Can Instacart Shoppers Rate Customers?

Instacart is a supermarket delivery service located throughout the United States and Canada. Shoppers may sign up for groceries from local businesses delivered straight to clients. Whether you are a client or shopper at Instacart, you may wonder if there is a customer rating system. Let us know more detail about ‘Can Instacart Shoppers Rate Customers?’.

Can Instacart Shoppers Rate Customers?

Can Instacart Shoppers Rate Customers?

No, Instacart lacks an established rating mechanism that allows its contracted staff Shoppers to evaluate consumers. Instacart Shoppers can select which clients and orders to accept. They may even refuse orders with a little tip. However, this does not imply that nasty consumers’ actions go unreported.

Are Consumers Rated on Instacart?: Can Instacart Shoppers Rate Customers?

While there is no formal method to rating a client, consumers may recognize excellent and poor customers based on prior encounters. Instacart consumers should be able to grade you based on how often you deliver to a client in your neighborhood. 

While you’re likely to remember the customer name of someone extremely kind or incredibly unpleasant, a simple notepad app may also help you keep track of them. Then, as previously stated, Instacart Shoppers can say yes or no to any order or client.

Because many consumers tip directly in the app, shoppers may see the tip for order and accept or deny an item based on a low or fantastic tip.

On Instacart, no special rating system enables customers to contribute ratings to their profiles. Shoppers may maintain a personal track of consumers. If you encounter a client who has left a substantial tip, write down their information in a basic notebook.

Similarly, if a client takes too long to answer the door or refuses to take your call, you might make it a point to disregard their future orders. Instacart shoppers often favor customers who tip 20% or more.

The tip not only rewards the shopper for their efforts but also encourages them to fulfill orders more quickly in the future. Customers who leave 5% or less in tips are likely to be ignored by Instacart shoppers.

How Shoppers Handle Rude Customers?

Customers of Instacart are not rated, although they may be declined. There aren’t many consumers, and the names are well-known to shoppers. 

You will have difficulty finding someone to accept your purchase if you are a bad client. It is anticipated that the shopper would endeavor not to accept orders from unsatisfactory consumers. However, since Instacart lacks a rating system, the shopper cannot intervene if he does not know the client.

If you are a shopper, you should bring a notebook to jot down the names of the nasty customers. You will remember the name of an excessively unpleasant or fantastic customer without having to write it down. If you can’t, the notebook will come in handy.

Some places may have a local association of Instacart customers, and the consumers may share their experience with other customers. As a result, you may be rated without knowing it if you are a client.

Do Instacart Customers Complain About their Purchases?

Yes, Instacart customers may report their customers if they do anything bad. However, Instacart only accepts complaints in severe circumstances. Consumers are not slaves to shoppers and are not obligated to accept excessively nasty customers.

One of the most prevalent complaints about consumers on Instacart is tip-baiting. Customers are required to tip the shoppers at least 5%. Some users claim to pay a low percentage via the Instacart app, luring customers in. 

However, after receiving the merchandise, they lower the tip. Instacart has decreased the time it takes to finalize tips from three days to 24 hours. As a result, Instacart customers no longer have cause to complain.

Can Instacart Customers Pick Their Customers?

Instacart clients sometimes wish to choose their customers. Spending an hour at the grocery store for a 2% tip may not seem worthwhile. 

Customers who live more than five miles away may not want to be taken. Because each shopper may have different reasons for denying a customer, Instacart allows consumers to pick their customers.

On Instacart, contracted personnel have 30 seconds to determine whether or not to accept a customer’s order. In certain circumstances, consumers believe that the customer’s tip is too wonderful to be true.

It is known as “tip baiting,” in which consumers attempt to entice a shopper by providing a large tip. However, after the client gets their food, they dramatically decrease or even eliminate the tip.


Shoppers in Instacart do not rate customers. Instacart, like many other service-provider organizations, strives for excellence. While they strive to keep their clients as delighted as possible, they also make shopping convenient.

Working with Instacart might greatly supplement your income, particularly during your spare time. You may choose your consumers, provide comments to the support staff, and immediately report fraudulent conduct.


1. How does a grocery customer pay?

Customers that use Instacart pay for their purchases using an Instacart payment card. When you are accepted to shop with Instacart, you will be sent a payment card that you may use to check out and pay for groceries. 

2. What if an Instacart customer complains about you?

A customer’s account is flagged if there are frequent, genuine complaints against them. If a customer’s account has been closed due to fraud, like tip baiting, customers may lodge a ticket. A representative would submit a new ticket for further evaluation.

Can Instacart Shoppers Rate Customers?

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