Do Lowe’s Make Car Keys?

Any kind of hardware or gardening supplies you might need can be found at Lowe’s, making it a one-stop shop for all your home remodeling and repair needs. Lowe’s provides a large variety of products, so it’s likely you’ll find what you’re looking for there. Lowe’s is a relatively young retailer, but their low prices have helped them quickly develop a large customer base. Let us know more detail about ‘Do Lowe’s Make Car Keys?’.

Do Lowes Make Car Keys?

Do Lowe’s Make Car Keys?

Yes. Both the online and in-store versions of Lowes’ key-duplication services are available to customers. To get a replacement key, specify your car’s manufacturer, model, and year. A few minutes are all it takes, and the price is really reasonable. Both in-store and advance online ordering are available for this.

Procedure in General

If you prefer to shop in-store, you can find the locksmith service in the hardware section. Be certain that you have everything in context with the key. If you need to bring a rekey for a door lock, for example, try to remember to pack it.

You explain your needs to the locksmith, choose a suitable key blank, and then make a payment. You may preorder blanks from their webpage. You won’t have to rush into a decision. It’s unreasonable to charge more than $5 for a basic key for a house, workplace, or other commonplace location. Furthermore, they accept pretty much every imaginable form of payment. A key can be cut while you wait, giving you time to run errands.

Different Ways to Get Keys at Lowe’s

There are two ways to get your keys cut at Lowe’s. Following are the two methods of how this is accomplished in both cases.

With the Help of a Key Kiosk at Lowe’s

A new key for the babysitter or a replacement for a lost one? We’ve all been there, and key-cutting machines at Lowe’s make it a breeze for customers. Key machines, which are often located near the store’s entrances and exits, are used for this automated process at Lowe’s. But occasionally, you’ll find them near the keys and hardware. Bring the key you want to be duplicated to the shop. The machine will then guide you through the rest of the steps.

To Have Keys Cut at Lowe’s by a Professional

Walking towards the key section of the shop is the next logical step if you require a specific key (like a vehicle key) or if your local Lowe’s doesn’t have a key kiosk. This component is typically located in close proximity to the door and lock assemblies. The key-making section of the store requires an up-front payment, the selection of a key base, and a request for a copy of your key. In the same way that you need the original key to use an electronic kiosk, you will need the original key to produce a duplicate key.

House and Car Keys at Lowe’s

Don’t hesitate to stop by your local Lowe’s Retail Store today to pick up some key blanks in preparation for making duplicate keys. The hardware stores at Lowe’s carry all the locks and other safety equipment necessary to keep your house and car safe. Due to the convenience of having a Lowe’s close by, keys are frequently cut there. Key replacement usually takes no more than ten minutes, and then you’re free to go.

New Key with a Chip 

Replication services are available at Lowes both in-store and online. DIY remote starter kits, online key orders, and trips to local Lowes stores are just a few of the available key possibilities.

Verify your vehicle details again before obtaining a replacement key from Lowes, as they provide keys for a wide variety of makes and models.

Does Lowe’s Make Key Duplicates?

Duplicate keys can be made right there at Lowe’s. In contrast to simply getting a key cut, Lowe’s also offers key duplication in case you lose yours or want extras.

Except for keys that have special restrictions, such as those marked “do not duplicate,” of course. While it’s possible to duplicate keys at the self-service kiosk, most personnel have been instructed not to.

Price of Key Cutting at Lowe’s

The cost of key cutting at Lowe’s varies on the complexity of the task and the cost of the blank key. The price of key duplication or creation varies depending on whether you need a standard key cut or a more complicated key, like that used in a car.

The only expense is the cost of the blank key you need to cut, as most Lowe’s stores offer free key cutting services. In addition, Lowe’s frequently has specials or two-for-three deals on blank keys, with prices ranging from $1 to $5 for the most basic, generic key varieties.

But the blanks for programmable car keys cost anything from $50 to $100, with the most expensive “smart” options costing a little more.


If you need a key cut, Lowe’s is a safe and dependable option. You can either use the Minute Key kiosk or ask a member of staff to cut it for you. Traditional locksmith services are becoming increasingly difficult to get, but Lowes can help.

Frequently Asked Questions
  • Can I Buy a Set of Office Keys at Lowe’s?

Keys for your business can be made at Lowe’s.

  • Should I Bring the Original Keys or a Copy?

True, you’ll need the original set of keys in order to have duplicates created for most ordinary locks.

  • How Much Does It Cost for A Key to Have a Chip?

Key replacement for a Honda may cost $150, while a BMW with advanced security systems may cost $2,000.

Do Lowe’s Make Car Keys?

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