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If you do not want to go out of your house to eat, then use GrubHub to place an order for your food from your favorite restaurants. It is a famous food delivery app, founded in 2004. BiteGrabber, Eat24, LeaveUp, Tapingo, and OrderUp are subsidiaries of GrubHub. GrubHub delivers food in all 50 states of the USA, and more than 3,200 restaurants are associated with GrubHub. GrubHub offers gift cards to its customers on its own app and on a few other apps and stores that sell GrubHub gift cards.

GrubHub Gift Cards

You can get many benefits when you have GrubHub gift cards, such as discounts, cash backs, loyalty points, rewards, and prizes, not only on GrubHub but also in other stores such as Walmart, Target, Kroger, and Staples. Paypal users can also purchase GrubHub gift cards by using their Paypal account. GrubHub’s website and app offer gift cards, and you can use them whenever you want to save a little money on your orders.

How to Use GrubHub Gift Cards?

Once you receive the GrubHub Cards, you can use them on your order on GrubHub. You can use GrubHub gift cards by following these simple steps:

  • You must have the GrubHub app, or you can also use its official website.
  • Login to your GrubHub account and then open the settings menu of GrubHub.
  • From the drop-down menu, select Gift Cards and proceed.
  • Click on the option to redeem a gift card from the drop-down menu.
  • Fill in all the details regarding the gift card from GrubHub.
  • Once you enter all the details, the gift card amount will be credited to your account.

When the gift card amount comes into your account, GrubHub will automatically use that money when you place an order on the GrubHub app or website.

Important Considerations When Using Your GrubHub Gift Card:

  • Once the customer has used up the entire value of the GrubHub gift card, GrubHub will automatically delete your gift card.
  • Before payment of your food orders on GrubHub, kindly select the gift card payment option.
  • You can redeem gift card money value by paying your order bill rather than using other payment options.
  • When you save your gift card details on the GrubHub app it will be available. It has enough money to pay for your food orders.
  • You can use your GrubHub gift card at any time.

Does GrubHub offer physical gift cards?

GrubHub offers physical gift cards to its customers, and anyone can buy gift cards for friends and family members. They can order and enjoy food using GrubHub from their favorite restaurants. You can get many benefits from GrubHub gift cards, such as you can order food in bulk from the restaurant you love; you can place an order for food anytime on weekends and holidays; and GrubHub will deliver your orders on time and quickly.

GrubHub Gift Card have a minimum amount that customers need to pay :

You can purchase GrubHub card from places that are allowed to sell their gift cards. You can buy them online. The minimum amount is $10 for purchasing GrubHub Gift Card, and you can enjoy its benefits by only spending an affordable amount.

Customers can check the balance of their GrubHub Gift Card using the following link:

If you have a GrubHub gift card, then to check the balance of your gift card you can visit the website of GrubHub, or you can call the customer support number of GrubHub and ask them regarding the availability of the balance on your gift card.

If someone cannot redeem his gift card, he can ask about the remaining balance. According to that, he can use his gift card to pay for bills from his order from GrubHub.

When Does GrubHub’s Gift Card Expire?

GrubHub does not mention any particular date regarding the expiry of its gift cards. If your gift card cash is available, you can keep using it for a long time. The problem is for those who have not been using their gift cards for a long time, gift cards may expire if they have not used them for a long time.


Grub is one of the leading online food delivery apps. You need to pay a minimum of $10 to buy the gift card from GrubHub, and you can pay your bills and get fast delivery of your food from your favorite restaurant. You can buy it for your friends and family. GrubHub does not accept cash payments from customers, but some attached restaurants do accept payments in cash as well. You can transfer your gift card balance to someone else.


Which stores offer GrubHub gift cards?

Stores like Target, Walmart, Safeway, and Staples offer gift cards for GrubHub.

Can you pay cash with GrubHub?

It depends on the restaurants that are attached to GrubHub. If they accept the payment in cash, you can pay in cash otherwise, no.

Can customers transfer GrubHub credit to someone else?

GrubHub does not allow customers to transfer credit to each other, but you can exchange GrubHub gift cards via email.

GrubHub Gift Cards – know More

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