can enjoy the privilege of six months free trial you will have to log in on their online website to provide personal information that includes your full name, personal account, contact information, and a distinct password. As a potential aspiring member, you will be glad to know that their membership program registration is free, and apart from the six-month free trial, other benefits surround being their member.

Is there a Subscription Plan Before You Can Have Access To The Free Trial?

Yes, there is a subscription plan before you can have access to the free trial. The subscription plan is grouped into two, it is either you pay monthly or annually. If you are looking to pay monthly, an annual fee of $99 will be paid, and the benefit of this plan is unlimited access to everyday delivery at Target for orders worth $35 and above. After the subscription, you will have access to a six months free trial as a Target Shipt member, while the non-member has a four-week free trial

You can also choose the monthly subscription plan if you can not go for the annual plan. This plan goes for $8.25, you can also choose to pay $9.99 per delivery. The same free trial is also present if you paid monthly.

Is There a Limitation To Target Shipt Free Trial?

It has already been stated that all items that go for $35 and above qualify for a free trial but what happens when you want to order something less than that amount? Target Shipt will charge you an additional $7 fee for orders less than $35, and this is not restricted to non-members alone. There are also certain restrictions to clothes, shoes, accessories, and other products from stores like Starbuck, Target cafe, and Target mobile. To know more about the particular products that are restricted, you can call their customer support service to find out.

Lastly, any products labeled age restriction is not allowed to be ordered from Target order and example of such products include alcohol, video games, accessories, electronics, etc


Target Shipt Free trial is six months for members and four weeks for non-members. To become one of their members that enjoy the privilege of the six-month free trial, you can go through this article to be aware of what you need in the process. All other information associated with their free trial has also been discussed in this article.

Frequently Asked Questions 
  • Is Shipt owned by Target?

Yes, according to the information on their website it is an American delivery service owned by Target Corporation. Its headquarter is located in Birmingham, Alabama. And in December 2017, there was a lot of talk regarding Target purchasing the company for $550 million, and they will work as one of their independent subsidiaries.

  • Can I order from Shipt without a membership?

Yes, you can order without being a member. The benefit of being a member is the duration of the free trial among all other benefits. But as long as you have either their monthly or annual subscription plans, then you are free to order.

Target Shipt Free Trial

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