Home Zone Furniture Warranty – Know More

From a leather sofa set and a gorgeous mahogany dining table set to a piece of beige-colored bedroom furniture that matches your drapes or carpet, Home Zone offers it all! As alluring as it sounds, you must know that there are a few things you need to be mindful of prior to buying any furniture because you are in it for the long haul now. One such essential thing is to know its warranty. So now, without beating around the bush, let us move ahead and address your query!. Let us know ‘Home Zone Furniture Warranty’.

Home Zone Furniture Warranty

As regards the furniture warranty at Home Zone, you must know that it does not cover any wear or tear that has occurred due to improper handling by the customer at the time of receiving the item. However, the warranty does cover damages and defects that are found due to the manufacturer’s improper production. Besides this, the furniture warranty differs for different products. For instance, when it comes to sofa cushions, there is a one-year warranty; if, within this period, you find a material defect, you can take the product to the nearest Home Zone store and get it repaired or exchanged.

Home Zone: Things Covered under the Furniture Warranty

Before getting enthralled by the products offered by Home Zone, let us briefly go over the furniture warranty so that you are aware of what you are getting into! Needless to say, when stores offer a warranty, it does not apply to all the products. However, the aspects of products that are included are the cushioning, recliner mechanism, and frames and structural components! 

  1. Cushioning: When it comes to cushioning, the store offers a one-year warranty that has your back if you find a defect in the item due to any fault from the manufacturer’s end. If you find such a fault with Home Zone’s cushions, you can visit any nearby store and get your product fixed or exchanged.
  2. Frames and Structural Components: Home Zone also offers a warranty for frames and structural components for one year! Damage done to a product’s frame or structure due to mishandling is not included; what the store considers is any defect caused by the manufacturer, which, upon inspection will be immediately repaired. 
  3. Recliner Mechanism: When it comes to reclining furniture and its mechanism, Home Zone offers a warranty that lasts for about a limited lifetime! However, you must make sure that the product is not damaged from your end due to improper handling since then the warranty cannot be made use of. Nevertheless, if the defect is from the manufacturer’s end, you can take the product to any nearby Home Zone store to get all its defects fixed.

Home Zone: Things Not Covered under the Furniture Warranty

Now that you have looked at the things covered under warranty, let us look at some of the exceptions that were earlier talked about.

  1. In-Home Damage: Needless to say, Home Zone offers no warranty for defects that are caused by the customers. Such damage includes defects caused by pets, children, abuse, accidents, and mishandling of the product at the time of installation. For instance, the settling of cushions due to normal wear, any fabric damage due to spilled beverages, and fabric fading due to exposure to sunlight all come under this category.
  2. Customer Modifications: Even if the product comes under warranty, it would stand null and void if you have made some modifications yourself. For instance, if you have re-painted the dinner table, or changed the stitched cushioning of the sofas, then you cannot get the product repaired under warranty.

Home Zone: Platinum Warranty

A warranty on certain products usually lasts up to one year. However, if you get the Platinum Warranty at Home Zone, you get a product warranty for up to 36 months, starting from the date of purchase of the product! It is mandatory to report the damage caused to the product within 5-7 days.

Before moving forward, let us cast a glance at what this Platinum Warranty covers. It covers food stains, stains from humans and animals, breakage of wood frames and structures, loss of silver polish on mirrors, and cracking of the finishing on fabric, leather, wooden surfaces, and rugs!

How Much Does Repair Cost Without Warranty?

If your product is damaged due to your improper handling, you can still get it repaired at Home Zone. However, to do this, you must be aware of how much it will cost you. 

When it comes to getting your product repaired at Home Zone without a warranty, you must know that it can cost anywhere between $159 to $449, highly depending on the level of damage, the hours that the laborers have to put in, and the transportation cost. However, if you wish to go for an in-home service tech, then it might cost you between $69 to $345!


By now, you must know all about Home Zone and the warranty on the products that they offer, be it for reclining mechanisms, cushioning, or structural components! In fact, you can also get the Home Zone Platinum Warranty so that you get a 3-year guarantee on your furniture; with this, you can also rest assured for you will not have to pay extra to get your products repaired. Moreover, you must have a sound knowledge of things that are considered and those that aren’t.

Frequently Asked Questions:

  1. What is the cost of transportation to get your products repaired?

The transportation costs around $99 to $129.

  1. Can the product warranty come into effect for sun exposure?


Home Zone Furniture Warranty – Know More

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